AS 15 minutes Determine the purpose of your life?

Alan Lakeyn known consultant on time management, in the book "How to become a master of his destiny" offers a simple way to determine the purpose of your life. answering all 3 questions, you can better understand yourself and understand what you want to get as a result of his own life.

To perform this exercise, you will need 15 minutes. To start, take three blank sheets of paper, pen and watch.

The first question about the purpose of life
Take the first sheet of paper and write at the top of the following question: "What is my purpose in life?" By "life goals" understands the challenges that you set for yourself now.

You only have 2 minutes to write down answers to the question. Be brief, use common words, do not go into details, but try to cover as many areas of your interests. Write everything that you would ever think, without stifling their imagination, without analyzing and evaluating.

After 2 minutes pass, select yourself another 2 minutes to check whether you have not missed anything important. You can add additional targets, drawing attention to your current lifestyle. So, if you're reading a book on the way to work and back, then maybe you have not realized the goal - to continue their education.

The second question about the purpose of life
In the first list of your goals in life, drawn up in haste, are likely to be such general terms as "happiness", "success", "wealth", "love", etc. Answers to the second question will allow you to more clearly define your goals.

Take the second sheet of paper, write the top of the second question: "How would you like to spend the next 3 years?"

You again have only 2 minutes. Make a list for this time of your answers. Then also take 2 additional minutes for analysis and refinement of the list of your goals.

The third question about the purpose of life
Now take the third sheet of paper and write at the top of the third question: "If I now know that even after 6 months of lightning would kill me, as if I had lived rest of your life?"

Before you start writing, you know that all questions related to your demise will be safely resolved without your participation. You made a will, bought a plot in the cemetery, etc. Think only about how you will live the last 6 months.

You also have 2 minutes to prepare your answers and 2 minutes on the expansion of the list of answers.

After filling the third sheet is completed, take another 2 minutes then to review your answers to question 3. If you feel that you need more time, you can work longer with the answers.

Looking at the list, you may find that the answers to the second question are an extension of the responses to the first one. It so happens that the answers to the third question are the continuation of the previous answers. However, many people aim is changing dramatically as soon as they realize that their life is limited.

The third question helps you make sense of what you could be doing if circumstances forced you to take a sober look at your life. The purpose of this question - to determine your true purpose.

If you're happy with the way you live, the third question only confirm your lifestyle: you will continue to live, without changing anything. If the list of goals for the third sheet is very different from how you live now, it's time to think about the changes.

This exercise - a great indicator of your level of satisfaction with life. From time to time write new answers to 3 questions to better understand their true desires and true to define the goal of his life.


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