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To date, no surprise a variety of diets, but not everyone is aware of the dietary the horoscope, that is astrodata. This is the advice of nutritionists, selected by the biological characteristics of each zodiac sign separately. Each representative of a sign needs his personally chosen "star diet" that will help solve health problems and effortlessly to lose weight.

Here consider, for example, rapidly growing weight of the Calf, it is absolutely contraindicated to go on a strict diet, because there is a possibility to cause great harm to the body. But if this sign of the zodiac to limit eating sweet and starchy foods, can soon see a positive result. So study diet for your zodiac sign and drop weight with health benefits.

RAM. Aries, strong and stubborn in fact mark, it is almost impossible to limit in the food, vegetarian with him no, but he is not suffering. According to nutritionists, the Rams, who lead a fairly active lifestyle, don't have anything to limit myself, and it's not just food. The main rule of astrodata – you need to be careful when selecting food to avoid being poisoned and not to overeat.
The most vital ingredient for Aries is the protein, great content of which can be found in vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, nuts and legumes, and also cereals, it is necessary to highlight that buckwheat. Since Aries still herbivorous creature he will be extremely useful dill, parsley, green onions and spinach, which will supply the body this sign of the zodiac essential vitamins.
Aries, like all the other signs of the zodiac should not lean on food in the late evening, but basically the meal should be after noon. Aries need to be careful with coffee, it undermines his nervous system, so the consumption of this drink should be minimized.
If Aries decides to do a fasting day, the stars recommend to move it to Tuesday. This sign is by nature the fighter and he can take fast that others can't. But only from this act on its shape and health is not affected, so a strict diet for him is meaningless.

Taurus. Proper nutrition is very important for Taurus, it will help him feel good and avoid health problems. Especially the Calf must restrain himself in eating a quantity of sweets, everything they are incredible sweet tooth.
For metabolic processes in the body of the Bullock is responsible vitamin a, found in liver, regardless of pork, beef or cod.
As most representatives of this sign have an issue of swelling, the stars recommend to consume spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, onions and radishes, is green, this will take excess water from the body. Other products from Taurus should pay attention to those that do not undergo long-term heat treatment. Should give preference to the food steamed as vegetables or overcooked meat.
Follow the diet according to the zodiac signs, Taurus need to forget about fatty sauces or fried crispy crust. People born under this sign, in fact, can not tolerate any restrictions, especially diets. And if Taurus will go hungry, entourage will see what he is grumpy and angry. The bull can reach a rapid effect only by using the hourly power mode, he's not a heavy meal before noon and last evening meal at least six hours before bedtime.

Twins. For such zodiac sign as Gemini there is no set menu, they not need they are lucky in terms of food. They can eat anything, the important thing is not to overeat and stick to the norm. The twins are pleased that there are no strict taboos in food.
The representatives of this zodiac sign have a very fragile nervous system and immune system. To get back on track they need to pay attention to food with a high content of calcium – milk, cabbage, yogurt, vitamin C – citrus fruits, blackcurrants, kiwi fruit and green onion, and sodium chloride – beets, asparagus, green peas and carrots.
Since Gemini is frequent health problems and not to aggravate the situation, severe dieting and fasting to them is strictly prohibited. But there is one rule when you run, which the Twins not only do not lose the physical form, but also rejuvenate the body. This diversity in food, they should from time to time to change your diet, not staying on the same products.
But if the Twins have a few extra pounds, will help them 4 meals a day with a total weight calorie 1200 kcal.

Virgin. Virgo is very respectful of their health compared to other zodiac signs, they are learning healthy food and useful properties of products. The most vulnerable places the representatives of this sign is the stomach and the intestines, so the main thing is not to overdo it.
According, diet the signs of the zodiac, Virgo should avoid meals that are difficult to digest, such as various canned food, smoked food, strong coffee and spirits. More vitamins to consume and any meals with a high content of hydrocarbons. Look to products rich in protein like veal, almonds, cheese and cottage cheese together with a variety of cereals and breads with bran or whole wheat.
If you went on the trail of a war with fats, do not need to abandon vegetable oils. Also how useful fruits, vegetables and greens you do not have to tell. And you shouldn't blame yourself for a wrong you think food. To the virgin to quickly see positive results from the diet, it is necessary to eat separately, for example, Shelton and to stop often to change the diet. Another huge plus for her body will become vegetarianism.

Cancer. In the Crayfish diet includes food that affects the water-salt balance of the body. It's supposed to involve calcium – milk, cheese, seaweed, cheese, crawfish and even lobster. Especially for this kind of food will suit the taste of lovers of dairy products, only do not cost much for them to lean.
Diet zodiac Cancer offers has a great variety of greens, such as cabbage or regular fruit and vegetables contain lots of water – cucumber, watermelon, zucchini, plums and melons. Since Cancers often suffer from diseases of the stomach and have a sensitive nervous system, they are encouraged bread only wholemeal and healthy tea with lemon, but without the cookies and candy.
Cancers are big foodies and will not stick to a diet if it is not to their taste. Representatives of this sign you can try fashionable now cheating or the Mediterranean diet with different exciting recipes.

Lion. The main rule for the lions – never sit at the table in a bad mood, because this zodiac sign is the metabolism depends on an emotional level. The food in this state will not bring any benefits, but lemons, walnuts and almonds, the salad will have quite the opposite effect on the nervous system. And for better blood circulation suitable egg yolks, natural yoghurt and cheese.
But prone to atherosclerosis Lions it is not necessary to consume animal fats and sweets, which a lot of the same fats. The representatives of this zodiac sign should consume foods satisfy hunger for a long time, such as oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, stew, soup and vegetable soups. For snacks, ideal for dried fruit and citrus, French fries are not similar, but use a lot more.
As the lioness is still a predator, they disagree with vegetarianism, and the more prolonged fasting. If we have to choose a diet for weight loss, only Royal. Pay attention to such as the Mediterranean diet, the Kremlin diet, or a favorite of the Clintons – presidential. And no experiments on his body, any diet should take place under the watchful eye of a nutritionist.

Scale. Optimists Libra always hope that effortlessly overweight myself somewhere to go. But as strange as it never acts, and diets are not as bad as they seem at first glance. Even for those who have a slow metabolism, don't have to exhaust your body does not need a hunger strike and should just listen to the nutritionists and they will advise what and when to eat.
For some time to remove from your diet spicy sauces, exotic seasonings, and sophisticated dishes and desserts, without which you cannot live. Should look to more simple food with lots of vitamins and various nutrients.
In the menu should include fresh vegetables, brown rice with buckwheat, seafood and raisins with figs. Especially good effect on the body of the representatives of this zodiac sign Friday Apple fasting days. Diet the signs of the zodiac implies that you should not abandon the vegetarianism, it is very useful for Scales.

Capricorn. This zodiac sign always suffered from diseases associated with the stomach, which digest seasonings, fatty foods, different sauces and alcohol is hard enough. For Capricorn the perfect diet four times a day and no sandwiches between meals. Mandatory food should consist of such products: fish, cheese, cereals, quartering meat and pasta, but only durum. Of liquid dairy products is to consume yoghurts and bio-yoghurts.
Since Capricorn is the representative of the earth element, all grown in the earth will bring huge benefits to the body. It's raw vegetables, especially radishes, peppers, beets and carrots, garden fruits, and not purchased and greens. Nutritionists recommend this zodiac sign to look to strict but simple diet, counting calories and severe itemized menu.
Astrodata for Capricorn includes a separate food or interesting diet where alternates carbohydrate food. And should try to fast, so refined not only the human body but also the soul.

Scorpius. This sign sure that any diet, regardless of components, this violence on themselves. But nutritionists have produced a diet specifically for Scorpions, which include seafood, lean meat, stewed poultry and beef liver. To garnish use only fresh vegetables like onion, radish, cabbage, asparagus and garlic, and for dessert you can indulge yourself with fruits and natural yogurt.
To Scorpio feel cheerful only need to drink a glass of fresh juice or good and not cheap mineral water. And from these beverages eyes will sparkle lights no worse than a Martini or Baileys that really like the opposite sex.

Sagittarius. The archers fall similar to the Taurus in terms of food, they do like to eat well, but also quickly gaining weight. Therefore this zodiac sign need to carefully choose food. Although Sagittarius and not a fan of just milk, it is extremely necessary. Wholesome eating will be the liver, a variety of vegetables and sprouted wheat, but heavy meat food with a high fat content it is better to remove from the diet.
And after fatty foods, pickles, spices and, of course, all sweet. You should pay attention to fruits with vitamin C. For Sagittarius vital vitamin P, which is contained in parsley, potato and sorrel, these products should be in almost every dish.
If the Archer has problems with excess weight, it is necessary to divide all products into two types – useful and harmful figures. And then he will easily be able to keep your body in perfect shape, just no snacks and various sandwiches in the evening, especially before bedtime.

Pisces. Fish suffering from extra pounds should add in the diet of eggs, lean meat, nuts, fish and cheese. Also to avoid raisins and raw vegetables that contain iron phosphate. But as fish it, and there are slaves, it is necessary to increase the use of marine products such as seaweed, mussels and shrimp. The representatives of this zodiac sign need to eat iodized foods like radishes, almonds, radish and beef liver with buckwheat.
But if the Fish are planned to seriously go on a diet, pay attention to soup diet or do fasting detox day consisting of spinach, watercress and lettuce. Select a specific day of the week for this diet, and you will always enjoy its excellent physical form.

Aquarius. Nutritionists have cooked up a truly healthy diet for Aquarius. It is a large amount of fresh fruits, vegetables and of course seafood. This list of products should be in the diet of Aquarius, and for delicate and problematic of the stomach is to add dairy products and greens.
To lose weight, the representatives of this zodiac sign should abandon baking instead of sugar use honey. Meat should always be on the table, but only diet like white chicken or baked fish. Another important rule for Aquarius is to drink plenty of water and no desserts, and even bread in the evening hours.



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