Horoscope (12 months)


1. A good man should be a lot.

2. Who should I, forgive all.

3. Best vacation - round the world trip.

4. The main problem in - its scale.

5. My ideal - Ivan Tsarevich.

6. I can not be angry.

7. remorse - what is it ???

8. Mandatory decorates only mediocre people.

9. Worry beforehand is stupid, we shall understand on the situation.

10. Optional man simply must be compulsory. & Quot;

+ Vengeful horoscope:

Well, it's boring Avengers. A la "Red Devils" and "elusive Jack" (which no catches). That is, they would be happy for the sake of justice and the principles of every chopped down all those horrible, his sword unsheathed, but just then, while they were discussing the principles of justice and stroking, and hewing already and nobody. And most importantly, they can not practically massacred, if not a large gathering of people. He is boring and somehow not edifying. For the very justice, they first need to collect the whole council, to explain it to the people that, they say, you look a skunk, and then he, reptile, already with fireworks and fanfare to put in consumption.

However, as all who are sick principles vindictive they order. Therefore, if the offender will be met in twenty years, and now they point compacted it in full to imagine they utter joy rolled and not blink an eye. The mere revenge succeeded Sagittarians like no other. In revenge bureaucratic. Here, for example, if you need to have some nito aunt's certificate stating that you have been vaccinated against the flu, and her aunt in pozachahlom this year you stepped on his leg and did not apologize, it is already here, it will come off. Moreover, according to the rules. You have it for the sake of reference will bypass thirty circles of hell, purgatory and heaven, there is not yet collect the certificate of the purity of his ancestry to the tribe of the twelfth and present them in support of what you have requested to help any law. And then she is considered to be three years, agree on ten committees, and engage in other such dirty tricks.

And then give you a certificate without seals and send get one at one end of the city, and the other - on the other (and forget to call, to put it to you).


1. I do not Springer and even long-distance runner. I'm a marathon runner.

2. And one soldier in the field.

3. Do not violate the law - another will come down, and you get caught.

4. For myself I need very little. My property - it is simply a mirror of my success.

5. Life is like a train, which arrives at each station on schedule.

6. It's nice to talk about faraway countries, sitting at home.

7. This Capricorn, like cognac, different shutter speeds.

8. It is worth a lifetime to climb to the top, that would spit out once down.

9. Only I am young with age.

10. I'm going - food, do not whistle, but as naedyatsya - not lowered.

+ Vengeful horoscope:

What you need to do in order to get revenge on the Capricorn, I even can not imagine. These people are, in practice, there is nothing to get - they would get someone you like ... Well, okay, let's you could still get a Capricorn, I caught something, for example, his passion. This is bad. Revenge still will not. And be consistent survival of all available Capricorn neighborhoods. Moreover, it does not mean that there will be a Capricorn to spend some special work in this direction. Just Capricorn has surely had time to dig in there much earlier and much better than you, but because all the levers in his hands ... But it's so, it's the little things. Sometimes, perhaps, worse. This is when you manage to arouse antipathy Capricorn, for some inexplicable reason, and the strong antipathy - ranging up to white heat. Then Capricorn is able to do anything that is capable of Virgo, only exaggerated scale. That is, if the Virgin simply tighten your krantik drip and leave Capricorn necessarily need to replace the contents of the dropper to any nito caustic and then sit still to watch what will. Overcome revenge Capricorn is possible only by the massive bombardment of the area of ​​its habitat within a radius of three hundred kilometers for ten days without a break. (And even then, if you are confident that this Capricorn does not have its hands at the command post contingent of forces, which will be entrusted with the bombing - which is unlikely). In general, what I'm telling you. Look better than a series of "Sherlock Holmes", where about Professor Moriarty. Here Moriarty - a typical Capricorn.


1. How boring to be like the others!

2. If I come up with you, become such as I want to.

3. Prejudice - the lot of fools.

4. The future is bound to be just wonderful.

5. It is difficult to be an angel, but - it is necessary.

6. good intentions is more important than good works.

7. In order to be an innovator, you must first forget about tradition.

8. Sex? In life there are better things to do.

9. At first, friends, family and then you ... unless of course there is time.

10. I do not have good, no, I was more cheerful.

+ Vengeful horoscope:

The only vindictive Aquarius, which I knew was a rare fool fifty, and even resentful in early childhood. And with all that had avenged he still joking and playful - do not even seriously (by which, however, the object of his revenge not getting any better). In short, it is not counted. Revenge Aquarians do not like and do not know how. Some mentally unhealthy representatives of this sign may betray, expose and blatantly cheating, but they do so not out of revenge, but simply because - for the love of art and for the sake of self-affirmation. Output from the Aquarius itself to such an extent that it began to take revenge is almost impossible. This sign is so strong innate sense of humor, that its representatives will expose you idiot long before you have them get it. If you like, you can consider this place, but they do not think so. Typical Aquarius is such a character, such as "Home Alone." That is, he rolled you to death, without knowing it. He has the strange habits that any close contact with them is fraught with self-harm and the contact with the objectives of bad - especially. Suppose you sneak up quietly from the back to Aquarius, that something is not, and Aquarius, just at that moment somehow remembers that he is able to do a back flip ... What will happen?

Correct: Aquarius gets you over the head with both feet and then compassionately lead to a medical center where recall that he can still make the dressing, and will bind you so casually that you forget how to breathe (and when you remember - will be too late). Ministry of Health warns.


1. sympathize more important than help.

2. I can not give up the alcohol like a fish to water.

3. The procedure came up with boring people.

4. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

5. You never know what I can promise ...

6. Work in a hurry - the same thing to swallow without chewing.

7. Ready to understand everyone but themselves.

8. Willow bends in a storm, and the oak falls.

9. Everyone knows that I'm always busy, but few know what it was.

10. Do not put pressure on me, and then uskolznu like a fish out of the hands!

+ Vengeful horoscope:

Offend normal fish can usually be very easily. But it hurts her so that she wanted to take revenge, can only person close enough, because all the other insults Fish forgets easily. And revenge fish in all possible ways except the obvious. They weave, cross the street offender exactly where he does not expect his life and delight all sorts of other ways. The easiest way to fish for revenge - is to walk around with an injured person and tell you a bad person and how you treated her badly. It turns out in the fish is always very natural, because they are really genuinely offended. And therefore, can sympathize with you for a long time to get hold of a bad opinion. If this seems Fish is not enough it can crossroads of you the most terrible rumors, no worse than the Twins, and even better, because the fish are much more naturalistic rumors bliznetsovskih - firstly, and absolutely neoprovergaemy due to fog and a fair nedogovorok - water second. Having to have a very large tooth, fish can make it appear that you did not take offense, and then under the guise of a sincere desire to help, to tell you such tales and smack these tips, you'll be a very long time to disentangle his own brewed your porridge. Moreover, to accuse the fish in malice, you still can not - so she will make sure to build all its slippery speech so that she had to retreat somewhere (say, she warned that this information - unaudited). No worse Scorpion Fish can cling to the sore spots. No worse Sagittarius, you can torture bureaucratic torments. No worse Libra plays in intellectual massacres, although not possess even the rudiments of intelligence in the traditional sense of the word ...


1. It is better not to argue with me.

2. Please do, then - think.

3. Where the remaining brake, I press the gas.

4. I will be forever young.

5. Do as I do, because it is better to not do well.

6. The most difficult thing - to listen to the end of the interlocutor.

7. Stubbornness - not a vice.

8. It is easy to control the situation, more difficult - your emotions.

9. A ram - well, two ram - a lot.

10. The first no-hitter. But God forbid I hurt.

+ Vengeful horoscope:

Imagine vengeful Aries - it is rather complicated. If someone comes to the sore spot Aries, Aries, so give the abuser usually in the ear without all sorts of delays and prefaces. And that revenge is not considered, since it is a normal reaction of a healthy body. I would say more if the attack on the marked virtual and corn was to testify in his ear abuser was out of reach, Aries an hour can easily forget about everything, and the next day already, as if nothing had happened with the abuser hugging and osculate.

Therefore, in order to Aries had a desire to take revenge, it must get very systematically and get the same very seriously ... Well, for example, daily and loudly talk about his (its) weaknesses at precisely the moment when in the vicinity of his presence (her) passion. In this case, you will, however, also immediately get into his ear, but if you have the courage to continue in the same spirit and on, then after a while Aries will take root in the opinion that you need to lime. Exactly. Revenge Aries always radical. He never condescend to any out there responding minor mischief. Aries need only one thing - that the object of revenge has ceased to exist (at least in the foreseeable space). What Aries and will consistently seek:

 - Sir, you must die.

 - Maybe some other way? Maybe you will be satisfied well, at least, cutting off the hands of, say, or the ear? A? Well, shake-a-aluysta-ah ...

 - No, sir, you have to die.

In general, to make you at least go to another organization (or even to move with his family to another city) Ram, decided to take revenge could easily. Moreover, it is characteristic that he will take Aries is not a place, and self-defense.


1. Do not feel sorry for the money to buy, I am sorry to bash.

2. I do not need someone else, I do not touch my.

3. bad peace is better than a good quarrel.

4. Do not bother someone who is well settled.

5. Better sofa beautiful than a beautiful sunset.

6. Food - a piece serёznaya.

7. Tender calf sucks two queens.

8. When you go second, saving power.

9. I hate disposable lighters!

10. Taster - this is my true calling.

+ Vengeful horoscope:

To awaken the vindictiveness of a calf, is also, in general, need to be like to try. Taureans are rooted in the opinion that the man - a bastard only after careful collection of statistical information on this subject. But the revenge they are much more perverse than Aries. In all likelihood, it was the founder of the vendetta is the sign (for a couple of Scorpio). Revenge of the Taurus, as a rule, is a smooth and unforgiving slab of locks and canals offender. A Taurus - a sign that, for whatever reason, the owner is zavsegda ever krantik that these gateways and channels overlap. For example, get-together, Taureans are often not only the main breadwinners and poiltsami prinimaltsami at home, but also tacit trendsetters and tastes. This does not mean that they are already leaders. No. Here's just different. They just have zavsegda on any occasion is very good and weighty opinion. Therefore, new people and new flavors, they do not impose - they only approve or disapprove of what others bring. So, if you are awarded a revenge Taurus, then be prepared for the fact that the Taurus will you absolutely do not approve of, there and everywhere, wherever they can reach. This means that you will almost certainly "be without the sweet" and find yourself in isolation. And if someone tries to intercede for you, Taurus "crosses out" and it - and so on until the twelfth generation. Moreover, the abolition of the sanctions to be almost. In order to re-earn the trust and respect of the Taurus, you will have much to repent and fawn, it is easier just to hang himself.


1. Today I did not like yesterday.

2. Who controls the situation, who owns the information.

3. One mind is good, two is better, especially if both belong to the same person.

4. Figaro here, Figaro there.

5. The idea as other products do not have zalezhatsya.

6. One TV, phone in the house - good, but three is better.

7. Who did not, that was late.

8. move through life like a scooter through the water - not ugublinyus, but quickly.

9. At the market "for the market" does not answer.

10. I like the number because the quality is not enough time.

+ Vengeful horoscope:

That is - one of the major plagues of the zodiac. The fact that the majority of the passion for the Gemini craves to be great and respected, and no one takes them. Therefore, make Gemini inflamed with lust for revenge is very easy. Awarded the same place Gemini, you are sure to become the object of the most incredible rumors and gossip, ugly flat taunts and outright disinformation. Boys Twins can even climb into the fray with the superior forces of the enemy (and they are always superior), but two minutes later the Don Quixote are already whining in the corner. Now, if it was a computer fight, it would have made a twin anyone. So, you seriously revenge Gemini can only if you own a computer - to send, for example, a letter nito virus - it zavsegda please. At the same time, the mood of the majority of the Twins is changing much faster than the weather. Gathered in the morning to take revenge on you until retirement, for dinner twin can already offer you a small business or a mutually share with you svezhepridumannymi gossip about the new site chosen for revenge.

However, if you decide that revenge Twins should not be afraid, you are mistaken. First, people tend to believe even the most improbable rumors (and then go and otmoysya). And secondly, the Twins have used to know everything about everyone, and because writing the next gossip, can give you about something really painful and damning - without knowing it. In general, understanding that owns the information, owns the world inherent in these figures on an instinctive level.


1. My house - my fortress.

2. nursed with others - this is my true calling.

3. It would be nice to stock up on everything, and patience and jam.

4. Everything comes to those who wait.

5. With friends meet at home, not in the cafe.

6. nothing so warms the soul as a kind of stuffed refrigerator.

7. It is better to dig, but the decent thing to buy.

8. It's hard to live where there is no place to hide.

9. I am for myself its past as a backpack.

10. Is twenty years can wear out a coat?

+ Vengeful horoscope:

The easiest and most common way rachey revenge - to leave without a hat in the cold night that all was bad. Suitable for any occasion and for no reason - the mood. To this class is a complete rupture of relations. In rachem case, it means that the cancer does not respond to you - and never did, even if you will drown in his eyes. Moreover, the likelihood that the cancer will forgive you (even if the offense was not great) is extremely small. If the cancer hurt seriously, the consequences may be the most unexpected. Aware of its small, in general, strength, even the crabs to kill a cockroach can use heavy artillery (not to mention the more serious enemies for revenge). For example, to drown in a fit of vengeful in the nearest body of water someone's bag or burn entirely someone's documents - it would have been in a lobster. I'm not talking about physical revenge. If push comes to shove, it is - not otherwise to using something like scrap iron stools with legs or anything else like that ... So, Cancer is terrible in anger. But generally the most terrible thing is not even Hrachya revenge and resentment Hrachya itself.


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