6 steps that will lead your life in ORDER

A complete guide to setting the right goals from Elena Klishina, an expert in personal effectiveness

Elena Klishina - business coach, expert in management,
communications, improve business and personal effectiveness.
The practitioner with years of experience in major Russian
and Western companies in the field of management, sales and training.

So we start progressively, step by step, to bring their business and their life in order.

And the first thing we do outline map of the way. If we want to go somewhere, we need a benchmark target. To truly manage their lives and not go with the flow, it is important to clearly understand what I really want and what is important to me, based on what my value system.

The importance of the objectives say much, however, we are not always clearly aware of what we really want and thus deprive ourselves of a powerful source of motivation and vitality.

How often in life we ​​lose our reference points and because of their lack of meaning is lost, and with it the joy of life. Indeed, the presence of the target is a powerful motivating factor in human life, long-term source of strength and energy. It targets allow us to focus on the result, inspire and discipline. Only when we know your goals, we can make a route on a map of life.

How to determine your goals and values? Indeed, such a question can not be solved on the run, it takes time, dedicated himself, time which we do not. But this revision of their values, their revaluation and provides further understanding of the way, so we will consider taking the time to their values ​​and goals as an investment in their future. It is impossible to constantly slide on the surface. The need to stop to go into the depths and answer important questions.

Highlight some time to focus on the goals. Do not rush yourself, lay the foundation, and the details will come by themselves. As you will understand that the goal of "Your"? The indicator for you to be an interest and energy. You immediately want to take action to achieve the goal.

To arrive at their goals, offering you a number of different techniques. Try each. During operation, record everything your thoughts, words, ideas that come to mind, then holistic picture emerges by itself. The main trust yourself and give yourself time.

Step 1. Objectives and values.
First, let's dissolve the concept of goals and values.

Value - is a set of beliefs that are important to us. Values ​​are formed throughout our lives based on our experience, education, environment, genes and are subject to change throughout life. Understanding your values ​​is very important for making major life decisions for a more conscious approach to his life and its management.

If there is no strong roots - strong convictions and deep values ​​- we are easy to pick up the wind. Without a strong sense of purpose, we can not hold onto his position, when we meet with the inevitable storms of life.

The goal - a landmark, an ideal or real object aspiration; the end result, which is deliberately directed process.


Each person has their priorities in life, and his own picture of the world, which is based on a system of values, individual for each person. This system of values ​​is formed throughout life, based on our experience, upbringing, genetics, environment. And for the life of our set of values ​​may change. In order to determine the objectives it is very important to conduct identity. Understand that you are in life is really important. This will help to understand the deeper values. To do this, start by answering the following questions:

Select the 3-5 most significant events in your life. Please, why they are important to you. Analyze your answers, you can see what values?
Look back at the previous year \ month \ week, what events you pleased? Why is that? What was valuable in these events?
Imagine your perfect day by 5 \ 10 \ 30 \ 50 years. How to start the day? What do you do during the day? What is your environment? What emotions did you experience?
Now a more complex task, imagine your 70 year anniversary :))) Yes, yes, yes :))) And all the details :). It sounds a lot of congratulations from relatives and colleagues. Why do you thank your friends and colleagues? For what value? What would you like them to say to you that day? Look back to the height of his 70 years. What is this you have done in your life, now you feel satisfied and happy? And do not regret any minute of the of your past life?
I think there is something to think about .... Write down all the things that resonated in your soul.

Based on this and you can understand that for you is the core values. That's what drives us. What helps make an informed choice. This knowledge will greatly assist you in your life. These are the roots that help us in the storms of life.

Step 2. Wood goals.
Now, when we look at our lives from a bird's flight, we understand more and structuring. Our values ​​- this is our root system, which nourishes our tree of life. A branch of a tree - these are the key areas of your life.

Write all the areas in your life that are important to you, and arrange them on the branches of a tree. The result was a kind of map of the key areas of your life. The kit may be as follows: Career, Professional Development, Lifestyle, Leisure, Friends, Parents, Family, Finance, Health. Add your branch.

Step 3. Objectives and their decomposition.
Now specify the results that you want to see for each area in the long term. For example, if we take the branch "health", it might look like this:

I want to be in excellent physical shape, well
to feel, to be full of energy.

Now break your long-term goal into sub-goals. It will be at the main branch of the branches end. The strategic management purposes it is called decomposition. Ie partition big goal into smaller ones. In our case it will be mid-term goals. For example, in our example, it will be about health:

Lose weight by 5 kg.
Undergo a medical examination and to take measures,
if necessary. Implement a sport on a regular basis.

Step 4. Develop an action plan
Then we have our sub Fractions on the leaves - the case.

Lose weight by 5 kg:

enroll in a gym;
find a companion;
take and prescribe a personalized exercise plan lessons;
think about a diet;
begin to implement the plan;
appoint a motivation, etc., etc.
And so you go on every important sector of your life and get ready for an action plan that is now important to move in your diary and start implementing. Something we will be in the future.

Important! Check your goals for authenticity. Is this your goal, not your parents, spouses, friends and colleagues? It's really what you truly want, or that you want from the other, the environment, society, advertising?

The goal becomes more powerful source of energy and motivation when it is your home you have chosen, not imposed by the outside world.

Step 5. Hone goal
Now let's arrange your objectives, ie prescribe performance criteria. Hone your goals with the help of the following questions and write the final version with all the details. it is important! 60% of the prescribed objectives are realized. Correctly formulated goal is half the battle!

Specific: What exactly do you need?
Measurable: How do I know that the goal is reached? How can it be measured? Tie specific quantitative or qualitative indicators. (5 kg)
Achievable: realistic to target? Due to what I will achieve it? Think about the resources plan to achieve
Significance: Do I really want this? What will happen when I achieve this goal?
Coherence: To what extent this goal is consistent with the rest of my goals. Do not enter it into conflict? And, if so, how it can be resolved.
Snapping at the time: When do I need to achieve it? Set clear deadlines
In management, the criteria setting goals are called SMART.

Thus, we are with you from seeing your life, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to do to this vision become a reality.

Here it is - the planning process, which should be applied not only at work but also in their lives

Step 6: Render target.
Draw a map of the objectives in the diary, notepad, wall, iPads, using Mind-MEP, drawings, diagrams, as you wish, and always keep on hand. This is your card the way that every traveler to stay on target, must have with them and periodically consult with the guidelines.

Give your card to lie down, come back to it, work with it, and periodically conduct an audit purposes.

And remember, you control your life, like Tom Peters said: «You are the CEO of your life»!

You and I have laid a solid foundation for the further path. This step is critical, and I strongly recommend to do these steps.

And if you have already done this way, please accept my sincere congratulations - the beginning of the way it should! Now it is important to act! And for this every day to do a step in the direction of your target and the result will not take long.

The road of 1000 miles begins with a single step! Let's go!

Good luck!
Your Elena Klishina


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