MOST faithful husbands zodiac sign

Which zodiac sign is considered the best, but someone should not lose sight of?

Every woman wants to find a single man who would be faithful to the end of his days, and in which it is sure. Of course, the search for such a partner in life sometimes occupy a significant part of our lives. But we decided to facilitate the search for you by telling what sign of the zodiac is the most tied to one woman reaching for your loyalty ranking on a scale from 1 - Monogamous to 3 - womanizer.

Aries: a hothead and a passionate heart
Rating loyalty: 2

If our "guinea" in love, at this point you exactly fortunate - he was romantic and sentimental. Aries tend to trust their feelings and sensations, so it promises everything you want. But do not rush things. Aries - the conqueror, and after achieving our hunk can easily switch to the new object. And yet, in a relationship, he is calm and sure of himself, he will be a good defense and a loving and faithful husband, a great father, and no less beautiful lover. However, Aries is not the most sure sign, given his love for new sensations.

Taurus: not chasing the laurels of Casanova, and rarely loses his head
Rating loyalty: 1

Male Taurus looks closed, but the feelings of the representatives of this sign are very deep. And they are very stubborn: they will be at any cost to achieve their goal, so if you see the desire in his eyes, remember that Taurus desire and feeling the same thing, and it means that the boy in love, and you are really lucky. In love, Taureans are very gentle, passionate, touching and not burdened with unnecessary questions. If Taurus married, then his choice quite consciously, he counts on reciprocity and loyalty. Therefore, the Taurus can be easily considered the most faithful man!

Gemini: impermanence - this constancy
Rating loyalty 3

The male twins - a solid mystery puzzle. They are, in principle, a very cold-blooded, in the beginning of the relationship clearly much desire to learn, get to know you. But there comes a time when the twin begins to "go into ourselves." During this time he clearly analyzes all, and if a man's twin understands that the relationship is profitable and comfortable, they will continue, if not - he is looking for a new target. Therefore, as a rule, they are very unstable and prone to rupture relations. This does not mean that men twin should not communicate, no, just need to know some of the features of their character.

Cancer: so beautiful, but this is incorrect
Rating loyalty 3

Man-Cancer, at first glance, - one of the most reliable partners, the faithful lover and a perfect family man. In fact, Cancers tend only to their own comfort. Male cancer is an excuse everything, while he is not guilty ever. Even if he finds the girl in bed with another, it will come up with 100 reasons and excuses, but guilty in the situation you find yourself. Male crabs are very erratic in relationships. However, in cancer there are those who are devoted to her friend since adolescence. Or after 35 years.

Lion - the king of beasts?
Rating loyalty: 1

Male Lions often can be calculated from the crowd of mere appearance. They have a strong constitution (or aspire to that), well dressed, combed, like a pleasant branded clothing - they are materialists. And give gifts willingly. Lion - one of the most faithful Zodiac signs. Parting with Leo can be for the following reasons: If you put yourself above it if you are Lion superior to career success when trying to manage relationships. The rest can be sure: The Lion will be reliable and loyal to you!

Virgin: reliable and practical, but why do not appreciate?
Rating loyalty: 1

Male Virgin is not very simple. They do not like theater, so to dance with you till the morning and read poetry under the windows, they will not. Man Deva always analyzes and pays attention to details, he remembers what you were dressed, they behaved like that speak. ... For such men - not just the physical contact. They are quite squeamish and selective, afraid to catch something so random links they are virtually absent. So, despite some "boring", the sign of the Virgin - a man faithful.

The balance under the patronage of Venus
Rating loyalty: 1

Scales - honest, attentive, be reliable friends and partners. Libra man - not invaders, they can break even in domestic matters when the situation is such that they can not or do not have time to adapt to it. They like to do nice, seduce, play, and in response they are waiting for praise, acceptance, approval and admiration. Libra man like stability and steadiness, so rarely cause changes and breaks relationships. If he will change, it will be caught on the fact that he himself is not comfortable.

Scorpio: very-very lover?
Rating loyalty 3

It is believed that it was the Scorpions - the best in bed. Scorpio men do not need access to: the less accessible and understandable, the better, the more interest, more excitement. Scorpions has two components - the soul and the flesh. Most often he uses it a second, but the access to the shower to be earned. These two components are constantly in conflict: the soul wants to be true, but the flesh is ... Well, you know where she's calling. Therefore male Scorpio is the most incorrect of the signs of the zodiac. Yet Scorpios marry, and if it really happened, you are lucky: he protects his home and family as a fortress.

Sagittarius - he and Africa Sagittarius
Rating loyalty 3

The name plate is very harmonious and in tune with his carrier. Sagittarius man - lifelong experimenters, and it does not matter that it will open or will be - the process itself is important. They want to try everything. However, they are of two kinds: the first redirect their energies to ... creation, creativity and service to others; while the latter are true Don Juan. And for the love of the representatives of the sign - it is a sport, a game, an adventure. Marry Sagittarians when realize that ideal partner does not exist and must be content with what we have.

Capricorn - that is real stability!
Rating loyalty: 1

Capricorns are very difficult to fall in love, but if it happened, their love is very deep. Capricorns do not particularly know how to express their feelings, they do not romance, but it does not prevent them to create strong relations. If Capricorn love a woman, you can be absolutely sure that he will not commit adultery, and divorce from the refuse. Capricorn is not necessary to conquer the sophisticated clothes or make-up miracle, it is rather conservative, and the usual classic suit appreciate much more clown outfits. Capricorn married practical, thrifty and industrious. The same attitude and it requires from a partner.

Aquarius: freedom - our everything!
Rating loyalty 3

Aquarians are not used to asking for, so if you want a relationship with them, take the first step, and it will take a leap forward. Aquarians are often - Monogamous, so faithful in marriage. They trust your partner, do not control them, and often compromise. But, paradoxically, among Aquarians are very frequent divorces. And there is so because the partners believe that Aquarius other does more than for the family. Aquarius can take when it senses that its "tied to the house." He had long prepared plan of retreat, but happens all at once, according to the plan "went to buy bread in slippers and did not come backĀ».

Pisces: sensual and emotional
Rating loyalty: 1

Male fish are soft and kind, able to dream and to empathize. Love comes to them quietly, eventually matures and develops. These are the representatives of the zodiac that can read poems and sing serenades under the window. But, as we know, the same coin always has two sides. The second is that, instead of lofty feelings and emotions fish often choose extremely fun. But the married man Pisces - the most attached and faithful, do everything for the family.


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