30 things that will change your life for the better

Each of us has at least once dreamed to change their lives. And someone thinks about it so often that it has become a habit. What prevents us to take the first steps right now? Sometimes we just do not know where to start. < Website publishes tips famous blogger Mark Chernoff, who will inspire you and outline the path to perfection.

1. Start spending time with the right people. These are people with whom you are pleased to communicate that love and appreciate you, and inspire change for the better. With such people you feel a craving for life, not only do they accept you for who you are, they unconditionally support your desire to get better.

< 2. Do not be afraid to face their problems. Man is characterized not his problem, and how it responds to them, and how to cope with them. The difficulties will not disappear as long as you do not start to operate. Solve the problem as much, moving in small steps, it is much better than doing nothing at all.

< 3. Be honest with yourself at all Be honest:. What about what is right and what needs to be changed. Admit that what you want to accomplish and who you want to become. Follow this rule in all spheres of life. Ultimately, you are the only person, who can always count on. Look in my heart the whole truth about themselves, it helps to understand who you are at this moment, who want to become and how to get there.

< 4. Put your own happiness in the first place. Your needs are very important. You harm yourself, when you stop to appreciate their needs, not to care for themselves and assert their rights. Remember that it is possible to meet their own needs and, at the same time, take care of the surrounding people. When satisfied with your personal interests, you will much easier to help those who are in need of you.

< 5. Be yourself and be proud of it Do not try to be someone else -. So you risk losing yourself. Accept their individuality, together with the ideas, strength and beauty, which no one else has. Become a better version of yourself - who you feel yourself

6.. Live in the present, noting each time What's happening right now -. And have a life. It's a miracle - what you can be sure. Stop thinking about how good it will be in the future. Do not think about what had happened or could have happened in the past. Learn to live here and now, appreciate the beauty of this world.

< 7. Appreciate the lessons learned from their mistakes. Errors common to all, thanks to them we grow. If you do not make mistakes - so you exert enough effort and do not learn anything. Take a chance, stumble, fall, but then get up and try again. Pushing herself forward, you learn, grow and become better. To the best achievements is often a long road of setbacks.

< 8. Be polite with them. If you had a friend who spoke to you as well as you allow sometimes talking to himself in thought, how long you have suffered such an attitude? The way you feel about yourself determines the attitude towards you of other people. If you do not love yourself, no one will do it.

< 9. Appreciate what you already have. Many people think that they will be happier when they reach a certain level of life, looking at other people: Chief of a separate study, your friend's friend who has a house on the beach, etc. But it can all work out life.. not being able to just stop and enjoy the fact that you already have. Therefore, in the morning after waking up, pay a little time understanding of where you are now and what we have achieved.

< 10. Start creating your happiness. If you are expecting that someone will make you happy, you are mistaken. You yourself can be the one to change the world. Be happy now, and let a positive attitude will open you the way to the future. Happiness is often found where looking for him.

< 11. Give a chance to your dreams and ideas. In life, often enough to get the chance, it is important to use it. You can not be 100% sure that you get, but if you do nothing, you are absolutely sure nothing happens. You just have to try: you either succeed or get an important lesson. In any case - you win

12.. Believe that you are ready for the next step. Are you ready! Think about it. Right now, you have all you need to do is let a small, but a real step forward. Do not miss your opportunity and accept the challenge - it will help you develop

13.. Make new acquaintances. to enter into relationships with reliable and honest people. Make friends with people who can be proud of who you respect people who show love and respect for you and reciprocate your kindness and helpfulness. Evaluate others by their actions, because they are often more important than words.

< 14. Give a chance to the new people you meet. It is regrettable, but it is impossible to maintain friendship with all your friends. People and priorities change. Old ties fade, but instead of new ones. Let go of old relationships that have outlived themselves, and give a chance to new acquaintances. Take a new relationship and be prepared both to the difficulties and to the fateful encounter that can turn your life.

< 15. Compete with yourself. You can inspire other people, you can learn from them, but to compete with them is useless. The only person with whom it should be done - it is you yourself. Set a goal to beat its own record - the only way you will be better than now

16.. I rejoice in the victories of others. Notice the achievements of other people and praise them for it. The realization that you are surrounded by amazing people, makes your life more productive, full and relaxed. Rejoice for those who achieve success and mark their victory. Sooner or later, these people will also be happy for you.

< 17. Try to find good even in difficult situations. When the going gets tough and you feel down, take a deep breath and look for at least a small ray of hope. Remind yourself that, having gone through difficult times, you will become stronger. Remember your blessings and victories that you have, not on what is missing.

< 18. Begin to forgive both yourself and others. Sometimes our actions and the actions of others can hurt hurt. Testing the pain - that's fine, but sometimes it takes too long. Again and again we are experiencing the pain, and just can not let go. Help can only forgiveness. This does not mean that we should forget the past, which means - to release the pain, learn a lesson and move on

19.. Helping people around. Take care of the people, help them with advice, if you know how best to proceed. The more you help them, the more likely people will help you. Love and kindness are certainly return.

< 20. Listen to the inner voice. You can discuss their ideas with their friends, but trust your instincts. Be honest with yourself, speak and do as you see fit. Follow the call of the heart.

< 21. Keep track of the level of stress and take breaks. Slow down the tempo. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to pause, consider the situation and move forward with fresh ideas. Short breaks help restore clarity of mind, and understand that all your actions were aimed at achieving the objectives.

< 22. Learn to notice the beauty in small events Instead of living in anticipation of major events -. Marriage, birth of children, promotion, winning the lottery - find happiness in the events that take place every day. A cup of coffee in the morning, great taste of homemade meal, the joy of what you just hold the hand of a loved one - notice such small moments, and life will change for the better

23.. Learn to accept things, even if they are imperfect Keep in mind: "Better - the enemy of good.". For those who want to change the world and ourselves for the better, it is very difficult to accept things as they are. Sometimes it is better to accept this world and the people in it as they have something to strive for the unattainable ideal. This does not mean you have to lead a mediocre life, we need only learn to accept things, even if they are imperfect.

< 24. Move toward your goals every day. Even a journey of a thousand kilometers begins with one step. What would you never dreamed of, move to the target small deliberate steps every day. Many think that would like to follow his vocation, but few have taken real action. Under the action refers to the constant moves progressively brings you closer to the goal.

< 25. Be open to their feelings. If you feel bad, give yourself time to go through it. Be more open to share experiences with loved ones. Tell them the truth about their feelings, let them listen to you. Release your feelings, and it will be a step towards the attainment of peace of mind.

< 26. Take full responsibility for your life. Accept their actions and mistakes and try to take steps to correct all the better. Either you take responsibility for your life for yourself, or it will make someone else. You - the only person who can control his life. It is not always easy, but if you do not, your life will become a mere existence.

< 27. Actively supports the most important relationships. more often say to those whom you love how much they mean to you. This fill your life with sincere joy. You may not mean a lot to everyone, but can be important to several people. Decide for yourself, who are these people, and treat them as the highest value. Remember, you should not have to be a certain number of friends, only those in whom you believe.

< 28 needed. Focus on what you can control. You can not change everything, but you can change anything. If you spend your time, talent and emotional energy that transcends you, sooner or later it will lead to frustration and suffering. Put your hand at something that can change, and do it right now.

< 29. Believe that everything will turn out. You must believe in what you can do something, even before you begin to act. To overcome negative thoughts and emotions, you need to call a strong and powerful positive. Listen to yourself, and replace the bad thoughts for good. You can not control everything that happens to you, but you can control your reaction. Will you be happy or not depends on what you are concentrating.

30. Realize how rich you are right now. Even when you have difficult, it is important to realize that all is not as bad as a whole. You do not go to bed hungry, you have a roof over your head. You always have clean drinking water, you can read, and you have access to the Internet. < For some, all this - an incredible wealth. Try to appreciate what they already have.

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