Obesity is a disease or not


Doctors from the United States believes that disease called obesity is impossible. They say that the word "disease" is full of people makes you feel doomed, and in this regard they are overweight simply stop fighting.

In June last year, the American medical Association declared obesity a disease. Such a label encourages people to give the minimum value of the diet, forcing to think that the situation is simply unchanged, and the attempts to lose weight will be just futile. Scientists claim that fat people who think their obesity disease, are the least likely to try to lose weight.

Specialists carried out the experiment, after which it was determined the following - of seeing your weight as a "disease", people themselves start to feel doomed, that is, they cease to be engaged in myself, turning to high-calorie food.

Participants of the experiment was 700 people, which were divided into 3 groups. Each was asked to read one or two articles about obesity. One article described overweight as a disease, while the other was neutral, while the third obesity as a disease, is denied.

Scientists have calculated the BMI of each participant, classifying them by weight. The results showed that messages about obesity had an impact on the attitude of all subjects to nutrition, health, weight. Mainly people who read the article stating that obesity is a disease in their answers paid the least importance to the diet, and also showed the least concern about excess weight in comparison with subjects from other two groups. They chose the most high-calorie snacks when they were asked to choose from a menu of sandwiches.

It turns out that talking about excess weight as a disease, the so-called "patient" starts to go in the opposite direction from the correct and healthy food. Thus, perhaps soon, scientists will revise my opinion regarding the disease of overweight


Obesity Teens calories is not involved. The results of these studies scientists have proven that adolescents are obese in reality eat much less than their peers with normal body weight. Researchers from the University of North Carolina (USA) in chapel hill destroyed earlier findings that obesity in adolescents is caused by excessive consumption of high-calorie foods. At a younger age do children consume more calories (about 200 calories a day), but after reaching

Obesity changes the taste of food.People suffering from excess weight and feel a little different taste of food, than people with normal weight. The reason is that they lose sensitivity to sweet, reports the Daily Mail. These are the results of experiments conducted on obese mice, which was barely recognized sweet products. In the body of these rodents had significantly less cell associated with the response to the stimulation of sweet taste. In addition, the reaction was much weaker. A similar situation was observed in the stimulation of bitter taste.

Source: globalscience.ru


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