Horoscope (12 months)


1. A good man should be a lot.

2. Who should I, forgive all.

3. Best vacation - round the world trip.

4. The main problem in - its scale.

5. My ideal - Ivan Tsarevich.

6. I can not be angry.

7. remorse - what is it ???

8. Mandatory decorates only mediocre people.

9. Worry beforehand is stupid, we shall understand on the situation.

10. Optional man simply must be compulsory. & Quot;

+ Vengeful horoscope:

Well, it's boring Avengers. A la "Red Devils" and "elusive Jack" (which no catches). That is, they would be happy for the sake of justice and the principles of every chopped down all those horrible, his sword unsheathed, but just then, while they were discussing the principles of justice and stroking, and hewing already and nobody. And most importantly, they can not practically massacred, if not a large gathering of people. He is boring and somehow not edifying. For the very justice, they first need to collect the whole council, to explain it to the people that, they say, you look a skunk, and then he, reptile, already with fireworks and fanfare to put in consumption.

However, as all who are sick principles vindictive they order. Therefore, if the offender will be met in twenty years, and now they point compacted it in full to imagine they utter joy rolled and not blink an eye. The mere revenge succeeded Sagittarians like no other. In revenge bureaucratic. Here, for example, if you need to have some nito aunt's certificate stating that you have been vaccinated against the flu, and her aunt in pozachahlom this year you stepped on his leg and did not apologize, it is already here, it will come off. Moreover, according to the rules. You have it for the sake of reference will bypass thirty circles of hell, purgatory and heaven, there is not yet collect the certificate of the purity of his ancestry to the tribe of the twelfth and present them in support of what you have requested to help any law. And then she is considered to be three years, agree on ten committees, and engage in other such dirty tricks.

And then give you a certificate without seals and send get one at one end of the city, and the other - on the other (and forget to call, to put it to you).


1. I do not Springer and even long-distance runner. I'm a marathon runner.

2. And one soldier in the field.

3. Do not violate the law - another will come down, and you get caught.

4. For myself I need very little. My property - it is simply a mirror of my success.

5. Life is like a train, which arrives at each station on schedule.

6. It's nice to talk about faraway countries, sitting at home.

7. This Capricorn, like cognac, different shutter speeds.

8. It is worth a lifetime to climb to the top, that would spit out once down.

9. Only I am young with age.

10. I'm going - food, do not whistle, but as naedyatsya - not lowered.

+ Vengeful horoscope:

What you need to do in order to get revenge on the Capricorn, I even can not imagine. These people are, in practice, there is nothing to get - they would get someone you like ... Well, okay, let's you could still get a Capricorn, I caught something, for example, his passion. This is bad. Revenge still will not. And be consistent survival of all available Capricorn neighborhoods. Moreover, it does not mean that there will be a Capricorn to spend some special work in this direction. Just Capricorn has surely had time to dig in there much earlier and much better than you, but because all the levers in his hands ... But it's so, it's the little things. Sometimes, perhaps, worse. This is when you manage to arouse antipathy Capricorn, for some inexplicable reason, and the strong antipathy - ranging up to white heat. Then Capricorn is able to do anything that is capable of Virgo, only exaggerated scale. That is, if the Virgin simply tighten your krantik drip and leave Capricorn necessarily need to replace the contents of the dropper to any nito caustic and then sit still to watch what will. Overcome revenge Capricorn is possible only by the massive bombardment of the area of ​​its habitat within a radius of three hundred kilometers for ten days without a break. (And even then, if you are confident that this Capricorn does not have its hands at the command post contingent of forces, which will be entrusted with the bombing - which is unlikely). In general, what I'm telling you. Look better than a series of "Sherlock Holmes", where about Professor Moriarty. Here Moriarty - a typical Capricorn.



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