How to improve eyesight 7 days: 9 simple exercises

Simple eye movement such as blinking and swaying from side to side, brought a stunning result. I realized that I did it! Without the help of doctors, senior mentors, equipment and magic spells. I did it! I found the path to self-enlightenment, passed it and enjoyed the result. Was it easy? I guess now I can say that Yes. It was easy. Blink and "shoot" eyes during the week will, perhaps, everyone. Was it hard? Also, Yes. To overcome himself, to overcome the "knowledge" that it is "impossible" to break through the wall of self doubt. Yes, it was difficult. Yeah, I think so.

Exercise # 1. "Gleam"

Exercise "a Glimpse" is a necessary initial exercise rate and is used for mode settings "sharp" vision, and also increase the time of stay in this mode until two or three seconds. (After reaching these results, you can move on to the next exercise in the complex.)

The exercise is as follows. In the open space (i.e. outdoors ), in the daytime, select the object to study. Convenient to use for this purpose any well-read the inscription as clear font has contrast border and easy differencial picture on the "readable" and "unreadable". Selecting the object are removed from it by a distance exceeding the distance free the readability of the inscriptions on one or two meters. That is, stand so that the image was blurred just enough not to be readable, but short stood out from a myopic haze after each blink. Then begin to blink, looking at the plate and focusing on the glimmer that occurs after each blink. Try at the time of the glimpse to read the inscription. After a glimpse of sharp vision disappeared, and the picture is blurred, blink again and again trying to read the inscription. And so on. The exercise can be completed within hours, while the objects to be changed. In the first day of school blinking should be done every second, but soon the glimmer of sharp vision will increase noticeably that will allow you to move on to the next exercise.

Exercise # 2. "Target shooting"

Exercise "target Shooting" is a logical continuation of exercise No. 1, but in contrast, involves a longer glimpse of the "sharp" vision, allowing you to transfer the look from one object to another, not letting neither one nor the other out of focus.

In fact, exercise is the following. Outside, in the daytime, alternately (with a frequency of approximately one target per second) - selectable view different objects (targets) located at different distance (from tip of nose to the horizon). Each object (target) when it is necessary to keep in focus, which regularly blinking, catching a glimpse of the "sharp" vision. At the initial stage, while the glimmer is not very large, blink on each selected object (the target), that is, with a frequency of approximately one blink in a second. With increasing a flash, you blink less often, that is, not on each target, and one rage two or three. As a target you should not choose imaginary, non-existent entities, but only real in which the eye can really focus on.

Exercise # 3. "Spider-man"

The exercise "spider-Man" is the embodiment of the exercise No. 2 is to achieve the same goals and, by and large, different from the exercises No. 2 first role-playing different color.

The exercise is as follows. Outside, in the daytime, choose as object the exercise of any spreading shrub or tree (but you can use any other similar sized object) and entering into a result of blinking in mode "sharp" vision, we begin to mentally wrap the object turns the non-existent non-existent thread. With each round followed by the eye, focusing it at the point of contact of the imaginary thread and object. As needed – blink (to constantly keep the active area of the object in focus). From time to time the object is replaceable, to keep the excitement and sharpness of perception.

Exercise # 4. "Rest"

The activity "Rest" is used to relieve eye tension created in the process of exercise, or some other, not related to exercise reason.

The exercise is as follows. With his eyes closed for centuries, applied to the face halves folded hands. The right hand applied to the right eye and the left, respectively to the left. (Fingers crossed on the forehead in the "third eye".) His gaze into the blackness, trying to turn away from randomly manifesting visualizations. The exercise is performed to achieve the desired comfort.

Exercise # 5. "Pendulum"

Exercise "the Pendulum" is used to further increase the glimpse of the "sharp" vision, and also for your habit of rolling eyes.

The exercise is as follows. Outside, in the daytime select the object for the exercise. Preferred as the object to use any legible inscription, is of sufficiently large size (for example, located at a distance a shop sign or poster advertising or other content). Blinking, achieve the state of "acute" vision, focused look at labels and start to shake, moving a point along a line and back and forth like a swinging pendulum, trying to keep focus sight on the object. When the blurred image, again, to blink, to enter into "acute" vision, to continue the exercise. And so on. With good execution skill, you can deselect a specific object and use this principle as the main way of seeing. The time of the exercise in this case is unlimited.

Exercise # 6. "China doll"

Exercise "China doll" is used to achieve the same aims as exercise number 5, the difference of the exercise is that the mobility of view is not achieved with eye movement, and by means of rocking from side to side of the head exercising.

So, the exercise is as follows. First of all, select the object of the exercise (the requirements of the building are exactly the same as in exercise No. 5). When an object is selected, blink, catch a glimpse of the "sharp" vision, focus eyes on the object and shaking from side to side, trying to keep the focus on the object as it is possible more long. When blurring images, blink again and continue the exercise. And so on. Same as exercise No. 5 exercise "China doll" should be viewed as a variant of the basic vision. The time to complete this exercise in this case also becomes unlimited.

Exercise No. 7."Eight"

Exercise "Eight" is a combination of exercises №5-6 and is used to achieve the same goals that were set before these exercises.

Exercise "Eight" is as follows. First of all, select the object for an upcoming examination (requirements to the object do not differ from those described above, in exercise No. 5-6). However, this exercise to an even greater extent than exercise No. 5-6 allowed to run without pre-selected object (i.e. using the object of the exercise, all the visible space). Having defined the choice of the object, blink, catch the condition, "acute" vision and making the eyes motion along a path tilted sideways figure eights trying to keep focus sight as it is possible more long. Head while committed swinging movement to the right (when moving eyes to the right) and the left (when moving eyes to the left), thereby increasing the horizontal dimensions tilted sideways eight (or the same angle of horizontal view). Same as exercise No. 5-6, the activity "Eight" should be used as a version of the basic vision. Execution time in this case is also unlimited.

Exercise No. 8. Polishing

Exercise Polishing is used to achieve the same objectives as the exercises number 5, 6 and 7.

Exercise is the following. First of all, select the object (object requirements are the same as in exercise No. 5,6 and 7). Having defined the choice of the object, with blinking included in mode "sharp" vision, and, focusing the gaze on the object, we begin looking at the design of the object. (If the object selected inscription, the detail is each letter.) Viewing of parts produced using mild circular movements of the eyes, reminiscent of the nature of the polishing movement. With the help of such movements, trying to maintain focus look at the object as it is possible more long. Then again blink and continue to perform the exercises. With sufficient skill in execution, this exercise is same as exercise No. 5,6 and 7, can serve as a version of the basic vision.

Exercise No. 9. "Ray of light"

Exercise "Ray of light" is used to supply the eyes of life-giving solar energy, which gives them amazing strength and comfort.

For the exercise "Ray of light" needed Sunny weather, but in the absence of the sun, you can use diffused sunlight or electric light (including fluorescent lamp). The exercise is as follows. Firmly, but without tension, close our eyes for centuries and for some time (about a minute) inline face the light source. (Use in this activity, sun is incomparably more preferable.) Exercise can be done five to six times a day.

Attention! All exercises should be done in a relaxed, comfortable state. Strictly avoid overexertion eyes!


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