Features a gluten-free diet: what can and can not

Ten years ago, when I urgently had to learn the basics of a gluten-free diet, in the broad medical community about its effectiveness with the exception of the treatment of the disease zelikova spoke with great doubt and skepticism. However, the saying "Time will tell" once more proved his innocence. Time has shown and gradually puts everything in its place.

For my family this diet then played a decisive role. As often happens, a very good reason — the health of the child, called for such actions. As a matter of urgency was learned by heart (not my native language) all the principles of the diet, giving hope for a cure.

In this article we'll talk only about the gluten-free diet, part of BGBC diet, deserving of much conversation.

The first question facing us was — "where to start?" and "Where to go for advice?" Must say thanks to the Internet. Thanks to modern electronic library building diet, over time, ceased to seem an insurmountable obstacle. Today it was my turn to share with you the main provisions of the diet.

Where to start?1. Define the boundaries of the possible in the dietIn a gluten-free diet allows the following foods:

1. Vegetables and fruits

2. Fresh meat, poultry, fish (without breading and not aged in the marinade)

3. Fresh eggs

4. Beans, beans, nuts and seeds in their natural form (not processed)

5. Most dairy products (except buttermilk and yogurt with additives, including food starch)

6. Gluten-free grains and starchy foods (including bread, pastries and pasta from them). These include the following:

  • Amaranth (Amaranth)
  • Flour from underground shoots or rhizomes of arrowroot (Arrowroot)
  • Buckwheat (Buckwheat)
  • Potato starch
  • Corn flour (Corn flour and cornmeal)
  • Corn starch
  • Flax seed
  • Gluten free flour (rice, brown rice, corn, potato, coconut, almond, oats (labeled gluten-free), soy and legumes, buckwheat, tapioca, amaranth, flax seed)
  • Corn grits (Grits)
  • Quinoa and flour from it
  • Oatmeal labeled "gluten-free"
  • Millet (Millet)
  • Soy
  • Sorghum (Sorghum)
  • Rice (any)
  • Cassava (Tapioca)
  • Teff (Teff)
2. Calculated forbidden foods. Gluten "explicit" and "hidden".With "explicit" is more or less clear. It is contained in cereals such as:

  • wheat,
  • rye,
  • barley
  • oats are also included in the forbidden list because of its high degree of contamination.
You must give up all products made from these grains, namely:

  • bakery products,
  • cupcakes, cookies,
  • pastries, cakes,
  • crackers
  • pizza
  • all kinds of test
  • pancakes, pancakes,
  • all of the pasta,
  • bran,
  • porridge made from these grains, including "Hercules" and "Artek",
  • and also the flour from these grains
  • meals breaded..
You also have to exclude all meat products: burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and other deli products because of the danger to the presence of gluten additives. (hydrolyzed wheat protein). Soy products -meat substitutes — as a rule, there is gluten. Only in the case where the manufacturer indicated on the package (or you find out from other sources, for example the forum celiacs) that the product does not contain gluten, it can be considered "clean".

Gluten can also hide in foods, at first glance unrelated to cereal. Learning to recognize sources of hidden gluten, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of the diet.

These include the following:

  • candy
  • medication
  • ice cream
  • morning Breakfast cereal (unless it is specified that does not contain gluten),
  • croutons,
  • fries (industrial production),
  • sauces( including soy sauce),
  • salad dressing,
  • mayonnaise,
  • crab sticks,
  • meat products from the deli Department
  • rice precooked with spices and seasonings,
  • chips with spices and seasonings,
  • soups (industrial production)
  • bouillon cubes,
  • vegetables with sauce,
  • beer
  • vodka, not subjected to distillation

Some products listed require separate explanations:

  • Food starch (Food starch) may include both a safe corn, potato or tapioca, but also obtained from wheat. For this reason, it is better not to risk and to refuse such product.
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (Hydrolysed Vegetable Proten). Anything useful for us (especially our children) in this invention, food industry no. It can be called a kind of monosodium glutamate.
  • Vinegar, which is often prepared by distillation of cereals. Instead, you can use rice (has a nice soft taste), cider or wine.
  • Flavorings and extracts are usually alcohol composition, the preparation of which, as a rule, not without the forbidden wheat. They can be replaced by a zest of citrus or vanilla.
  • Caramel color (Caramel color) can be made from a variety of sources, as besplattered (corn, molasses, sugar or lactose), and problem — from barley malt or wheat starch. As to determine the precise source hardly anyone will succeed, that such products are of dubious origin, too, need to be excluded.
  • Dextrin (Dextrin) — organic compound from the class of polysaccharides obtained by heat treatment of starch. If you do not specify the source of starch, it is also better not to risk it. Dextrin from corn, potato, rice or tapioca are not dangerous. To further confuse would say that we meet often now on packages of maltodextrin made from corn, and therefore should not cause concern.
  • (Triticale) is a hybrid between wheat and rye, contain gluten. Sometimes found in composition multizlakovaya cereal and flour.
  • Rice syrup may contain in its composition of barley malt (glutinosus), and therefore can significantly distort the results of the diet.
  • Candy can also pose a serious danger. Often to avoid sticking sprinkle them on top of wheat flour. As a result, even those candy that, in its composition do not contain gluten (plain caramel, for example) on one of the last stages of the production process was transformed from a delicacy into a poison.
  • Coffee flavoured (including soluble) and coffee drink. About the beverage is clear — the label is usually indicated that the product prepared from barley. But surprisingly, coffee can also be dangerous. It lies in the free app taste additives — gluten.
  • Decaffeinated coffee can also be to the diet and not so much due to the impact of gluten (in this case it is not present), but because of the effects of chemicals involved in the process.
  • The fries, whether prepared at home or in catering, will be safe only when it is fried in oil, specially designed for this purpose. If its dip in the fryer, where it has been products with gluten (breaded pieces of chicken, vegetables or donuts, for example), the dangerous protein can move from the oil to the potatoes. Also if you are going to buy frozen French fries in the form of prefabricated, it is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients. Often (but not always) come across those that contain in their composition the forbidden flour.
  • Envelopes, they may contain glue made from wheat. Lick impossible, and sealing, use a wetted brush.
  • Plasticine (Play dough) may contain as a bonding of wheat starch.
In the early development of the diet was not easy to assimilate all this "gluten-free ABC". Therefore, when shopping, at first had to take for verification of a list of forbidden ingredients and literally to sweep the list composition on the labels of purchased products.Soon it became a norm of life. At the same time how useful it was succeeded to learn! Later managed to create your own list of commercially available allowed foods for gluten free diet of the child.

What if the label is not specified composition in Russian?In this case, you should try to read the fine print, to make the right gluten-free choices. In addition to the previously listed items cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats) any ingredient from the below list may also contain gluten, according to Jackson/Seigelbaum Gastroenterology group:

  • stabilizer
  • starch
  • emulsifier
  • flavoring
  • vegetable protein
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • malt, malt flavoring
  • vegetable gum
  • modified food starch and modified starch
About cross - "contamination"Oats and products thereof also fall under the ban. Despite the fact that the "problem" the protein in oats is present in less hazardous quantities, there is a risk of cross-contamination with cereals glutentergamemode, and possible "contamination" of their impurities in the recycling process at the same manufacturing equipment. For strict adherence to a gluten-free diet is necessary to buy only "pure" oats — on packing should be specified that the product does not contain gluten. Fortunately, it is not as hard as before. It has also been argued that "clean" oats from gluten by soaking it in water for 6-8 hours. Personally, I haven't managed to find neither in the scientific nor in the medical literature confirm this.

For the same reason of "cross-infection" is very important to monitor the "purity" of not only the products but also the process of cooking. For violations of the diet, not much will need one unwashed knife with crumbs of bread glutinosae can destroy all good intentions. It is very important to keep clean the working place and Cutlery.

Additional dietary requirements

As a gluten-free diet is also used for treatment of allergic and inflammatory conditions of the body, it is very important for effective it deystvuuschie from the diet foods that contain many synthetic additives, preservatives and dyes. The right application of diet in this case will be cooking at home from whole foods.

The basic rule of the diet – safety/”purity” of the purchased products. Follow the composition of everything that can get in the mouth.

I recommend to consider at the beginning of the diet:As practice shows, one of the common mistakes in following the BG diet becomes the “overload” of the body refined carbohydrates and overly-starchy foods (sugar, rice, potatoes, corn flour, starch, etc.). This “bias” can have a negative impact on the course of BG(Bq) diet and its result. A single recommendation here. Because we are all different, and the starting position before the diet is also different in each of us. I think it is important to notice that the more people took harmful glutinuous food, the longer his digestive tract was in a fevered state, the more likely to affect the “side” action excessively starchy and sweet foods from the BG diet and the more likely it is that you need the additional tactics of diet.

The diet, in which a large place is occupied by starchy-sweet carbohydrates, can be a lure for fungal and yeast infections (candidiasis), which is subsequently difficult to handle. Avoid unfavorable of the scenario makes sense to think about the passage at the beginning of the diet preventative treatment of candidiasis, and in order to strengthen the immune system to include in the diet a sufficient amount of animal products (eggs, chicken, meat, fish).

There are many cases when a decisive key to victory over the diagnosis were a model of food similar to the diet of the people of the Paleozoic era (no grains, potatoes, legumes, corn, etc.). The main emphasis in this diet is accounted for by legal BGBC sources of protein and fat.

What health risks can lead to a gluten-free diet?Diet inherently safe. However, the avoidance of cereals containing gluten, also means the elimination from the diet of essential sources of certain vitamins and minerals. People following a gluten-free diet may lack certain nutrients in their food (especially if it abounds not vegetables and grain crops, and bakery and confectionery gluten-free "pleasures of life").In the fall risk area:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Fiber
  • Thiamine (vitamin B1)
  • Niacin (vitamin B3)
  • Folic acid
For this reason, for greater certainty, it is recommended to connect the intake of vitamin preparations.

In the case of celiac sensitivity (important: missing the diagnosis of celiac disease, as confirmed by a negative test result is an autoimmune disease), nutritionists-experts advise not to switch completely to a gluten-free diet, but only to reduce the consumption of gluten. Thus to facilitate its absorption by the body recommended glutenallergie every time before meal take a digestive enzyme (DPPIV) cleavage of the "problem" of protein. Thus you are depriving yourself of the vitamins contained in valuable crops and are exempt from the concerns of establishing a strict gluten-free diet. (For a case of early infantile autism to start have a strict diet). published


Author: Irina Blinkova-Baker

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption - together we change the world! ©

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