As a birthday influence the nature RIGHTS

Every person who is born on a certain day of the week has its own peculiarities. Everyone knows its principles and without any tests. And yet, you may be interested to know that talking about this star. Read and check whether these principles to you?

Learn weekday date of birth is not difficult. But for a man, the day he was born is not a small role, according to astrologers, every day of the week protects certain planet, which imposes on the human emotional background of his life.

So how can you find out the day of the week in which you were born. Type in a search engine your date of birth and obtain the desired result. For example: I was born on October 29, 1978, I ask in the search box desired date of "October 29, 1978 day of the week" and get "Sunday».

What do you know about your birthday ?!

If a person is born on Monday, his life ruled by the Moon, and a man can be called a moon. Everything that happens to him, everything he does, goes through his mind, so such people are always a lot of experiences, their soul is constantly at work to know the world on an emotional level. It is not easy to be a lunar man, because his mind is always tense. Many people become customers lunar neurologists and psychoanalysts. Communicating with friends, moon people talk a lot about their everyday concerns about what is happening in their souls ..

People born on Monday, as a rule, choose a humanitarian profession, engaged in charity work with flawed human beings suffering. Such a person can be a great healer of souls, absorbing the suffering of others, on the invisible plane absorbing a pain of others. Being very emotional, impressionable, vulnerable, moon attracts people like lunar energy of other people. Luna - Planet Women having negative energy, so all my life lunar man collects negative energy. And the more one sees the moon around her suffering, the harder it is to live. Such a person needs humility, faith in God, because only in this case, human suffering will pass through it without causing significant damage to his psyche. If the moon people rely on their own strength, he believes only in himself, thinking that without the help of more than relieves people from suffering, it is unlikely to be able to cope with the accumulated experiences in his heart and soon gets sick, exhausted, it might even get crazy .

To a child born on Monday, has become a victim of their abilities, not other people's psyche tore his sufferings, it is necessary to teach him not to delay in their souls the negative energy, to forget the troubles that happened to him, to learn to live for today, to solve today's problems and not back in my memory to the experienced, to the fact that you will not return, do not fix.

Permanent emotional intensity of lunar people often makes them romantic, melancholic, that does not contribute to physical labor, employment vital issues. Moon man drifting life and rarely takes up the oars. He needs a powerful stimulus for creation. Lunar children during their studies are easily distracted from the subject under study, they are more likely to go to school if their teachers are nice, kind, sincere and gentle women. Moon - the mother planet, so the mother lunar child is the most important person in his life. On how harmonious relations lunar man with his mother, depends on its success in many areas of life, his self-esteem, health, body and soul. For the development of the lunar child benefit pets, younger brothers and sisters, the dolls, as a child, regardless of gender, has a maternal qualities, all of whom he can take care of it will help in discovering its potential.

Luna - Planet home everyday hassle, so moon-people like to spend time at home. They suffer from a lack of home, his room and frequent relocations. They can become proficient in all professions related to the houses and the organization of everyday life. Luna - Planet family and lunar people without a family is very difficult. In many ways, their success in public life, their income is dependent on the existence or absence of family and the climate at home, on the relationship with his wife (her husband). Moon is not less than the adult child needs a family and home. Throughout the life of any Monday - a happy day for the moon people when they can solve the most complex tasks of your life, take the right decision. Every few years of their lives might be a happy year, which began on Monday - is the most favorable period for the start of any serious activity, changes in lifestyle.

People gifted Monday lively mind, ambition, dedication, diligence, certainly. They are responsible for their words and deeds. They are charming, they have developed intuition, they are different views of independence and originality, drive and entrepreneurial spirit. People Monday lucky, they are easy to comprehend science, prone to languages, music and poetry. Honor and glory to accompany them on the path of life. Often, they fall in love early, but the feelings of their long and strong. Marriages have often happy, especially if they do not splash out the negative characteristics of his character. In his youth, they are predisposed to children and youth diseases: all kinds of inflammations, boils, carbuncles, bronchitis, otitis media. However, after 28 years, the health of their disease stabilized and often go away.

If a person is born on Tuesday, all his life ruled by Mars, and it can be called a Martian. Martian loves speed, drive fast as Mars - the planet of speed. High speed may not bring him joy, but in the life of a man many things are moving rapidly. Martian can achieve a lot in a short time, has become a big man in his youth, early to start a family. Subject speed runs through his whole life. Often, such a person loses interest in cases in which long time can not achieve a result, loses interest in the people for whom the process is more important than the result. One of the virtues Martians - his initiative and ability to perform any job quickly. Over the years, a Martian on his experience learns that the initiative is punishable, and tries to be less enterprising. Often about people born on Tuesday, said that the work in their hands burning.

Regardless of skill, a man born on Tuesday, is much easier than people born on other days of the week, to win the competition, in which the result depends on the speed of, for example, to win the competition on the run for short distances. Martians like to set ourselves, and other people goals and objectives, they often go to their goal ahead, crushing all obstacles. Achieve their goal of attracting them, provides an incentive for the life and struggle. Speed ​​Mars gives impulsivity, creates the conditions in which it is difficult or impossible to stop and think before making decisions or their behavior. Often the first Martians say and do something, and then they start to think, whether they did not say whether anything extra. In the life of a Martian few problems, but impulsivity, excessive haste - one of them. Excessive haste will not cause Martian trouble if parents can teach him to weigh every word, think about every action.

Young Martian can be lazy just because it does not see employment that can bring an interesting result for him. To a young Martian wanted to learn, you need to put it clear objective and explain its appeal. Young Martian could do to lose interest in learning if the learning process is too long, so do not make him for many hours sitting on the books for a long time to explain to him the subject of study. The best method of education for the Martian - externship. Regardless of gender in many Martians male qualities as Mars - Men's planet. The man, who was born on Tuesday, will strive for the title of this man. Women can be brave, brave, strong and courageous, often refuse women's clothes and wear pants. Both are, as a rule, are interested in a man's pleasures: love cars, gym or shooting club.

Each Martian has many masculine qualities and has a capacity for male employment. You really will help the Martian, if at the time of his youth and teach him to cope with metal instruments, learn to ride a bike and a car, to understand the mechanics of metal structures, shoot a gun and enjoy sharp, piercing and cutting items. Very useful for any Martian will exercise, especially exercise with metal devices, because Mars is in charge of the metal-to-metal contact and make Martian more confident. Any Martian capable of simultaneously start several cases become a pioneer. His body and mind are often strained by constant readiness to open a new one. Martians often suffer due to overexertion.

Martians - people fire. They can be Pyromania - fans sit by the fire, or fire. Mars - the planet of aggression and war, and potentially any Martian - a brave soldier who does not need to be taught to fight. They can be theorists and practitioners of military affairs. If you notice a young Martian love of fights, disputes, the ability to create conflict situations seriously be engaged in his upbringing - learn not to destroy, but to build - as the fighter-Martian can grow extremist. Throughout the life of any Sunday - a happy day for the Martians, they can take on any case, to solve the most difficult issues in their lives. Happy can be for these people, and year of Mars - a year when their next birthday fell on Tuesday.

People born on Tuesday differ sharp mind, they seize on the fly, but often their skills are superficial, shallow. They have a logic and critical of everything that they do not like. They are inventive, witty and energetic, but they need to cultivate consistency and persistence in achieving goals. Health status depends on their success in business, even in infancy, it is noticeable. If enough toys and books, they are healthy, if they do not produce, they will start to hurt. Affected people Tuesday, nervous disorders, frequent stutterer and suffering from a lack of mobility of the language, they have weak lungs, and as a consequence of frequent pleurisy, pneumonia.

If a person is born on Wednesday, his life is ruled by Mercury, and it can be called Mercurians. Mercury - the planet of youth and lightness, and Mercurians, regardless of age, may feel young, look good, to a great age to be moving people. They can become experts in rejuvenation of the body. A hot topic in life can be Mercurians theme friends friends, brothers and sisters, because it manages Mercury friendly relations, defines the relationship with brothers and sisters. Merkurianets can love their brothers, sisters and friends may be difficult to relate to them, can have a lot of friends, or a single, but this topic is important for him, worried about him. Brothers, sisters and friends are able to give Mercurians much more than parents.

Young merkurianets often restless, very active, easily distracted. Such children should be taught good sense in the movement, during the games, walk in transport. The process of learning should not be intrusive, and is transparent. Much Mercurians can teach his brothers, sisters and friends, even more than parents and teachers. Stragglers Mercurians more useful work out with a friend, an excellent student, than with a tutor. Mercury - the constancy of the enemy, because the planet is movement, constant change. And young adults Mercurians often change their attitude towards people and situations. You should not blame the young Mercurians because it is too often changes friends or situation in your room. The changes are necessary to him as air. He will feel bad if around it will not occur any change, so from time to time be useful to update interior items in his room, often buy him new clothes and toys.

The mobility merkurianets and the diversity of his life, the better it feels. Most young Mercurians need to communicate on an equal footing. They will feel more confident, insure against possible complexes if they can call adults by name with no middle name will refer to them as friends, "you". In education Mercurians ban invalid because Mercury - the planet of freedom. Barring Mercurians something, especially intercourse or outdoor games, we make an excellent base for the complexes. Try to create for the young Mercurians conditions under which there would be no point in banning. Mercury in charge of speech and information, the process of thinking, basic education, and often have Mercurians have problems with speech, there is a desire to become a speech therapist, to do work related to the collection and transmission of information.

Merkurianets can be a good elementary school teacher, a journalist, a writer, bookseller. Young Mercurians useful as soon as possible to learn to read, to learn succinctly express their thoughts, to collect information and use it. He is useful to teach poetry, playing mind games, parents should talk to him more often. The more well-read will merkurianets than more freely, he will own the word, the more confidently strode through life. Mercurians can be cunning and agile, capable of commercial activity. Young Mercurians be terrible liars, but do not blame them for that, you need to teach them to use his cunning, so that no one does not suffer. This will help the mobile games, especially football, and even playing cards. Throughout his life Mercurians any medium is a happy day for him when he can take on the most complex cases. But the most successful periods of his life - the years of Mercury, which began on Wednesday.

People have enough protection bizarre combination of character traits. They often peacekeepers strive for justice and harmony to creation and balance. They hate strife and bloodshed. People have many plans for the environment, but trying to translate them, they are faced with difficulties and strong opposition. They have a lot of enemies, because they tend to put pressure on the others. Health protection for people above the average, and the margin of safety in stressful situations is great. They quickly recover their strength and again rush to conquer the peaks. People often accompany trauma protection, especially of the head. After thirty years, it is necessary to protect the intestines, internal organs and spine.

If a person is born on Thursday, his life ruled by Jupiter, and such a person can be called yupiteriantsem. Jupiter - the planet of expansion of the scope and sphere of influence, the planet of large-scale actions, so yupiteriantsy able to think globally. They want much from life, often set themselves ambitious targets, it is difficult to keep taking small steps, they want to achieve their goals quickly. For whatever the case might take yupiterianets, he is able to extend it indefinitely. In yupiteriantsev have a tendency to exaggerate that great spoil their lives. Yupiterianets wants to be a great man, and often overestimate their abilities. It can be a very important person in society, respected, influential person, but for this he needs or contact with such people, or a very good education, because Jupiter is associated with higher education. Yupiterianets can become a high school teacher, an excellent teacher, is transmitted to humans are not a set of information, and in-depth knowledge. He can become a specialist in any field of education.

Jupiter - the planet of influential people and yupiterianets throughout life may depend on the goodwill of some people, the mood of the boss, favor the rich and powerful family. It may itself give strong support to people not indifferent to the fate of that. Jupiter - the planet of social activity, and it is difficult to establish yupiteriantsu personal life, because social activities, work takes him too much time and effort, often interested in more than the home, the family. Yupiterianets be careerist; and the young yupiterianets often dreams of a life of the businessman. Yupiterianets has the ability for a successful business.


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