Heroes of the Great Patriotic War (29 photos)

1. Ivan T. Lyubushkin (1918-1942)
Autumn of 1941 in the town of Eagle fierce fighting. Soviet tankers fought off fierce attacks fascists. At the beginning of the battle tank Senior Sergeant Lyubushkina was damaged by enemy shell and could not move. The crew took an unequal battle with Stalking on all sides fascist tanks. Five enemy vehicles destroyed tankers courageous! During the fight in the car Lyubushkina got another shell, the crew was injured.
The commander of the tank continued to fire on the pursuing Nazis ordered the driver to repair the damage. Soon tank Lyubushkina got the opportunity to move and joined his column.
For courage and bravery I. T. Lyuboshkinu October 10, 1941 was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
In one battle in June 1942 Lyubushkin died a heroic death.

2. Alexander Matrosov (1924-1943)
February 23, 1943 at one site near the village of Kalinin Front ringlets north of Great Luke turned fierce fighting. The enemy has transformed the village into heavily fortified stronghold. Several times the men raised in the Nazi attack on the fortifications, but withering fire from the bunker was blocking their path. Then ordinary Guard Sailors, making his way to the bunker, closed his body recess. Inspired feat Matrosov, soldiers went on the attack and drove the Germans out of the village.
Over feat AM Matrosov was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
Today Regiment, which served Sailors, bears the name of the hero, forever enrolled in the lists of parts.

3. Nelson Stepanyan (1913-1944)
During the Great Patriotic War, the regiment commander assault Stepanian made 293 successful sorties to attack and bombardment of enemy ships.
Stepanian famous high skill, sudden and daring strikes against the enemy. Once Colonel Stepanyan led a group of planes to bomb enemy airfields. Attack aircraft dropped bombs and began to leave. But Stepanian saw several Nazi aircraft remained intact. Then he sent his plane back, and coming to an enemy airfield, landing gear. Anti-aircraft artillery fire stopped the enemy, thinking that Soviet aircraft voluntarily sits on their airfield. At this point, Stepanyan gave gas, landing gear and dropped bombs. All three aircraft survived the first raid, flamed torches. A plane landed safely Stepanian at its airport.
October 23, 1942 for his excellent command assignments glorious son of the Armenian people was given the knowledge of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Second "Gold Star" he was awarded posthumously March 6, 1945.

4. Basil G. Klotchkov (1911-1941)
November 1941. Moscow declared a state of siege. Volokolamsk direction in the area of ​​the junction Dubosekovo death were led by political instructor Klochkov 28 soldiers Infantry Division Major General IVPanfilov.
November 16 Nazis threw them against a company of gunmen. But all enemy attacks were repulsed. On the battlefield, the Germans left about 70 dead. After some time, the Nazis moved against the 28 brave men 50 tanks. Soldiers led by political commissar courageously entered into an unequal battle. One after another fell to the ground valiant warriors, slain by the Nazi bullets. When run out of bullets and grenades were on the wane, political instructor Klotchkov gathered around him surviving fighters and hand grenades in his hands went to the enemy.
Cost of their lives do not miss Panfilov rushing toward Moscow enemy tanks. 18 wrecked and burned cars left the Germans on the battlefield.
For unparalleled heroism, courage and bravery political instructor VG Klochkova was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
After the war, at the junction Dubosekovo Panfilov Heroes monument.

5. Parents Alexander (1916-1966)
During the battle for Königsberg in April 1945, the commander of platoon lieutenant saperskogo parents with eight sappers worked as part of the assault team.
Rapid roll assault team came to the enemy artillery positions. Wasting no time, the parent ordered to attack the artillery. In the ensuing melee he destroyed six fascists. Unable to withstand the onslaught of Soviet soldiers, 25 German soldiers surrendered, and the rest fled, leaving 15 heavy guns. A few minutes later the Nazis attempted to return the guns left. Sappers repulsed three counter-artillery positions and kept up a campaign of the main forces. In this battle, a group of sappers on the command Roditeleva destroyed up to 40 Nazis and seized 15 serviceable heavy weapons. The next day, April 8, the parents of twelve sappers blew up the bunker of the enemy, the Nazis purged from 6 districts of the city and captured 200 soldiers and officers.
For courage and bravery shown in the battle with the German fascists, AM Roditeleva awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

6. Vladimir Dmitrievich Lavrinenkov (b. 1919)
His first fight fighter pilot Lavrinenkov held at Stalingrad. Soon after his account was already destroyed 16 enemy aircraft. With each departure grew stronger his skill. In battle, he acted decisively and boldly. Account downed enemy aircraft increased. Together with his friends he covered gunships and bombers, reflect enemy air raid, leading dogfights - lightning battle with the enemy, of which always emerged victorious.
By the end of the war in the battle account communist Lavrinenkova was 448 sorties, 134 air battles, in which he personally shot down 35 enemy planes and 11 - in the group.
Homeland twice awarded VD Lavrinenkova "Gold Star" Hero of the Soviet Union.

7. Victor D. Kuskov (1924-1983)
Minder torpedo boat Kuskov the war fought by the ships of the Baltic Fleet. The boat on which he served, participated in 42 combat operations, sank 3 enemy ship.
In one battle direct you hit an enemy shell in the engine compartment was broken and damaged the left engine oil line of the second motor. Kuskov himself was seriously wounded. Through the pain, he reached the engine and shut hands hole in the oil line. Hot oil burned hands, but he pried them only when the boat came out of the fight and broke away from the enemy.
In another battle, in June 1944, from direct enemy shell in the engine room fire. Pieces was seriously wounded, but continued to remain in office, fighting the fire and water, pour the engine compartment. However, the ship could not be saved. Pieces together with the foreman Matyukhin on saving belts launched the crew members and severely wounded officer and commander of the boat for two hours in the water kept on hand until the arrival of our ships.
For courage and dedication, high understanding of military duty and saving the life of a communist commander VD Kuskov July 22, 1944 awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

8. S. Rufina Gasheva (b. 1921)
School, Pioneer detachment, three years of study at MSU - this ordinary biography abruptly changed the war. 848 sorties recorded in the logbook Rufina Gashev, navigator Squadron of the 46th Guards Taman Regiment light bombers. Do not just have her get into a difficult situation. In one of the battles in the Kuban Geshev plane was shot down fascist fighters and fell behind the front line. Within a few days the girl punched in the enemy's rear in his regiment, where she was presumed dead. Near Warsaw, bailed out of the burning plane, it landed in a minefield.
In 1956, S. Rufina Gasheva demobilized with the rank of Major. Taught English at the Academy of Armored Forces behalf Malinovsky, worked in the Military Publishing. Since 1972, she retired in Moscow. For their courage in battle with the enemy, Rufina Sergeevne Gashev February 23, 1945 awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

9. L. Caesar Kunikov (1909-1943)
In the night of 3 to 4 February 1943 landing detachment of sailors under the command of Major Kunikova landed on the enemy and occupied the heavily fortified coast near Novorossiysk. Swift blow knocked the Nazis landing party from the reference point and firmly entrenched on the captured bridgehead. At dawn, a fierce battle broke out. Marines during the day reflected the 18 attacks. By the end of the day the ammunition was running low. The situation seemed hopeless. Then the group of major Kunikova made a sudden raid on the enemy artillery battery. Exterminating the gun crew and capturing the gun, they opened fire on them from the attack of enemy soldiers.
Seven days paratroopers fought off fierce attacks of the enemy and hold the bridgehead until the main forces. During this period, the detachment was destroyed more than 200 Nazis. In one battle Kunikov was mortally wounded.
For courage and bravery communist C. L. Kunikova was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

10. Yevgeniya Rudneva (1921-1944)
In the early days of World War II as a volunteer goes to the front of MSU student Eugene Rudnev. The courses she took possession of ships' officers art. And then there were the successful bombing concentrations of enemy troops, equipment of the enemy in the Kuban, the Northern Caucasus, the Crimea. 645 sorties made navigator Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment senior lieutenant Rudnev. In April 1944, performing regular combat mission near Kerch, EM Rudnev died heroically. October 26, 1944 Guards Bomber Regiment navigator Yevgeniya Rudneva posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

11. Igor Pavlovich Dolzhenkov (1914-1980)
Heavy fighting for the liberation of the city of Melitopol from the Nazi invaders. In one of the battles battery lieutenant Dolzhenkova controlled company enemy, supported by seven tanks. Unequal battle, in which the enemy lost three tanks. But also Dolzhenkova remained intact only one gun. Despite the numerical superiority of the enemy, the commander of the battery continued to fight and knocked out another tank. Enemy infantry surrounded the Soviet soldiers and tried to destroy them. Then Communist Dolzhenkov collected cash of the battery and promptly attacked the enemy. As a result of a successful attack destroyed more than 40 Nazi soldiers and officers.
For courage and bravery by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on January 1, 1943 IP Dolzhenkova awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

12. Manshuk Zhiengalievna Mametova (1922-1943)
Best machine gunner 21st Guards Rifle Division was considered Kazakh girl Manshuk Mametova. It was an example of valor and courage, pride fighters Division.
October 15, 1943 was a brutal battle for the city of Nevel. Manshuk machine gun fire support his offensive unit. Was shot in the head. Gathering his last strength, she pulled out a gun on an open position and became a point blank shot fascists, clearing the way for his comrades. Even dead, clutching the handle Manshuk gun ...
From all parts of our homeland came letters to Alma-Ata, where she lived, where went to great feat Manshuk. And in Nevel, the walls of which perished heroine, there is a street named after her. Manly machine gunner assigned to 1 March 1944 the title of Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

13. Elena F. Kolesov (1921-1942)
In frosty November night in 1941 at Moscow in the enemy's rear detachment left female spies, who headed the Komsomol twenty Muscovite Elena Kolesov. For exemplary performance of this task Lola Kolesov was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Since April 1942 the group Kolesova operated in one district, Minsk region. Under the guidance of their brave commander group to collect and transmit information on the location of the Nazis, the transfer of troops and military equipment of the enemy, passed roads and railways, exploding enemy trains, bridges. September 11, 1942 in an unequal battle with punitive Vydritsa the village Minsk region Kolesov Elena died. Name of the heroine wore pioneer squad Moscow school №47, where she worked as a Pioneer, a teacher. Glorious Scout who gave their lives for freedom and independence of our country, February 21, 1944 posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

14. Anatoly K. Avdeev, gunner guns Fighter antitank artillery regiment, born in 1925.
July 5, 1944 gun crew Avdeev was ordered to prevent a breakthrough fascist forces from the environment in the area Volma (Belarus). Taking the open firing position, the soldiers shot at point-blank Nazis. The battle lasted 13 hours. During this time the gun crew rescued 7 attacks. Ran almost all the shells, and died a heroic death 5 people gunner. The enemy is on the attack again. Direct hit weapon Avdeev crashes and dies last soldier from the calculation. Left alone, Avdeev does not go away from the battlefield, and with a gun and grenades continued to fight. But that's all the bullets and spent the last grenade. Komsomolets grabs an ax lying side by side, and four more kills fascists.
The task is completed. Enemy non-passed, leaving the battlefield before the instrument Avdeev to 180 corpses of soldiers and officers, two self-propelled guns, machine gun and 4 cars.
Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR glorious son of the Russian people Avdeev awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

15. Vladimir Avramovic Alekseenko, deputy commander of an aviation regiment, born in 1923, Russian.
The pilot of attack aircraft Alexeenko the war years made 292 successful sorties. He stormed the enemy batteries shelled Leningrad, smash the enemy on the Karelian Isthmus, in the Baltic and East Prussia. Downed dozens and destroyed on the ground planes, 33 tanks, 118 vehicles, 53 railroad cars, 85 vehicles, 15 armored personnel carriers, 10 warehouses with ammunition, 27 artillery pieces, 54 anti-aircraft guns, 12 mortars and hundreds of dead soldiers. and officers - this is the battle of the capital account Alexeenko.
Over 230 successful combat missions in the assault against the concentration of troops and equipment of the enemy, for their courage and bravery communist VA Alexeenko April 19, 1945 awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. June 29, 1945 for new military exploits at the front, he was awarded a second "Gold Star».

16. Andrey Borovykh, commander of an aviation squadron, born in 1921, Russian.
During World War II fighter pilot Andrei Borovykh fought on the Kalinin Front. His battle path runs through Orel and Kursk, Gomel and Brest, Lviv and Warsaw and ended near Berlin. He flew to intercept enemy aircraft, accompanied by our bombers behind enemy lines, conducted aerial reconnaissance. In the first two years of the war, Major Borovykh made 328 successful sorties, participated in 55 air battles, in which he personally shot down 12 enemy aircraft.
In August 1943, the Communist Borovykh awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Second "Gold Star" he was awarded February 23, 1945 for the next 49 shot down in aerial combat another 20 enemy aircraft.
During the war Borovykh made 600 successful sorties.
After World War II AE Borovykh elected to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR and the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

17. Boris Vladimirov Infantry Division commander, born in 1905, Russian.
General Vladimir particularly distinguished in January 1945 in the Vistula-Ode-rskoy operation. As a result of a well thought out and expertly organized fight his division 14 - January 15, successfully broke through the German defense in depth at the turn of the Vistula River. In pursuit of the enemy, the division passed with fights from 16 to 28 January about 400 km, with minor losses in personnel and materiel. Soldiers led by General Vladimirov among the first entered the territory of Nazi Germany and, after a difficult maneuver in a wooded area, with fierce resistance to the Nazis drove them to the border and defeated the garrison of the city five thousand Schneidemuhl. In the area of ​​Schneidemuhl Division soldiers seized a huge booty, including 30 trains with military equipment, food and munitions.
For his leadership Division in difficult conditions of combat and for displaying personal courage and heroism communist BA Vladimirov awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

18. Alexander B. seemed Infantry Regiment commander, born in 1919, the Ossetians.
April 13, 1945 Infantry Regiment under the command of Major Kazaeva, leading the offensive against the fascist groups on the Samland Peninsula, went to the heavily fortified enemy defense lines. All attempts to break through the defense from the front were not successful. Division offensive was halted.


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