The participants of "The Biggest Loser" before and after the show. Part 3.

The third part of the famous show "The man who lost the most weight».
Very pleased that people go to this show and try to change their lives.
Part 1.
Part 2.

Joaquin Alain

Starting weight: 198 kg.
Current weight: 156 kg.
Lost: 42 kg., 21.28%

Keighley Kinikiki

Starting weight: 105 kg.
The current weight of 81 kg.
Lost: 24 kg., 23.18%

Larermi Alain

Starting weight: 136 kg.
Current weight: 98 kg.
Lost: 38 kg., 27.91%

Jess Warne

Starting weight: 132 kg.
Current weight: 95 kg.
Lost: 37 kg., 28.33%

Arthur Warne


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