300 free sites that will change your life for the better

The grand list of sites that will help you become better at their 300 dele.Vot very useful services that will help you find everything - from inspiration and Stock Photos to courses programming and email mailings.

→ Jobs and productivity ← Background music to focus on the job

Noisli : generator background noise. Noizio: The quiet sounds for relaxation and productivity. < / Defonic: The combination of different sounds in tune. Designers.m: Playlists collected by designers for designers. Avoid distractions

Self Control : Mac: free application to avoid distracting websites. Cold Turkey: Windows: temporary blocking distracting websites. organization and joint activities

Trello: Keeps a record of anything. Evernote: Workspace for all. Dropbo: 2 GB of storage, which can increase the free 16 GB, inviting new users. Wetransfer: Transfer files up to 10 GB. li > Drp.io: fast, free, safe and easy image hosting and files. Pocket: to view later, put it in Pocket (pocket). Mailtoself: Enhanced for iOS with the function of sending messages to myself from any application. List.ly: Explore the remarkable list. Markticle : You mark progress in reading articles to complete later. < Remote work

Nomadlist: The best city to live and work remotely. Where Nomads at: Search freelancers, traveling around the world. Nomad Jobs: Best distant work in startups. What's It Like: Tips when to travel. < /

Design + Code → ← and free design

Freebbble : Free design elements from Dribbble. Dribbble: Search by Dribbble request " freebie ». Treasure. Graphic Burger: An attractive works made with care for each pixel. Piel Buddha: Free and premium work for the professional community. Material Design UI Kit: works in the style of the material design based on guidance from Google. Premium Piels: Free Work for creative kids. Fribbble: Free Work PSD format from the users of the site Dribbble. Freebiesbug: Fresh free work for designers. 365 Psd: Download free PSD every day. Dbf: The best free work sites Dribbble and Behance. Marvel: Free work from designers we love. UI Space: High-quality work for the coolest people . Free Section of Pieden: Free operation. Free Section of Creative Market: Fresh free work on Monday. < / Teehan + La: interface iOS 8 format PSD (iPhone 6). Teehan + La: interface of the iPad format PSD. Freepik: Graphic elements for each. Tech & All: Free work, news and other information. li > Tethr: The most beautiful set of design elements for iOS. Color Picker

Material Palette: generator and export the palette of colors in the style of the material design. New Flat UI Color Picker: The best colors for the interfaces style flat. Flat UI Colors: Beautiful color style flat. Coolors: super-fast generator of color schemes for steep designers. Skala Color: An unusual selection of colors. Couleurs: A simple application to determine the colors that you see on screen . Material UI Colors: The color palette for Android, web and iOS-style material design. Colorful Gradients: Automatic creating gradients. Adaptive Backgrounds: dominant color from the image. Brand Colors: The colors used famous brands. < / Paletton: Create a color scheme. 0 to 255: A simple search tool shades of color. Colour Lovers: Create and share colors, palettes and Paterno. Adobe Color CC: color combinations from the community Kuler. Bootflat: perfect color style flat. He Colorrrs: converter of He in RGB. Get UI Colors: Search for suitable colors for the interface. Coleure: Smart choice of colors. Colllor: generator color palette. Palette for Chrome: Create a color palette from any image. Inspiration

MaterialUp: Daily Inspiration material design. FLTDSGN ​​ : The best works in the style of flat. < / Site Inspire: Inspiration Web design. UI Cloud: The largest collection of interfaces in the world. strong> Moodboard: Create beautiful boards mood (moodboard). Crayon: Inspiration for marketers. Land -Book: Gallery Landing. Ocean: design community for feedback. Dribbble: «Show and tell "for designers. Behance: The community of creative professionals from around the world. Pttrns: Inspiration for creating mobile interfaces . Flat UI Design: A collection of designs in the style of flat, thanks to Eric. Awwwards: Awards for design, creativity and innovation. The Starter Kit: for the programmers and designers. One Page Love: A collection of one-page Web sites. < / UI Parade: interface element. The Best Designs: The best of the web design. Agile Designers : The best resource for programmers and designers. Niice: Finder tasteful. Free Stock Photos

Stock Up: The best free stock photos from different websites in one place. Peels: The best free photos in one location. All The Free Stock: Free stock images, icons, and videos. Unsplash: Free (do that like) high-resolution photos. Splashbase: Search free photos and videos in high definition. Startup Stock Photos: Forward . Create something. Jay Mantri: Free image. Moveast: The journey of the Portuguese in the East. Travel Coffee Book: The beautiful moments of travel. Designers Pics: Free photos for commercial and personal use. Death to the Stock Photo: Monthly free photos to your email. Foodie's Feed: Free photos of food in high definition. Mazwai: Free video clips and photos. Jéshoots : This stylish modern pictures. < Super Famous: Photo Dutch designer Folkert Gorter. Picography : Free high resolution photos. Piabay: Free-quality photos. Magdeleine: Free-quality picture on every day. Snapographic: Free Stock Photos for personal and commercial use. Little Visuals: 7 high resolution photos to your inbox every 7 days. Splitshire: High-quality free stock photos. New Old Stock: Vintage photos from the public archives. Picjumbo: strong > Absolutely free pictures. Life of Pi: Free high resolution photos. Gratisography: Free high resolution photos. < / Getrefe: Free photos. IM Free: collection of free photos. Cupcake : Photos by Jonas Nilsson Lee. The Pattern Library: Free Paterna for your project. Public Domain Archive: < / New free stock photos. ISO Republic: High-quality free photos for creative people. Stokpic: Free pictures . Kaboompics: The best way to get free image. Function : Free packs of photos. MMT: Free Stock Photos by Jeffrey Betts. Paul Jarvis: Free high resolution photos. strong> Lock & Stock Photos: Free drains for you. Raumrot: Free high resolution photos. Bucketlistly: A collection of photographs from his travels. A little more sources: Free Digital Photos | Morguefile |


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