EXERCISE development of attention.

This exercise will help us to focus on our goals at the right time, so as not to waste energy in vain, and to follow through. Exercise is very simple, it is based on knowledge of the structure of a thin body.
Step 1. Of course, it is necessary to formulate the purpose (for example, to finish that has already begun: to finish, finish, domasterit, doubirat, dopechatat and so. D.).

Step 2. Humor.

The mood - so set yourself up in this case, the most successful completion of the case. It's easy! What mood you would be if you now see the project successfully completed? What emotions, feelings, state thus you have experienced? Joy, relief, surprise, delight and peace? What is right for you? We have the right to choose - how to start a business, what feelings and thoughts. Smile, relax, and select the desired method for "tuning". How to set up - so the ship will sail. From this it depends very much.

Step 3. Time.

We are most effective when we are in the present. Where am I in my mind now, when before me quite specific purpose? In the past (for example, because I am afraid that once again abandon the project halfway)? In the future, worrying that the results may not be quite so, as we would like (and if he did not start, it will not at all)? So we arrived at the moment. Now, look around ...

Step 4. The concentration of vision and hearing.

Of course, within reason. We are concentrating the vision on the project, considering, seeing, continue to "collect themselves in a heap." Hearing concentrate on our reflections about the project. We have all the power, "immersed" in the case. Do not spray.

Step 5. Interest for the mind.

If the mind is not interested in the project, it is useless: it will divert anything, just not right. Voltage, the monotony, the concentration - it is not his element. Status interest, reasons and arguments, promises an exciting adventure - and the mind is our ally and supporter. You know exactly what I mean. This is when you forget about time, work, create, work, head goes into an interesting, favorite pastime. So, if we can convince the mind that it is our favorite and interesting - the concentration is not 100, but 200%. Not for that we will not be distracted.

Step 6. The mission of the mind.

The mind is concentrated easily, provides creative solutions when his element - the purpose of the mission, conscious goal - to have in our project. Once we denote scale, to whom and when it will be useful, necessary, important our business, mind begins to turn on at full power.

Step 7. Intuition Plus!

If there is a noble mission of light in our reality, the project idea - we feel quite naturally feel the space around us is changing. Comes resonance condition, communication, connection to intuitive knowledge, insights, Higher Power. As they say, starting to work "on a whim" - suddenly come easily super-solutions, and we exclaim: "Eureka!" And at the same time wonder, "Where did I get this?" It helps: bright ideas, bright people always come this divine mercy through the connection of intuition. So we're on the right track!


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