Lissa Rankin: the power of thought we can cure ANY disease!

Famous physician and scientist Lissa Rankin in his lecture at TED talked about the fact that she was able to learn over the years of study of the placebo effect. She honestly believes that our thoughts influence our physiology. And that with one mind we are able to recover from any illness.

Rankin found concrete evidence that our bodies have their own innate system of self-service and repair. She conducted a study involving 3,500 persons who received a diagnosis of an incurable disease: cancer, HIV, cardiovascular disease, etc. All of them had nothing to lose. They are already mentally said goodbye to life.

Lissa began to give them pills placebo. Only volunteers didn't know that: they thought, if they are given a new, ultra-efficient cure for their disease. And many of them managed to recover!

In his lecture, the doctor tells her about Mr. Wright, who with the help of pills placebo reduced the size of his cancerous tumors in half! It decreased only because he believed that it should decrease!


Here are the main points of the 18-minute talk.


Can consciousness heal the body? And if so, is there evidence which could convince the doctors skeptics like me?

I researched placebo in recent years of his career. And now I'm confident in that, and so, to me, has shown studies over the past 50 years: the mind can indeed heal the body.


The placebo effect is a thorn in the side of medical practice. That is the ugly truth, which could deprive physicians of the ability to produce new medicines, try new and new methods of treatment.


But I think that the effectiveness of placebo is good news. For patients, not for doctors, of course. Because it is hard proof that inside every body is hidden a unique, yet unknown to us the mechanism of self-healing. Maybe we gave it to God!

If you find it hard to believe you can study one of the 3,500 stories about how the people themselves, without medical treatment, got rid of the "incurable" diseases. We are talking about medical facts and not about the beautiful journalistic stories.

The fourth stage of cancer disappeared without treatment? HIV-positive patients became HIV-negative? Heart, kidney failure, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases — all of it was gone!


A great example from medical literature is the case of Mr. Wright, studied in 1957.


He was running a form of lymphosarcoma. Case the patient was not going well, time had little. He had a tumor the size of an orange in the armpits, on the neck, in the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The liver and spleen were enlarged, the lungs were recruited in 2 liters of turbid fluid every day. They had to be drained so he could breathe.

But Mr. Wright did not lose hope. He learned about the wonderful drug Krebiozen and begged my doctor: "Please assign me Krebiozen, and everything will work out." But this cure could not write in the study Protocol the doctor who knows the patient left to live for less than three months.

Doctor Dr. West couldn't do. But Mr. Wright was persistent and never gave up. He continued to beg for medicine, until the doctor agreed to appoint Krebiozen.

He's put a dose on Friday of next week. Hoping that Mr. Wright won't be until Monday. But at the appointed hour he was on his feet and even walk around the house. I had to give him medicine.

And after 10 days of tumor Wright decreased by half from the previous size! They melted away like snowballs in a hot oven! Took another couple of weeks after the start of Krebiozen they disappeared entirely.

Wright danced for joy like crazy and believed Krebiozen is a wonderful medicine that cured him.

He believed it for two months. Not yet published a full medical report Krebiozen, which said that the therapeutic effect of this drug has not been proven.

Mr. Wright fell into a depression, and the cancer came back. Dr. West decided to cheat and explained to his patient: "He Krebiozen was well cleaned. It was of poor quality. But now we have ultra-pure, concentrated Krebiozen. And that's it!".

Then Wright had been injected with pure distilled water. His tumors again disappeared, and the fluid from my lungs is gone!

The patient again began to have fun. All two months before until the Medical Association of America screwed it up by publishing the national report, which definitely proved that Krebiozen useless.

Two days after Wright heard the news, he died. Died, despite the fact that a week before his death he managed his own light aircraft!


Here's another medical case which looks like a fairytale.


Were born three girls. The baby was delivered by a midwife on Friday the 13th. And she began to say that all children born on this day, prone to damage.

"First," she said, shall die before her 16th birthday. The second — to 21 years. The third under 23.

And, as it turned out, the first girl died the day before her 16th birthday, the second to 21 years. And third, knowing what happened with the previous two, the day before his 23rd birthday in hospital with hyperventilation syndrome and asked doctors: "I will survive?". The same night I found her dead.


These two cases from the medical literature — a great example of the placebo effect and its opposite — the nocebo.

When Mr. Wright was cured distilled water is a good example of the placebo effect. You offer inert therapy — and it somehow works, though no one can explain it.

The nocebo effect is the opposite. The three girls who "jinxed" — a vivid example. When the mind believes that something bad might happen, it becomes a reality.

Medical publications, journals, New England journal of medicine, journal of the Medical Association of America, all of them full of evidence of the placebo effect.

When people say they give effective medicine, but instead administered injections of saline or give the pills with ordinary sugar is often even more effective than real surgery.

In 18-80% of the time people recover.

And it's not just that they think they feel better. They actually feel better. That's measurable. With the help of modern instruments, we can observe what is happening in the bodies of patients who took a placebo. Their ulcers heal, the symptoms of intestinal inflammation are reduced, Ponichala — expand, and the cells begin to look different under the microscope.


What is happening, it is easy to confirm!


I like research Rogaine. There is a group of bald guys, you give them a placebo, and they begin to grow hair!

Or the opposite effect. You give them a placebo, call it chemotherapy, and people are starting to tear! They have hair fall out! This is really happening!

But do these results only the power of positive thinking? No, said the scientist from Harvard Ted Kaptchuk.

He argues that the care and concern of patients from the health workers is affected even more than positive thinking. In other words, any sick person can recover only if the victory over the disease believes not only himself but also his relatives, and his doctor (better lies than tells the bitter truth). It is also proved by the study.


What should be the "first aid kit self healing"?


To be able to heal yourself, to be healthy and to function at an optimum level, we need not just a good diet or exercise. It is not enough just to sleep well, take vitamins and see your doctor regularly. It's all good and important, but even more we need healthy relationships, a healthy work environment, the ability to lead a creative life, a healthy spiritual and sexual life.

  • Internal wick
In order to be a normal, healthy person, you need what I call your "inner fuse". Is your inner compass that always knows what direction you should move. You have to know why you live, and what you should expect in the end.

  • A wide circle of friends
In addition, critical to your health have your relationship. People with a strong social circle is twice less likely to suffer from heart disease compared with those who are lonely.

  • Couples are twice as likely to live a long life than people who are not married.
Healing loneliness is the most important preventive measure you can take for your good health.

It's more effective than quitting Smoking or starting to exercise.

  • Spiritual life.
It is also important. The parishioners live on average 14 years longer than those who can not walk.

  • Work.
And it is important. In Japan, people often die on the job. It's called karoshi syndrome. People who don't take vacations three times more likely to suffer from heart disease.

  • Your attitude to life.
Happy people live 7-10 years longer than unhappy ones. The likelihood of developing heart disease for the optimist, 77% lower than for the pessimist.


How does it work? That this happens in the brain that alters the body?


The brain communicates with the cells of the body via hormones and neurotransmitters. Negative thoughts and beliefs the brain identifies as a threat.

You are lonely, pessimistic, something is wrong at work, troubled relationships... And that's your amygdala is screaming "Threat! Threat!". Includes the hypothalamus, then the pituitary gland, which, in turn, communicates with the adrenal glands, which begin to throw out stress hormones — cortisol, noradrenalin, adrenaline. Scientist from Harvard, Walter Kenneth calls it a "stress reaction".


This includes your sympathetic nervous system, which enters the body in a state of "fight or flight". This protects you when you run away from a lion or a tiger.


But in daily life in the event of a threat is the same as a quick stress response, which must be switched off when the danger has passed.

Fortunately, there is a counterbalance. It was described by Herbert Benson of Harvard University. When the danger goes away, the brain fills the body with healing hormones — oxytocin, dopamine, nitric oxide, endorphins. They fill the body and purify every cell. And what is surprising is that this natural self-healing mechanism is activated only when the nervous system is relaxed.

In a stressful situation the body: he needs to fight or flee, not to heal.

When you think about it, I ask myself: how can I change this balance? One report claims that every day we are faced with about 50 stressful situations.


If you are lonely, depressed, unhappy with your job or you have a bad relationship with a partner, this number is at least doubled.


So, when you take the pill, not knowing that it is a placebo, your body starts the process of relaxation. You are convinced that the new medication will help you, a positive attitude here, and you are properly taking care of the health worker... It relaxes the nervous system. Then, and included a wonderful mechanism of self-healing.


Studies show that there are several effective ways to relax and to start the mechanism of self-healing:

  • Prayer;
  • Creative expression;
  • Massage;
  • Yoga or tai Chi;
  • Walk with friends;
  • Doing;
  • Sex;
  • Game with animals.

In General, all you need to heal yourself is just relax. Really good to relax.


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Do you have the courage to accept the truth that your body already knows? Nature can be the best medicine! And this, as you already know, there is evidence.published




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