Gurdjieff: The last hour of life

Imagine that you have left to live only a few minutes, maybe an hour, and how - that way you know exactly when you will die. What would you do with the last hour of his precious time on earth?
If you were able to complete all of its business for the last hour, whether you have a consciousness of how to do it?
And last breath, will you take satisfaction from the fact that you have done in your life everything possible to meet their obligations to nature and its "I»?

What is important is not only the last hour, and last impressions are important. "Recent experience" creates a transition to future manifestations, if such will be the case. Exemption from lower yields nothing harmonies, since ultimately everything is forgotten, and you will return again to this world. Even forget what you wanted to release, to become a Buddha.

In the real world, all spaces are present at the same time, always vibrating, always waiting, waiting for the son of a sailor father. In the manifested world everything has a beginning and everything has an end. In the Real World everything is always present, and one day you are allowed to forget everything and leave it "forever».

Freedom is a million times more valuable than liberation. A free man and a slave is his own master. For example, I give you something, say, a car, in which there is no fuel, so the car can not move in the way. Your car needs a special fuel, but you are able to determine what kind of fuel, and where to get it.
You have to determine how to process my ideas, to make them your own, but you belong to. Your car can not run on that particular fuel, running my car. I suggest you only feedstock. You are required to extract what you can use from this raw material. Go ahead get behind the wheel.

Organic life is very fragile. At any time, the planetary body can die. It always lives on the verge of death. And if you managed to live another day, it is only accidentally given you a chance nature. If you happen to live at least another hour, you can consider yourself lucky. Since its conception we are living at the expense of time to borrow.
Living in this world, you have to feel death every second, so keep their affairs in order, even in his last hour. But how do you know for sure what time it will be the last? To be sure, to settle their affairs with nature and yourself any given hour you life, then you will never be caught unawares. This person should train at school, as well as to breathe, eat, move and die. This should be part of the education program. It should be included learning how to demonstrate the existence of "I", as well as how to build consciousness.

Question: What to do if you do not feel that something is left undone
? G. did not answer immediately. He sighed and replied:
- Ask yourself, who will be in difficulty if you die like a dog. The time of death should be fully aware of yourself and feel that you have done everything possible to be used in its entirety given you life.
Now you know about yourself too much. But every day you dig deeper and deeper into this bag of bones, and learn more and more details. Day after day, you will discover that you do not have time to do and what you need to alter the fact that you have done. A real man is one who is squeezed out of life all that was valuable in it, and said, "Now I can die." You must try to live your life so that you can say to yourself in every day: "Today I die, nothing sparing»

. Do not waste your last hour of his life, as it can be for you the most important thing. If they dispose of bad, then it is possible to regret. That emotion, that you are now experiencing, may be for you a powerful source of the power that can prepare you for a perfect death. Knowing that the next hour would be the last for you, absorb the impressions that he will bring to you, like a true gourmet. When Lady Death will call you, and always be ready for it. Master knows how to learn from each tidbit last drop of value. Learn to be the masters of life.

In my youth I learned the trade of spirits production. I learned to get out of the life of her essence, her finest qualities. In the search for the most valuable, learn to separate the subtle from the gross. Anyone who has learned to extract the essence, the most valuable of every moment of life, he is conscious of any quality.
He's not capable of something that would make the world of some savage.
Perhaps in the last moments of life you will not have to choose where and with whom to be, but yours will be the choice of how valuable you will spend them. Ability to extract valuable Life - the same as that removed from the food, air and impressions those substances which are necessary for the construction of higher bodies. If you want to extract the most valuable of life for themselves, they must still serve the greater good, leave yourself plenty of quite a bit. Work on yourself for the good of others - a smart way to get the best out of life for yourself. If you are not satisfied with their last hour, then you're happy all his life as a whole. Die - then go through something that can not be repeated again. Wasting our precious time - thus depriving themselves of the opportunity to extract the most valuable of life

. To live in this world, from beginning to end - is another manifestation of the Absolute. All the great philosophers, very carefully prepared for the arrival of the last hour of his life. And now I'll give you an exercise to prepare for his last hour on earth. Try not to distort a single word of the proposed exercises.

Exercise: Take a look at just the last hour, as if it was your last hour on earth, and you've just realized that died. Ask yourself whether you are happy with the last hour of his life?
Now, to revive itself again and set a goal for the next hour (unless you are lucky enough to live it) to extract from life a little bit more than you could in the previous hour. Determine where and when you should have been more aware, which show more inner fire.
Now open your eyes a little wider: by this I mean - open yourself to more opportunities, be a little braver than you were in the previous hour. Since you know that this is your last hour, and you have nothing to lose, try to have the courage at least now. Of course, just not stupid.
Find yourself a better look at his car as if from outside ... Now, when you die, there is nothing to think about how to maintain the reputation, prestige.
And henceforth, until really the last hour, persistently strive to get as much value out of life, develop intuition. Every hour, spend at least a few moments to impartially evaluate the past hour, and then tune out to extract more useful the next hour.
If we consider each hour as a separate unit of life, do everything in your power to use every one of life more fully. Force yourself to find a way that would make every next hour longer than the previous one, but at the same time, made it possible to pay off the accumulated debt at the moment. Increased self-awareness or self-consciousness 'I', as well as the ability to govern themselves, will change the performance of your machine, which puts that provides an indication of real change. It does not matter what he thinks about the machine itself.

... To live the rest of life, hour by hour rehearsing his death, not a pathology. No one can get more out of life than the cancer patient, who knows approximately when he died. And if it is carefully thought out how to spend the remaining days, he will not be radically changed his life, however, can afford to go to where his long-drawn, but what he could not do under normal circumstances.
A man who knows what was going to die, try to make the most of every hour the rest of his life. That is what Christ meant when he said that the last days will come soon - the days before the Last Judgment. We are facing the Court, but the judge did not have other people, but we do give a final evaluation of his life. We must not fail in the most serious examination, where the most severe judge of our "I».

Every moment alone, taken without respect to the other point is a particle of the eternal Creation. Therefore, at any point, you can extract the finest substances that can be called "the essence of life».
Mentally imagine the substance "air" or substance "impressions". Finally, draw a mental substance "moment". Yes, it is indeed a substance, even a moment of time.
If we are able to extract more subtle substance of these coarser substances, then, sooner or later, will have something to pay for it. This law is called the Law of Equilibrium. So we have to learn to immediately pay for what we get out of life. Only in this case we will have no debt. To pay immediately - this is what is called a "really do." "To do" - is to think, to feel, to move, but the "real activity" - to pay immediately
. Do - can mean only one thing: to extract the quintessence of every moment of life and at the same time to pay all the debts the nature and yourself, but only if the "I" can be paid immediately
. This life is not to change the activity, and changes in the quality of activity. Fate - it is destiny. Each of us must find its place in the general order of things. It is not too late to do it now, although most of the life you wasted on hibernation. Starting today, you can begin to prepare for death and, at the same time, improve their quality of life. But do not delay with the beginning of may, and in fact, you stayed one o'clock all life.

Question: Can you tell us about all this to others? I think it is important that all that we have heard here tonight.
Answer: You can repeat word for word, but as long as you do not do it for yourself, it will not mean anything for the other. Existence is a tool or a tool for action. Think about it and find out why this is true.
Q: Therefore, we can not pay the debts, if we do not exist and there is no "I»
? Answer: And why should you have the need to pay? For what? If life - just a coincidence, then there is no point in continuing. This does not mean that we should commit suicide. On the contrary, we must make every effort to live. Ordinary man always lives, just going with the flow. It is not just sleeping, but completely dead. To really live, it is necessary to contribute to the efforts of nature, to take actively from life, and not to act passively - as it will
. Extracting from life the most valuable thing you should be able to control their desires. Observe how you can impartially evaluate themselves. Look to yourself and you will find, as there are wonderful ways to be impartial. Whenever mentally mark the different moments of manifestation of desires. Do everything as before, but be sure to be aware of their presence. Pour into the world of his blood, but a higher plane.
At the end of each hour, appreciating his favor, imagine that you wake up in a completely unfamiliar world for you, compared to the previous hour. It should be noted that the apparent continuation of the life of the previous hour is actually changing every hour, even though the objects and people seem to be the same. Over time you will learn to see themselves as a ghost of some substance that passes from one world to another, like an uninvited guest of nature.
When viewed from this perspective, evaluate everything you do in ordinary life. Seeing the results of all their hard work in the past, think about the fact, what is the use of it all now, in the last hour of life. Those who are busy with work, largely dead to the world and alive at the same time the rest of it. Work ... something strange, imperceptible, but for many life without it is unthinkable.

In the usual sense of life - vanity. What would be a great achievement did not seem on the earth scale, sooner or later, it is turning into a loss. Time to dust abrades even a grain of sand. Even the greatest in the history of the people, sooner or later forgotten. To understand the true potential of life on earth, it is necessary to find what can be achieved in this world and that will be really useful in the Real World.
Carefully trace the lives of all the great people who have commanded armies, ruled over the other. Which it is the use of all his great deeds now, after death? Even with their lives all these things were nothing more than empty dreams. We are not here to praise ourselves and reward yourself; most disgusting in the ordinary man - the ability to quickly satisfy his flesh

. Most people find excuses not a lot of work on themselves. They are completely in the thrall of their weaknesses. But now it is not about them but about you. Do not misunderstand me, I do not need followers, I'm rather interested to find good organizers, the real fighters for the New World. I understand the weakness of the organization, as in this case, it is not a simple organization that has the initiative.

Once again, learn to live with the greatest benefit of his every hour. Make a detailed plan for the last hour of life. To understand how to die, you have to put down deep roots in life, only then you will die like a man, not like a dog. However, not everyone can die. You can become fertilizer for our planet, but that does not mean to die actually. To die for this world forever - it's an honor. For this honor have to pay conscious work and intentional suffering. Such a right must be earned.
Try a relatively clear picture of his last hour of life on earth. Write a script that would last hours, as if we are talking about film. Ask yourself: "So if I want to dispose of his last hour?" If the answer does not satisfy you, rewrite the script as long as you enjoy it

. See life as a business. For your time - it's money life. When you came into this world, you have been released a certain amount, you can not exceed. Time is the only currency that you pay for life. Now you see how stupid you have wasted most of it.
You do not even have reached the simple purpose in life - to rest. As a business you do not
failed as consumers of life - themselves deceived. All your life you thought that all come for free, and now suddenly discovered that - not for nothing. You pay for the use of time, so every moment of your stay here is worth something.
How can you still compensate for at least one day these losses. Check that it is permanent or temporary loss of your bank account? Lost or you successfully placed its capital? If you have spent all the money on your vacation, then you have no choice but longing for the past.
As you spend time for many years, as if the parents have given you to him open a bank account. But deflated state, you burned and found that there were one, and no one can not count. At the time the bank account no longer exists. Now you have to earn every hour of life. All your life you have behaved like a child, and the time spent as newlyweds.

Our main enemy, which makes it difficult to make the necessary efforts - hopelessness. I know you can find a lot of excuses and the excuse not to prepare ourselves for the last hour. Habit - a large force, but starting once, you can learn to do more and more every time

. Do not waste a single day in vain, force yourself at least an hour a day efforts, or you will lose everything gained. Think of a rehearsal of his last hours as a ballet classes - have to do it all my life. I, on the day on this exercise takes four hours and in my youth I dedicated to him twice more.


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