Gluten-free diet: how to lose weight without much effort. The extra kilos are melting before our eyes!

In pursuit of a slender woman's body often resort to radical methods. For weeks, starving, pace yourself workouts often get injured ligaments and joints ...

If you're not ready to be exhausted from the hard training and strict dietary restrictions, «Website» offers to your attention a gluten-free diet. It allows no harm to the body lose weight up to 5 kg for 2 weeks. Some celebrities have already taken advantage of it!

DietaBezglyutenovaya Gluten-free diet was developed by Arthur Agatston dietitian for people with gluten intolerance and allergies, but has been used successfully for weight loss.

The principle of supply with this diet is to remove from your diet foods that contain gluten protein (gluten), which causes slowing of metabolic processes in the body. Especially many gluten contained in wheat, rye, oats, barley, as well as products thereof. That is why often, eating oatmeal almost one, we have been unable to achieve the desired weight loss.

The advantages of a gluten-free diet are obvious: guaranteed weight loss with minimal effort, cleansing of the body, in the absence of calorie counting needs

. To kilos started to go away by themselves, sufficient to exclude from the diet products, gluten-free
Prohibited products with a gluten-free diet

wheat, barley, malt, rye, oats, triticale (hybrid of wheat and rye) cereals cereal with gluten, couscous, semolina bakery products prohibited cereals, cookies pasta ​​li> all types of fast food ( potato chips, instant soups) beer, gin, whiskey, vodka canned vegetables, fruits and salads, canned meat brew, instant coffee, flavored tea bags sausages, meat products fish meal (crab sticks, fish cutlets in breadcrumbs) ice cream, chocolates with fillings, caramel color li > shoplifting seasoning mixes, mayonnaise, ketchup

Approved products with a gluten-free diet

buckwheat, corn, rice, wheat nuts, seeds bean natural meat natural fish dairy products potato wholemeal bread flour without gluten (corn flour, rice flour, potato flour, soy flour) vegetables, fruits, olives, green eggs honey, cacao, homemade jam

Lean on Vegetables , they will speed up the process of losing weight and restock the vitamins! Remember that any diet works much better if you lead a mobile lifestyle.

Sticking to such a diet can be quite a long time without damage to the body. Moreover, going to a power supply system, you not only improve the shape in a short time, but at the same time improve your skin and hair.

Eat right and stay in shape! Share these tips with friends, to go together to the cherished goal.


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