Big party «Biggest Loser»

relatively recently in post-Soviet countries have become popular show for obese people. Only a few weeks the project participants bring their weight back to normal, and completely change your eating habits and lifestyle. TV project was born in the West. There it is called «Biggest Loser» and enjoys a wide popularity. Today we want to introduce you with the "big" party «Biggest Loser».

1. The weight of the participants show the West never was small and ranged from 90 to 180 kilograms. But all of them were far from Kevin Moore ...

2. Family and friends often called him "Big Kev". In the project the young man came to the weight of 254 kilograms 7. Participant with the weight of the show has never been.

3. For comparison, the weight is equal to the weight of the male two-door refrigerator, a fully completed product.

4. Prior to the show daily ration Kevin looked something like this. At breakfast - nothing.

5. In the afternoon - chicken schnitzel ... 73,020,614

6. Or meat pie with a large portion of potatoes, fried ... 52,078,394

7. Alternatively, Chinese cuisine.

8. After lunch, Kevin always drank two liters of Coca-Cola.

9. Dinner - a large portion of spaghetti with two kinds of sauces (bolognese and tomato) ... 45,628,281

10. A pair of bags of candy ... 80,141,770

11 per liter of Coca ... 98,603,611

12. A couple of cups of ice cream.

13. An alternative Sundae sometimes had a big stack of chips.

14. Sport boy never keen.

15. The organizers of the program completely changed the eating habits of the Big Kev. Now his breakfast consists of protein omelet with a little bacon and green onions.

16. In the afternoon - a light snack canned tuna.

17. Lunch is not more than two hundred grams of chicken salad.

18. On the dinner portion of 200-250 grams of food rich in protein and vegetables. Occasionally resolved sweetness with low calories. In addition, during the day, Kevin is obliged to carry out their own housework and walk for at least forty-five minutes. The show has only just begun, and while it is not known whether the youth withstand all prescription and change dramatically.



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