Veterans of the Great Patriotic War

Victory Day, many veterans gathered in Gorky Park in Moscow. James Hill, a photographer, "New York Times" in Russia, in 2006, made a makeshift photo studio in the park under the open sky and took several portraits of field nurses, snipers, gunners, radio operators and guerrillas. Mr. Hill returned to Gorky Park on Victory Day in 2007. In the 2008th and 2009th. While the number of living veterans decreases, its gallery veterans grows, it took about 500 photos. "They rightly considered heroes in Russian society," wrote Mr. Hill. "But I did not try to take them in heroic poses. I just wanted to show them themselves as ordinary people who happened to live in extraordinary times: men and women who lived and fought during the most turbulent years of the last century, who live in these memories until now. "Victory Day 2010 out photo book by James Hill "Victory Day", which contains a series of these portraits is published by Colibri. Exhibition James Hill opened at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art from April 29.

Raisa A. Ivanov, born in 1924, the signalman defense and Vladimir Semenovich Semenov, born in 1921, the marines of the North Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Black Sea. (2006)

Gabriel Maksimovic Bogomolov, born in 1918, the scout. (2008).

Filip Galina Filippova, born in 1931, and Zoe Maksimovna Gerasimov, born in 1930, guerrillas (2006).

Vasily Popov, born in 1924, a machine gunner border detachment (2009).


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