12 exercises on the development of concentration in 1918

Have you noticed that your mind jumps restlessly from one object to another? You have trouble focusing on one thing for a few minutes? Do you suffer from the fact that you have accumulated a bunch of semi-finished projects at work, a dozen unrealized ideas in the brain, and therefore the mass of regrets about what it all led, and about his life in general? If so, then you need to do to fix it?

If you come to the gym and tried to lift weights, causing discovered that your hands and feet is too weak for this, you will need to begin to implement the program of weekly exercises to strengthen muscles. Your brain is also a kind of muscle. And just as the muscles in your body, your brain needs a weekly exercises to increase the strength of your concentration. Several such exercises of interest can be found in the book of 1918 "The Power of Concentration" (eng. The Power of Concentration) American author William Atkinson, which he wrote under the pseudonym Theron Dumont. Despite the fact that some of the exercises may seem somewhat silly, and when executed, you can look like a crazy person, the power of your concentration will gradually increase to the level of Professor X. Use this guide to enhance your brain and get inspiration for inventing your own exercises in concentration increase. Now touch your finger to the nose, and let's begin.

Practical exercises to develop concentration
When the sun's rays focused on the subject using a lens, they provide a lot more heat than the scattered rays from the same source. The same is true of the focus. If your attention is distracted, you only get ordinary results. But concentrate it on one thing, and you will get excellent results. When you focus your attention on the goals of each of your actions, consciously or unconsciously, you are excluded from consciousness all unnecessary. As a result, you are generating a force that will bring you what you want.

Focusing thought, you increase its strength. The exercises, which are given below, may seem tedious and monotonous - but they are useful. If you persist, you will see that they have value and increase your ability to concentrate.

First you will need to train the body to obey the commands of the mind. I also urge you to learn how to consciously control the movement of their muscles. Here is an exercise that will help you develop such control.

Exercise 1: Quiet sitting in the chair
Sit in a comfortable chair. Be as calm as possible. At first, it will not be as easy as it may seem. You need to focus on how to sit still. Watch that you do not make spontaneous movements of his muscles. With a little practice you will see that you can sit quietly without moving the muscles, about fifteen minutes. First, I recommend sitting with a relaxed body five minutes. If you can remain completely quiet all this time, increase the interval to ten and then to fifteen minutes. Practice as much as you need. But never strain of trying to remain calm. You must be completely relaxed. The habit of relaxation is very useful.

Exercise 2: Fixing the gaze on the fingers
Sit in a chair. Lift your head, keep the neck straight, straighten shoulders. Raise your right hand, so that it was level with your shoulder and pointed to the right. Turn your head, moving only his neck, and lock eyes on the fingers. Hold your hand completely fixed one minute. Perform the same exercise with your left hand. When you learn to keep his hand completely still, increase the time to five minutes. Pulling her hand, holding her palms down, because it is the easiest position. If you can fix your eyes on your finger tips, you can say that your hand is quite calm.

Exercise 3: Fixing the gaze on the glass with water
Fill a small glass of water. Take this cup with your fingers and hold it in front of him. Focus on the glass and try to keep it so quiet, that there was no noticeable water movement. Start with one minute, gradually increasing the time to five minutes. Do this exercise first with one, then with the other hand.

Exercise 4: Concentration on the compression and decompression of
fists Slide chair to the table. Put on the table, his hands and squeeze them into fists resting on the table with the back of. Let your thumb rests on top of the other fingers. Now, focusing on the index finger, slowly straighten it. Watch this action as if it was of great importance. Then, slowly straighten the fingers following. Thereafter, repeat the process in reverse order. First clamp one finger, then another - as long as you will not have a clenched fist and thumb, which lies on top of the other. Perform the same exercise with your left hand. Do it the right, then the left hand turn - until you run it five times with each hand. After a few days, you can increase the number of repetitions up to ten times.

There is a possibility that doing these exercises, you will feel tired. But it is important you practice these monotonous exercises to use them to develop attention. Exercise will also help you to control muscle movement. Attention should be focused on every movement of the hand. If you do not focus, exercises lose their value.

Exercise 5: Focus on strengthening
smell When you walk or pass a flower bed, concentrate on the smells of flowers and plants. Try to distinguish as much as possible odors. Then, try to choose one particular smell, and focus only on him. You will notice how much will increase your sense of smell. The ability to distinguish require you to full attention. Developing the sense of smell, you'll need to throw from the head of any thoughts other than the thought of the smell. You will also need to throw away the thoughts of all the smells in addition, where the concentrate.

You'll find plenty of opportunities for exercise on the development of the sense of smell. Being outdoors, sniff sensitive to all odors. You make sure that the air is full different flavors - but let your concentration on one of them will be so intense that after years of selected fragrance will remind you of the circumstances of this exercise

. The purpose of the exercise - to develop close attention. You will find that by practicing the mind can control and direct the mind - just as you direct your own hand movements

. Exercise 6: Concentration on internal processes
Lie down and relax your muscles completely. Concentrate on the beating heart, without paying attention to anything else. Think about how this great organ pumping blood, bringing it to every organ in your body. Try to imagine how the blood coming out of this great vessel and goes directly to the tips of your toes. Imagine how different the flow goes to your hands and your fingertips. After some time, you can really feel the blood running through your body.

Exercise 7: Concentration on sleep
The so-called "water method" is simple, but very effective. It is designed for people who want to go to sleep. Put a glass of pure water on a table in the room where you sleep. Sit in a chair next to the table and look at a glass of water. Think about how much he is calm. Then, imagine how you enter into this peaceful state. After a short time you will notice that your nerves calm down, and you begin to get sleepy. Sometimes in order to get to sleep, you need to present yourself sleepy. Some people managed to beat insomnia due to the fact that they themselves were an inanimate object - for example, an empty log in the depths of the cold and quiet forests

. People are suffering from insomnia can personally make sure that these exercises, soothing nerves, are very effective. Hold in your mind the idea that sleep is easy. Eliminate all fear of insomnia. Practice these exercises and you will fall asleep.

Exercise 8: Speaking in front of a mirror
Make your mirror two marks, level with your eyes. Consider this - the other two human eyes that look at you. First you blink a little. Do not move your head, stand up straight. Focus your thoughts on all to maintain a calm head. Do not allow other thoughts to enter your mind. Keep your head straight, staying calm in the eyes and in the body, think about what you look like a reliable man or woman reliable - like a man who can trust each

. Standing before the mirror, breathe deeply. Let the room is a lot of fresh air - so that if you bathed in it. As soon as the air penetrates into every cell of the body, your shyness disappears. It will replace the serenity and strength.

The man with the posture of a real man who knows how to control the muscles of the face and eyes, will always attract attention. While talking, he will make a good impression on everyone with whom makes contact. He will get a sense of calm and strength that will make any opposition to step back.

It will be enough to carry out this exercise on a daily basis for three minutes.

Exercise 9: East
concentration method Sit in a chair. Keep your back straight. Hold one finger right nostril. Take a deep breath and slow - so slow that you can count to ten - and then exhale through the right nostril, and counting to ten. Repeat with the other nostril. His need to do at least twenty times in one sitting.

Exercise 10: Control of desires
Wish the hardest to control. For this reason, exercises with the desire to possess a great value. By learning to control the urge, you magically strengthen your ability to concentrate. Remember, you have everything you need to go about their business. Do not waste your time to think about other people, or gossip about them.

If your monitoring shows that some people can cause harm to keep this knowledge to themselves. Later, your opinion may be wrong. But, regardless of whether it is correct or not, you strengthen your will, controlling the desire to share their thoughts.

If you hear good news resist the desire to talk about it to the first comer - and it will also bring you a favor. To get rid of the desire to speak, you will need all your concentration power. When you feel that you have full control over all your desires, even then you can share the news. But Be able to suppress the desire to share the news until then, until you are completely ready to talk. People who are not able to control the desires, often say things that should be silent - and these involve the self and others in unnecessary trouble

. If you have a habit of nervous, listening to bad news, control yourself. Learn to listen to all without surprise and alarm. You say to yourself: "Nothing will make me lose my self-control." You make the experience that this self-important in your business. You will earn a reputation as savvy entrepreneur - and it will eventually become your valuable business asset. Of course, the case of changing circumstances. Sometimes it takes enthusiasm from us. But always look for an opportunity to practice self-control. "The man that controls his spirit more master of the city»

. Exercise 11: Reading
Think - then concentrate on the thought that in front of us. All men and women must learn to think clearly. Great exercise that helps in this - read some short story and then retell it. Read the article in the paper, and then try to express the content in a few words. Reading for the assimilation of essential information requires attention and concentration. If you can not record what you read, your concentration is weak. Instead of writing, you can summarize the content orally. Retire to your room and loud paraphrase the content of the article - as if you were with someone talking. You will find that these exercises are important for the development of concentration and ability to think.

Once you have completed a few of these simple exercises, take a book and read it twenty minutes - and then write down on paper what you have read. Most likely, at first you do not remember many details. But, with some training, you will be able to recount in detail everything that you have read. The better your concentration, the more your retelling.

If your time is limited, read a short sentence, and then try to write it word for word. By learning to do this, read on the two proposals and more, and then burn them. This practice will bring good results if you keep it up until not develop the habit.

Use free time for these exercises, and it will develop your ability to concentrate. You make sure to remember every word in a sentence, it is necessary to remove from the mind of all words except those that you want to remember. This holding force - is already adequate compensation of the time that you spent on the exercise. Of course, your success will largely depend on the development of the ability to vividly represent what you are reading. How to express the same thought one writer, we should let the mountains of which we read, to get up in front of us, and rivers, of which we read, splatter at our feet.

Exercise 12: The concentration on
hours Sit on a chair. Put on the table in front of a clock with a second hand. Keep an eye out for how the second hand makes a circle. Do this exercise for five minutes without thinking about anything other than second hand. This exercise is very useful if you only have five minutes to spare. Let every thought in the stream of consciousness obey her. Since the second hand is nothing special, it is difficult to perform the exercise - but further efforts will be required that for him, give him a special value

. During the exercise, try to be as calm as possible. You will gain control of the nerves, and the soothing effect of a positive impact on them.


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