5 amazing facts about the brain that can change your life

Facts about the human brain that will change your life


Imagine that the brain is a muscle. And muscle can and should be trained. But unlike the biceps, it will not boldly and clearly inflated, but will remain in the same physical condition as it was prior to training. Simply your life will change for the better.

The first fact. For the brain anyway — the reality or imagination. For him these two concepts are identical.

The brain reacts the same way (in terms of past events) that you see, feel and fantasize about. That is, the event occurred in your life or you just came up with it – he perceives this and that, as the fact occurred. And if you realize this, you can easily heal themselves (in physical and psychological aspect), so-called placebo effect.

The placebo effect, is translated as "recover", i.e. get well. With the help of a completely harmless drug, plain water, or the installation can be cured. Yes, it's easier for people to believe in the pill, the panacea for all ills. Yes, and they are willing to trust the Professor in a white coat holding out a magic pill than myself. And this belief in the Professor and gives him a pill that the placebo effect, that is, the person recovers.

And the fact that it was a glass of water, Vitaminka and whether brewed chamomile – has no value. At the moment it is a panacea and it really helps. Do not look for professors with his magic, you need to trust yourself and believe in yourself. Become the doctor for themselves: create your own recovery and become healthy.

But the fantasy becomes a reality, only if you know for sure that it is a panacea. It is know not to believe. Especially if you have something to say or to do with unbelief, it is a waste of time. A headache, took "Advil", swallowed and after 20 minutes the headache was gone. Because you knew that the pain must undergo, it is a fact, otherwise, simply can not be. I assure you, if there was a common say – the effect would be the same.

But certainly with the same success it is possible to get sick. To attract disease, to absorb and become sick. If there is your promise to your brain — "I have wet feet and now I walk with a cold". I assure you – just keepeth. You decide – you to be healthy or sick.

You may have encountered people who look at the world through rose-colored glasses, which fly in the clouds and in the presence of many facts of sad (in your opinion) they are always in a good mood.

And I bet you've seen those about whom they say "throws a tantrum", "he does not understand what he wants", "he lives in the chocolate, and Angers God", that is all they have (again, from your point of view) is good and they are in sorrow. It's very simple, first experience the joy from their dreams, and the body produces hormones of happiness – endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

Second – do not produce hormones of happiness, and instead produce the hormone pain and misery – enkephalin.
And hormones, this is something tangible that you can (in the laboratory) to touch devices. That is, it was as if nothing, and became the hormones and treat or mutilate your body.
Remember Kashpirovsky, Chumak? And it worked same settings via the TV. Why? Because the man was treating himself with the help of the placebo effect.
Now, drink a glass of water with my installation (or rather your).


The second fact. What you see is what you think about most often.

In the life of billions of moments, but notice we are the chosen ones. We are selective approach to what to see. Here you go on the street and going forward all skinny girls. They are all thinner than you. Why? Because you're doing weight loss and choose them from crowd, but then, it's an extra 5 kg., They are for you as an incentive. Or Vice versa, you go and look around some fatties. Why? Because you're the same 5 pounds overweight, but you think you're normal, because all around fatter than you. The flow of people is the same, there are of skinny and bbw. But I see you only those who chose to see.

Man chooses what he can see. He sees, and so this confirms his inner spirit. Remember from the children's joke about the horse? The family had two sons, one a pessimist and the other optimist. My parents had money for only one gift for the new year, and they decided to please the son pessimist. And the son is an optimist and so will find anything to enjoy. They bought a wooden horse and put under the Christmas tree from Santa Claus for the pessimist and optimist put a pile of hay. And here's the pessimist cries, his artificial horse. And the optimist rejoices that he is alive - just now escaped. As you understand, no one from the outside, even very close and dear cannot force you to change the angle of view, neither one nor in the other direction. Only the man himself!

Everyone sees what he wants.

Although the word "want" here is inappropriate, correct to say – see what he programmed your brain. We don't want to go out of necessity, when the broadcast of the home football match, but go, because it is required by the body. It's not that we want this program. And what we see. We seem to not want to see, but see. We see, then, convinced of this. We can see bad and good can looking at the same situation.

The same day, but all see it differently. Even you yourself can see it in different ways, depending on which program included in the brain.

Looking outside the window slush, mraka, ravens croak, and then looked narrowly – spring is coming, the grass appears, the birds are singing. Look closely and you will see that the world has many bright and beautiful colors, even when others see only the dull gray tones.

It is very important to know! To get out of a stressful situation you can, if you reprogram your thinking.

Need to run a program that will show you good. Difficult, but nobody said it would be easy.

Give yourself installation on the positive and seek out those who have it already. Collect other people's stories, collect another victory. If they did, then would work for you. They could, then it's real. Remember the skinny women and fat Chicks? First, there must be a setting to "change what is", and a "will do" it is necessary to format. You agree that you're fat, poor, sick and unhappy. I do not agree! Then you collect the stories of those who are beautiful, successful, rich. Notice them around. Understand that a lot of them. Learn from the experience.

The main thing at this stage is not to give up the slack, and the slack is envy. Ask the right question, not "why did he get everything and I nothing?!, and "what do I need to do to be in the same or better?" And when the question is formulated correctly, your brain will tell you the answers. And the result will be that you will see around you successful, you may change your circle of friends, and as a result you will to see yourself successful. And most importantly, you will do so.


The third fact. A big part of life, the brain works on autopilot

The average human brain generates per day, about 60 thousand thoughts. Yes, generates, produces, creates, re-creates, but about 70% of the thoughts are the same as yesterday, i.e. the ones generated yesterday. What is the focus? In the autopilot. The brain remembered yesterday's program and today 70% of the day it was played. Even if you have a great message to change lives for the better, and yesterday you spent the whole day moping around, then unfortunately, you will still be depressed to a greater extent by 70% percent.

But, continuing to think about good things today, tomorrow moping you're already 50%. So, not far off the day when the brain is on the machine will generate the feeling of happiness. And to do this it needs to start coding right now, in this easy will help the first two fact.

The first is to learn, even on a bad day a good day. Second, even in a bad day to see the good.

Now, for example. You had a bad day and on top of that you got caught in the rain and wet feet. Came home, put the shoes to dry, and the legs take a steam. You can go into a deep tailspin and start feeling sorry for yourself and lament. . But tomorrow is a new day and he will be much better, but your brain will give practically today's program of bad luck and happiness will be abolished. But remembering the first fact you can run in the rain and visualize as you relax on the sea – sun, sea, beach, heat, Martini with a straw, etc... Yes, you'll still run in the rain, but you the body develop hormones of happiness. And remembering about the second fact, it is possible to run in the rain, but to see the good. But your head is dry, because you have taken the umbrella. Good for you. Take a steam foot – excellent! You are home, warm and out of the woods. You persevered and now you can relax, etc. So you can even in the bad luck to program the brain for good, naturally the brain will take negative, but to a lesser extent.

When it comes to bad luck, really helps to change the situation. They say to go somewhere to "clean" the brain to a new place start to run correct the autopilot. Indeed, in normal circumstances, where you caught up with difficulties, every thing, odor, word will return you in bad moments and you unwittingly will start the self-destruct program.

Negative thoughts create stress, even if the real causes are not. This so-called bad notion: "what if," "and again if" " and if I have the same." These "notions" really can reduce your immunity and you get sick if you "pull and ascribe to" his illness.

So, these "notions" will program the brain on the negative, and with this program you will work your autopilot. For example, you jealous, no reason to be jealous no, but you think they are.

The first fact you imagined and lost hormones of happiness, and began to produce hormones unhappiness. Total you are unhappy.

The second fact – you see a confirmation of infidelity, even when its in a priori, no, because you see what you want to see. You find a double meaning in the words, find fault with movies, songs, projecting other people's infidelity on his half (all women/men are the same), etc.

The third fact – 70% of the brain works on autopilot, and the autopilot is confident in the change of the second half or confident readiness to change. And tell me where such a relationship? When the reasons for unhappiness no, the man himself created them out of nothing and was really unhappy.

The most important thing is to learn to train your brain. Train for the good thoughts. Force the brain to register positive thoughts.

Fill autopilot good thoughts (first and second fact). The more and harder you train the brain, the faster and easier you will get. Because then the autopilot will start to work on your happiness, not Vice versa.


The fourth fact. Your brain must be turned off periodically

This does not mean that turning it off completely (it is impossible), all the functions to work body will work, you need to disable it thought. Of course, bad thoughts. How to do it, if they climb in a head? For this there are techniques like meditation, reading, affirmations (mantras are positive), yoga and many others.

Read the right book, watch the right film, then visit correct seminars and courses, talk to the right people. What is correct is difficult to say. Sometimes right now there will be those people who you "score" with their problems, sometimes those that will show/share my happiness with you, sometimes those who will not know about your problems and you will feel like a normal person. Usually it is the latter, are the things right at the moment for you. Not always grieve for a couple or chat with someone who knows about your troubles, but loudly amuses you is the best option. People tend to pity, but pity there will be harm.

What about the "right" seminar or courses. The best option, it does not mean to go on courses in stress management. But rather, best would be to go on a course on spices, or pizza. And books should not be filosofskimi, deep and psychological. Rather, the right book can be "a short course on the compilation of bouts-Rimes", for example. And the right movie can be a horror movie or Thriller. I came up with in Spain, the bullfighting, people look at the death of the other and forget about their troubles. In conclusion, we can say — do anything but do not spare yourself, do not think about their problems and focus on a completely alien to you in the moment situations.

Choose a proper rest, preferably active: skiing, diving, Hiking in the mountains. Let rest will be extreme and loaded with events. Do anything, as long as the process absorbs you completely, then negative thoughts will be difficult to leak into the brain. The more often you'll focus on those processes that physically occur now in your life, the more effective will be "cleaned" brains.

Start some process right now and you will see how quickly you go from a spin of negative thoughts. This process of "cleansing" the brain will give another very significant plus. You will be the winner. Either you conquer mountain tops, or would be a great Livingston, or you will receive a certificate, a kinesiologist and will continue to help yourself and others. You will have one more win and you can be proud of themselves.

You will realize that the world is beautiful and there's so much awesome and yet not covered. And you realize that to dwell on what cannot be changed, not just a waste of time, and the murder of your tomorrow is a happy day. Don't kill him! Let him be what he needs to be happy.

The fifth fact. The brain can change physically

Make the brain to generate new neural connections! Mental activity transactions. This process in the brain is called neuroplasticity. It works as follows. If you get hung up on the fact that I will never be able to buy a house, you will only strengthen this conclusion. And it will become a fact.

But if you are going to imagine, visualize to detail your home, and in the end will give the installation the brain, "I'll have your house!" your brain will begin to build to the idea of new neural connections. And neuronova communication, it is quite a material thing, that is, with matter. You will not notice how you will see new perspectives and opens new horizons. The brain as your personal universe to meet the desires, the result is sure to turn desire into reality.

In other words – will perform the installation. But, do not forget that not to say out loud the phrase, "I'll be all right!",but really, one hundred percent belief, that you will be all right, is installation. It's complicated, but it works! It is not necessary to speak and to believe, to speak and to know that for sure. Be happy!


Author: Victoria Stellmach

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

Source: kinesiovita.com/kineziologiya/fakty-o-chelovecheskom-mozge-kotorye-menyayut-vashu-zhizn


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