How to Attract Wealth by date of birth

It turns out that financial success is directly dependent on the date of birth. Calculate your figure luck!

Could you ever once think that success in life is directly related to the date of your birth? Today we decided to introduce you to an amazing wealth of numerology method, which is based on work with numbers associated with the day of your birth. This unique technique allows to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the human latent abilities and suggests in what direction you need to send streams of bioenergy to eventually get the maximum benefit. First of all you need to know "their" number - this will be your code biomatrix. You need to add the date, month and year of birth, and reduce them to a single digit.

For example, your date of birth - July 3, 1968. First, determine all the terms: 3 + 7 + 1968 = 1978. Next, add up all the single digits: 1 + 9 + 7 + 8 = 25. narrowed to single digits: 2 + 5 = 7.

Another example, that you are better oriented. Suppose your birthday September 22, 1984. We operate under the previous scheme: 22 + 9 + 1984 = 2015. Then, add up the figures: 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8.

If your child was born on 13 January 2007, his figure is calculated as follows: 13 + 1 + 2007 = 2021. shrink further 2 + 2 + 1 = 5.

Now that you've figured out your number, find out what kind of work you should perform, what to do to attract wealth, and which are best avoided.


Your number - 1
People with such a figure, as a rule, ambitious, strong character, clear leaders. To attract wealth, they need to develop a sense of humor and to be loyal to others, to lead an active life. The best day to solve all the problems these people appears Wednesday. This day should be conducted important negotiations and conclude agreements.

The negative vibrations: selfishness, pride, boastfulness.

Mascots: Sun, Dragon, Eagle.

Your number - 2
So people should not work alone and in a team. Developing a communicative, caring, kindness, you will be able to find the necessary energy to work with a sense of rhythm wealth. By signing the agreement or contract, try to do it with two fingers. This is your key to attracting cash flow.

The negative vibrations: Hypersensitivity, the inability to take risks, a tendency to self-destruction, apathy, cowardice.

Mascots: Alexis sword, Thor talisman, the talisman of wealth.

Your number - 3
You have an innate intuition, enthusiasm, dovolstvueshsya with what you have. You should develop a voice and imagination to get a lot of friends. Guided only by their feeling. Beware of water, because this element can be a huge obstacle to the cash flows for the "threes».

Negative vibrations: jealousy, talkativeness, restlessness, uncritical.

Mascots: Thor's Hammer, Dragon, Eagle mascot change events talisman Roda.

Your number - 4
These people should be developed seriousness, patience, awareness. Plan long-term projects only, give up short-term prospects. Despite the innate inclinations for intellectual work, do not hesitate to work with his hands. Take care of your earned money to invest in the home and family, beware of gambling.

Negative Vibration: the desire to command, criticality, the pressure on the other, laziness, impatience, intransigence.

Mascots: turtle mascot wealth of the Dragon mascot, the mascot of the Eagle, the star of luck talisman divine help.

Your figure - 5
You should choose a job where you can come and leave when you want. Financial success comes from cooperation with other people. Do not be afraid to change the business scope, visit new places: the routine quickly tired of the "five". Avoid eating harmful to your health.

Negative Vibration: irresponsibility, indifference.

Mascots: inconvertible ruble, the star of luck, mascot Eagle mascot of the Dragon, "the golden talismans" Sirin and Simargl mascot wealth.

Your figure - 6
You should serve others. To create an enabling energy attracting money pay attention to your surroundings. Do not be afraid to use what you are pretty and open; people will think that you are fair and able to successfully resolve disputes. Your financial success will follow all of the activities related to the home, educational institutions, social work, education.

Negative vibrations pride, callousness, interference in the affairs of others, obstinacy, the suppression of others.

Mascots: Dragon, Eagle, "gold charms" of Syria and Simargl mascot wealth talisman inconvertible ruble Horsa mascot, the mascot favored.

Your number - 7
You're always looking for new knowledge, love to get new information. Seven - the number of individuals: You sure like to spend a lot of time alone with him. To attract wealth use this time for the sake of reading, thinking, learning, inventing something new. In no case do not do manual labor: so you do not earn money. Business leadership is not for you, success may come as a result of painstaking, personal, professional work. You are self-confident, balanced, possess extraordinary mental abilities.

Negative Vibration: impatience, a tendency to melancholy, secretive, aloof.

Mascots: Mascot wealth of the Dragon mascot, mascot Eagle mascot happiness.

Your figure - 8
Your way is not easy for enrichment; Financial success comes as a result of the effort aimed at increasing their welfare. You should learn to work for others. Strive to get into a big business, because when you start to work in a large company, your wallet just nice potolsteet. To achieve this goal will require common sense, courage, decision, firm principles. Develop the oratorical skills: listening to your fiery speeches, many hand reaches for the wallet.

The negative vibrations: excessive ambition, neglect of health, intolerance, abuse of power, senseless extravagance, avarice.

Mascots: Mascot Horsa, the mascot "God of the Celts" radiant Celtic cross, a talisman of wealth, luck star, Eagle mascot.

Your number - 9
Cultivate tolerance and understanding of others. Try to help and advise others how to solve financial problems, to inspire them to feats of labor. Do not ask for himself of power, unlimited possession of certain things, and passionate love on the part of employees. You can significantly improve the material well-being, engaged in charitable activities related to work in hospitals and non-profit organizations.

Negative Vibration: anger, greed, depression, shyness, uncertainty, indecision.

Mascots: Mascot wealth mascot Eagle "gold charms" of Syria and Simargl.

Hopefully this effective technique helped you learn a lot about yourself and your abilities. Do not neglect this information because our ancestors paid numbers and numbers of special attention. Perhaps by following these tips, you're already able to attract wealth into your home. Try it!

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