Handling of Kryon to the representatives of all the zodiac signs.

Earthly Paradise originates in the heart of each of you
Hello dear, - Kryon am pleased to welcome all of you to listen to this message and reading these lines. We are together, we are close to you, and there are no obstacles for us - barriers of time and space, as our meetings take place in a single space of love, and love in the same time. Our meetings - a greeting from the house of your God, dear, of our common heavenly family. You angels pretending to be people in those moments remember its true essence. Do you remember that you - the divine, and that we are all humans and angels are divine beings bright spiritual nature. You ask us questions, and we are pleased to answer them - but in fact we only remind you of what you already know.

You are traveling through the Earth, took a voluntary decision to forget about their divinity - forget to remember who you really are, in those circumstances where recall this is hard ... Oh, dear, many believed that recall this impossible! But you remember, and more - you implement your Divinity on Earth. You are doing something that seemed impossible.

You - the heroes, pioneers, you - the master of light, you - beautiful lighthouses, kindles light in the darkness, and it is the light of love, the Divine Light, the light of your beautiful spirit. You perform their tasks, and want to do them even better, for which we are immensely honored you. The questions that you ask us, are connected with your desire to better carry your light, making it so bright that could see the whole Earth. Dear, your light and so sees not only the entire earth, but the entire universe, and the whole universe is proud of you!

We are happy to talk with you, my dear, we are happy to answer your questions, we are happy to assist you in carrying out your beautiful intentions for transformation of Planet Earth, creation of an earthly paradise. You know that paradise begins in the heart of each of you. You know what it is to start building everyone should just with yourself. On order to create their personal version of paradise - the space of your life, allowing you to be happy. And today we are starting a great conversation about how you can help in this area such ancient knowledge known to you as astrology.

New features of astrology to transform themselves and their destiny

You always been interested in astrology, because it allows you to look into the future to find out what might be waiting for you around the bend of the road, as well as to choose the most favorable opportunities for themselves, taking into account the characteristics of his personality, determined your zodiacal affiliation. But now, dear, it's time for you to start using astrology opportunities more widely.

What would you say if astrology allows you not only to find out in advance their own destiny, but also to change this fate? What would you say if astrology shows you the way to entirely new opportunities to the attainment of the highest good that is possible for you? What if astrology would suggest you to go beyond all previous restrictions that are imposed on you zodiacal affiliation? What if astrology would give you the ability to transform themselves and their way of life the way you want?

Dear ones, this time has come. It's time to reveal the possibilities of astrology, which were previously hidden. It's time to start using astrology, not only for the knowledge of himself and of his destiny - and to transform themselves and their destiny, the transformation to the new, higher, divine principle.

Transformation - this is the key concept that defines the processes that are happening to you now. You transform into beings of light in the divine angels. You connect the nature of Spirit and human nature. Each of you is no longer an ordinary person. Each of you - Spirit, acting in the human body.

What do you think of the Spirit have power horoscopes? Of course not - at least, because the Spirit is not the date of birth in your earthly, human sense. Spirit is eternal, immortal. Spirit has always been and always will be. It is difficult to understand with the help of human logic. But it is this: every one of you, as the Spirit, is never born and never dies. How in the Spirit can act any horoscope drawn up by the date of birth?

Horoscope is not related to the Spirit - but it has to do with man. And as each of you - there is a double nature, your human element has not been canceled yet. So, of course, you remain under the influence of the horoscope.

But, mind you, the more you connect with your divine nature - the weaker the influence of the horoscope, the less you have the attitude of traditional astrological predictions.

Because now your life to a great extent "projected" by the Spirit. And the stronger the influence of the Spirit - the less importance is the position of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth on Earth.

You transform! Transformation - is a process of alchemy, or, if you like magic. You take those energies that you have on hand, the energy of the material world and turn them into light and love. This transformation is the alchemy of the Spirit. Of light and love you create your divine shining Spirit, capable of acting in the world. As soon as you are building your Spirit, and change your horoscope - are transformed along with you.

No, the stars and planets do not change their position in your horoscope. But their influence is transformed too. There is an alchemical, magical process of discovering hidden before, "capsules" or packets of information embedded in your horoscope that are only expected when you touch them, their energies awakened spirit.

While Spirit is awake - you are living under the influence of the horoscope, which describes the traditional astrology. But when the Spirit is awake - you are starting to go out of this influence. But this does not happen at once. It is a process that requires your active work. Each of you is getting out of this influence at different rates, at different speeds. These rates are related to the speed with which you get out from under the influence of karma, your personal pace to neutralize it.

Yes, dear, the traditional horoscope primarily reflects your karmic predisposition. These karmic predisposition are many of you, even with the transition under the "jurisdiction" of the Spirit. Not all of them may disappear instantly.

As you are freed from karma, your horoscope is changing - that is, he now reveals to you not the fate that was prepared for you by karma, and the fate of what you need to get as a person performing the task of the Spirit.

This horoscope reveals the higher meaning of the incarnation, your higher purpose and mission in the world. All of this was not reflected in your traditional astrology - this information can only be opened today. She brought to the attention of humanity through a communication channel with the Spirit - just as you get this information right now.

So work out the karma, you go beyond the influence of traditional astrology - but do not get out of the zodiacal predisposition. Just now the zodiacal predisposition gives you new opportunities - you go to a higher level of implementation: implementing higher tasks peculiar to you as a representative of your sign of the zodiac. Yes, dear ones, in each sign of the zodiac is encrypted supreme mission of his representatives. This ultimate mission is hidden from ordinary people, and revealed only to those who claimed his divinity. Here you gain much more freedom than ordinary people, for you removed the restrictions imposed by your zodiacal membership before, and virtually eliminates the predestined fate.

After completing a higher mission, pledged in a horoscope, you can find freedom from any dispositions

And what happens when you execute the highest mission inherent in your horoscope - in the "capsule" of information that had been hidden for a long time? Yes, dear, what happens is that you go beyond any zodiacal predisposition whatsoever. You, like the Spirit (as both a Spirit), freed from the influence of the stars and planets, reflected in the horoscope.

You get complete freedom!

You are free to choose their own destiny and that what qualities you want to possess. You can change your sign of the zodiac, and can begin to combine the properties of all the zodiac signs.

Yes, dear, it's possible, is not a fantasy, and you know why? Because all of you are now living on Earth, we have already been so many incarnations that everyone managed to get a representative of each of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and not even once. The spirit of each of you carries the whole experience! After all, every one of you has made the world a lot of wandering. The correlation of each of the twelve signs of the zodiac gives these types of journeys, twelve of the main ways in the material world. Each of you familiar with all of these ways!

And because each of you potentially has all the qualities and characteristics of representatives of all twelve signs of the zodiac. And if you wish you can integrate that experience into your life. You can combine the properties of any quality, and choose any destiny! This is the freedom that gives you the Spirit. This means that you become masters of destiny and gains power over reality.

But this is, once again, will only happen after you follow two conditions: first - work out the karma, and thus exit from the influence of traditional astrology; the second - follow a higher purpose, a mission intended to awaken in the Spirit of representatives of each sign of the zodiac.

The information that I'm going to give you, to help you along the way. We will have a conversation about each zodiac sign separately - however, mindful of the fact that this division of people on probation, and is becoming more arbitrary as the awakening of the Spirit. And yet, we have to take into account this classification, as long as many of you are still under the influence of his zodiacal constellation. But do not forget: we consider this classification but to help you finally get out of it, get rid of all dispositions.

I will talk about the signs of the zodiac - and all of you, each of you will know to whom I am referring specifically. Because we are talking quite personal. Each of you will receive the information necessary to him - about overcoming karma, ways out of the dispositions enclosed in the traditional horoscope and ways of gaining higher purpose, pledged at the higher levels of the horoscope, opening today.

I'm going to give you a unique tool - the transformation of fate! This alchemy of the Spirit in action.

Dear, your way is fine! We love you and are proud of you. We are always there and ready to come to your aid at your first call.

Feel the waves of love, which is now touching you! Let love and light will be enveloped in your way, let the love and light of continuing your journey - Great Journey of the Spirit in human form, a journey in the name of love and light, in the name of the long-awaited paradise on earth.

May it be so. Lovingly, Kryon.


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