Two questions. The answers affect your life

An incredible experiment!

At first glance, it was fairly typical of a social experiment. Two unknown to each other people were put in the same room, but separated by a screen. None of these two did not know who or what is behind the partition.

Both asked two questions in a row. First: "If you could have one wish, what would it be?". Second: What makes you happy?".

The people sitting to the right answer, as an answer to most of us. They wanted to have a better job, travel more and faster to succeed.

But when they heard the answers of his invisible companions, I was shocked.Here is what they replied:

"I dream to have a world without pain and disease."

"I feel happy when I Wake up early in the morning and see his sister smiling."

The author of the experiment — Spanish photographer Paula Calazans. Here's the thing: right sat normal healthy people, and the left — those who themselves or whose family members recently learned the diagnosis: cancer. The differences between the values of both types of participants in the experiment are striking.

CALASANZ believes that her experience should make everyone in the first place, healthy people — to revise its coordinate system.

The short conclusion is: take the time to learn to appreciate the small things in life. In the list of your priorities in the first place should be health.View this video in full:And always remember: "We don't appreciate life until you feel that we could lose her. Learn to appreciate the little things". published


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