20 famous losers (20 photos)

Antonio Salieri

Salieri fell victim to black PR for many years before the invention of the term. The world knows him as a mediocre composer who envy poisoned genius. Lawyers and psychiatrists have even the term "Salieri Syndrome" - a crime committed on the grounds of professional jealousy. Surely such glory, he would prefer to complete oblivion. In fact, Antonio Salieri was the conductor of Italian opera company in Vienna, one of the founders of the Vienna Conservatory. His works were staged in almost all the opera houses of the world. Among his pupils - Beethoven, Liszt and Schubert. Contemporaries claimed that Salieri was a good man. When he died, his teacher Gluck, he took care of his children. Shortly before his death he became ill from a mental disorder. In one of the attacks, and he said that poisoned Mozart. When regaining consciousness, Salieri learned of his "confession", it was terribly frightened and began to give up what has been said. At the trial in the Milan defense was able to prove his innocence. Until his death in rare moments of enlightenment Salieri repeated: "In everything I confess, but I did not kill Mozart." In vain, the history of this dear man came as a jealous loser.

2. Robert Scott

English explorer of Antarctica, Scott had no polar experience, when in the years 1901-1904 went on an expedition that opened the peninsula of Edward VII, Trans-Arctic mountains and explore the land of Victoria. The first expedition was successful, apart from the fact that Scott did not know how to handle the sled dogs, bought in Russia, and on the way back the dog decided to die from severe life. When he returned, Scott received a gold medal from the Geographical Societies of England, America, Denmark, Sweden, and in 1911-1912 to conquer the South Pole. Jan. 18, 1912, breaking hundreds of kilometers of the ice shell, the British reached their goals. Already on the way they saw the pole with the Norwegian flag: three weeks before them at the southernmost point of the planet had visited Amundsen.

Disappointed Scott turned back, but from the icy wilderness, no member of the expedition never returned. Eight months later, the rescue party had found their bodies. Scott did not reach the warehouse with the provisions of 11 miles. In the suicide note, "The message to society," he writes: "The causes of the disaster are not caused by shortcomings in the organization, but bad luck in those high-risk enterprises, which we dare." According to legend, Scott owns motto imposed Kaverin in the epigraph "Two captains", but pronounced it the researcher in a somewhat modified form: "To strive, to seek, to find and not to not give up».

3. Kerry Packer

The richest Aussie Packer is considered one of the most unlucky player in the world. Along with Arab sheiks and arms dealers, he is on the list of 150 gambling whales, which every major casino is happy to provide a credit line up to $ 5 million. The media tycoon, whose fortune is estimated at $ 3, 73 billion., Can afford to be a player, unlucky. On average, 4 times a year Packer arrives in Las Vegas, where he plays for high stakes betting on $ 100-150 thousand. At first, he was lucky. In May 1995, he won in blackjack almost $ 19, 5 million. After one of the big wins tycoon gave 500 employees the casino tips worth about $ 1, 3 million. On another occasion, he gave $ 120,000 to tea waitress carrying a tray of cocktails. But soon the tide has turned against him, he began to play, and was known as one of the most famous "player" in the world. Packer has established a kind of anti-record in 2000, when for a few visits to Las Vegas has lost about $ 40 million. About half of this amount, he squandered baccarat for three days.

4. Sisyphus

Sisyphus, the son of the god-ruler of the winds and storms of Aeolus, the god of death managed to inflate Thanatos and it was severely punished. In the afterlife Sisyphus - the eternal loser, he is convicted racking the high steep hill a huge stone that every time this top rolls. That he Sisyphean task - futile and brings joy the work that has to do every day. Well, not for us to tell you ...

5. Pierre Richard

Pierre Richard Maurice Charles Leopold Defey, a descendant of the ancient feudal family, glorified image of the unlucky Frenchman Francois Perrin, who brushes his teeth and shaving cream wears different shoes. In the life of Richard probably the exact opposite of his character. The more failures fell on the head of the hapless Perrin, the better things went at Richard. Although the peak of his fame came in the 80s, the actor can not complain - earned royalties allow him cheerfully indulge in winemaking in his own castle Chateau Bel Eveque in the south of France.

6. Pete Best

Beatles managed to fly out of six months before their triumph. In 1960, before the Beatles was a question of finding a drummer. The choice fell on Best, who had two advantages - Mom (the mistress of one of the most popular clubs in Liverpool) and its own drum kit. In 1962, the famous producer George Martin listened to the boys, but Pete liked it categorically. John and Paul got rid of Pete, replacing him with Ringo Starr. Recorded in the new composition of the single Love Me Do occupied 17th place in the British charts. Ahead were decades of worldwide Beatlemania. Pete Best mortally offended and became ... a baker. He tried unsuccessfully to make a career in music and consoled five-minute fame, giving numerous interviews to the early years of the Beatles and releasing abusive book "The Beatles: The True Beginning". His group still performs cover versions of Beatles.

7. The Eternal Jew (Ahasuerus)

The hero of the Christian Apocrypha, Jewish wanderer, condemned by God to eternal life and wanderings of what Christ has not given a rest (in another version, hit it) on the way to Calvary. It was clearly not his day, because since the Wandering Jew was doomed to wander up to the Second Coming of Christ. Each time, reaching a hundred years old, he is sick strange disease, then recovers and comes back to the same age, which was the day of the death of Christ.

8. Christopher Columbus

On the one hand, the great navigator was able to make the greatest geographical discovery, on the other - it is about him never found, and he discovered the mainland was named in honor of Amerigo Vespucci. Isabella, queen of Castile, Columbus promised that he would become governor of any of the lands that are open. However, the role of administrator of the newly discovered lands as it failed in the end, he was suspended from his duties and sent back to Spain in chains. However, among the Spaniards appearance of the famous traveler, in chains, it caused such outrage that the government was forced to release him immediately. Shackles were removed, but mortally offended admiral until his death did not part with them and ordered them to put in a coffin.

9. David Buick

David Danbor Buick from his youth showed remarkable inventive ability, he received thirteen patent certificates every tap of things, including the Watering unit c rotating head for spraying water verhneraspolozhenny cistern for a toilet, and a new technology enameling cast iron bathtubs, which is used today. He could become a multimillionaire, but he had the idea to sell the plumbing business for some $ 100,000 and do internal combustion engines. Project car turned out good, but inexperienced in business Buick was unable to use it. His partner Whiting met with the founder of "General Motors" W. Durant and has agreed with the merger. From the David in the "General Motors" escaped. Later he confirmed his reputation as a bad businessman, went bankrupt trying to create other car companies, worked as a clerk in the province. In 1929, all the forgotten poor, he died of cancer, and cars, wore his name, were sold in the meantime thousands and were known to every American. After the death of David Buick robbed again using the factory as emblems of his family crest.

10. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Future classics of world literature fate is not spoiled. In 1570, he landed on the war with the Turks in the naval battle of Lepanto (1571) lost his left arm, was nicknamed Cripple from the Levant. On the way home Cervantes was captured by pirates and sold into slavery Algerian Pasha, where he stayed for 5 years. Four times tried to escape, but always unsuccessfully. In 1580, Cervantes was ransomed by the missionaries and returned to Madrid, where he engaged in literary creativity. Literature brought meager income, forcing Cervantes to move to Seville, and to become an agent for the procurement of supplies for the fleet. Later, he entered the service as a collector of arrears. For 6 years, cast the civil service, three Cervantes found himself in prison. In 1602-m, while another imprisonment in the Seville prison, Cervantes wrote the novel "The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha." He created a crazy loser Don Quixote brought fame to its creator.

11. Maid Mobius

According to legend, he invented the famous Mobius strip is not Augustus himself Ferdinand Moebius, a German astronomer and mathematician, and his maid, who due to bad luck properly stitched collar shirt scientist thus entered into history. Subsequently, many scientists have used the principle of the Möbius strip, for example, tapes, connected in such a way records sound on both sides.

12. Hans Christian Andersen

In the privacy of Andersen (1805-1875) was not lucky. Storyteller treated women as something unattainable and died a virgin. He was often seen calling at brothels - he met with prostitutes, but was limited to just talking. Tall, thin, with small eyes, a huge nose and long arms - so looked the man who wrote "The Ugly Duckling." Friends teased him orangutan. Andersen loved children, believing that only the pure creation of his understanding. However, children in the form of a storyteller often frightened and began to cry. The last years of his life Andersen almost never left the house, staying in a deep depression. Of the 156 fairy tales written by Andersen, 56 ends with the death of the hero. In 1872 it came to light last tale "Auntie Toothache." Andersen seriously believed that the number of teeth in the mouth influences on his work. In January 1873 Hans Christian lost his last tooth and immediately stopped writing.

13. Ed Wood

Ed Wood - one of the most odious figures in Hollywood. Two years after his death, he was officially recognized as the worst director in the history of cinema. The paradox is that Edward loved movies more than life. Become a genius prevented him only the absolute mediocrity. Starting his career in the 50s, Wood filmed low-budget horror movies and cheap pornolenty. He had original views on the director. Any man in the street he saw a brilliant actor. He always had enough of one single take, and even if the actor in the frame foot touched the green carpet, personifying the grass, Ed said, the movie is still in itself - a convention. In order not to spend money on costly nature, he took a friend's editor location filming pieces which were not included in the other picture, and mount them in their films. Ed Wood died in 1978 in abject poverty. After the death of the director became a cult figure, his work is studied in American film schools, and the famous "Plan 9 from Outer Space", awarded the title of "the worst movie of all time" appears in the "X-Files" as a favorite movie Agent Mulder. In 1996, Wood's fans created a virtual "heavenly Church of Ed Wood» (www.edwood.org) under the slogan "Ed died for their art, we live through him." In the same year he went devoted to "the worst director of the world" a film by Tim Burton.

14. Woody Allen

Woody Allen, has collected an incredible crop of "Oscar", "Golden Globe" prize IFF, sometimes calls himself an ordinary loser and recalls how he was expelled from the first year kinofakultet NYU as incompetent. This coquetry. Exploiting the image of a chronic loser, reflective and intellectual Jewish-bespectacled nerds, Allen has achieved great commercial success.

15. Bernard Asher

Frenchman Bernard Asher (r.1951) hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most unlucky person in the world. In the year and a half, he fell and broke his hip. Later - a fall from a bicycle and head trauma. Since Usher wrung his hands and feet, she fell under the wheels of cars virtually uninterrupted. It captures all the troubles and unhappiness, the number of which in 53 years has passed for 160. Only one month Bernard collapsed heap of failures: his house was struck by lightning, knocking out television, refrigerator and a food processor; a day burst radiator central heating and flooded several rooms; then on the highway in his car fell several gas cylinders was riding in front of the truck. Hardly Asher repaired car as it crashed into the car, which drove a drunk driver. On top of some drifter he killed himself in the cellar of his house. Asher wrote an autobiography, "Mr. accident", which states that does not feel unhappy.

16. Giancarlo Fisichella

It started in one hundred Grand Prix, but never won the race, earning the honorary title of the main loser, "Formula 1". The only victory to date Fisichella got him the most humiliating way. Race 2003 in Brazil took place in difficult weather conditions and because of the crash, Fernando Alonso ("Renault"), crashed into the car of Mark Webber ("Jaguar"), was stopped on the 55th lap. At the end of 53 laps Raikkonen was declared the winner ("McLaren"). A few days later the FIA ​​decided that the results still need to fix, as of the 54th round, and the winner was appointed Fisichella. It is noteworthy that immediately after the race, when the pilots put their cars in boxing team, "Jordan" Fisichella caught fire, so to continue the race another lap, Giancarlo would have gone the distance.

17. King Midas

When Dionysus was the god of fertility in the Cretan king Midas and invited him to fulfill any wish, the latter properly formulated TK, wishing that everything he touches, turns to gold. Cookies and a sandwich in his hands became gold. On the verge of starvation, mistakenly turning into a valuable ingot own daughter, Midas begged Dionysus hardly undo the magic. Then introduced an amendment - must be converted into gold, not all but only think about what media concept - Midas himself. But here, too greedy monarch was not lucky - flooded the country with gold, he caused a strong devaluation of the precious metal, gold has lost all charm, even for the poor. On the restoration of economic stability of the island took years.

18. Beck Hansen

This alternative rock prodigy can not be sorry for the lack of luck, nevertheless it is a song about a failure brought him worldwide fame. In 1993, Beck's single «Loser» scored the American airwaves: «I'm a loser, baby, so why do not you kill me?». He sang along washed-losers-obkurke and botany hard-nosed, golden youth and Bohemia. Sam Beck Hansen, miracle child, a child-trained father, conductor and arranger, playing guitar, banjo, harmonica, was thus in no way a loser, and young men without any problems. His father, David Campbell, has worked with Aerosmith, Leonard Cohen and Elton John - so join the muzindustriyu was written on the Beck family. Mother Bibby Hansen - the star of "Factory" by Andy Warhol. Although the roots of Beck's in the alternative pop culture even further: his grandfather Al Hansen - the famous avant-garde artist; He, by the way, brought in people Yoko Ono. Beck supported the creative traditions of the family, but decided to express in music. In 1991, the club concert Beck visited the owners of a small Californian label Bong Load Records, they liked what they saw ... and two years later «Loser» Beck made one of the most successful alternative rock stars. What he is now - 10 years and seven albums later - and still safely.

19. Eeyore

One of the most tragic characters in world literature. Hypochondriac, neurotic, melancholic and misanthropic. (However, with regard to the nature of the inhabitants of the book soon - mizzoon). Eeyore declared and nurtured his bad luck, resisting all attempts to establish near his life. For this, we love him.

20. Typhoid Mary

The strangest thing of all manifestations of evil fate is a "syndrome of John," that is such bad luck when a person becomes a cause of the tragic events, he remained unscathed. This syndrome is, of course, it was at the Typhoid Mary, the American maid, who was considered responsible for the epidemic, which killed 40,000 people in the early twentieth century. In 1906, several members of the New York families fell from typhus, soon spread to several districts.


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