Limit limiting beliefs

What are limiting beliefs? And why is it important we know this? And that they generally restrict and why we need them?

Limiting beliefs – is sitting in us beliefs and attitude towards the world and ourselves that determine our actions, actions, behavior and Outlook. They are usually selective and limit our actions and our perception of the world.

Limiting beliefs are called limiting because they limit us and driven into a certain framework.

Limiting beliefs form a system that includes: experience as personal and other people's opinions, meaning, motives and more.

Limiting beliefs are a set of some of the programs that operate on well-defined algorithms and to perform their function.

Function-limiting beliefs1. Information filter. Filtered, is supplied to the brain information, choose only that information which conforms to existing beliefs.

2. Demotivation. De-motivate us, give us the arguments that convince us to do nothing, to change nothing or to do in accordance with their beliefs.

3. Shape the personality. Determine our actions, influence our character, values, and behavior.

4. Determine the choice. Have a decisive effect on the choice in various life situations.

Where do limiting beliefs 1. Personal experience.

2. Beliefs of your parents.

3. Beliefs entourage: other family members, friends, colleagues, associates.

4. Beliefs of society, the environment, mental space in which you live: city, region, country.

The mechanism of limiting beliefs 1. The presence of beliefs. There is a belief. For example: "happiness is fiction", "man cannot be happy," "I'm not happy because I have no money", "my happiness depends on something or someone, but not from me".

2. Filter. Your mind begins to filter your reality according to your beliefs. You start to see everything in gray, you don't see those people who are happy, and that is as bad as you. Even if you see a happy smiling man, he either becomes annoying or you start to wonder: "there is nothing to live on, and he smiles". You see around only poor people and try to be in a society such as you.

3. Adjustment. Your subconscious mind begins to adjust your reality for this belief. It ProStreet the boundaries of your reality according to your beliefs. And beyond these boundaries you can not get out. You are as bad as everyone you see. All are poor and I am poor. The rich live in a different world, not my world. The world begins to reflect your inner state, built according to your beliefs.

4. A secondary benefit. You are not profitable to change anything in yourself, because you will have to change their beliefs. Profitable to stay in that comfort zone that you have already created. You are not going somewhere better, it is important for you to not become worse.

5. Action. Your actions become inaction. You have no motivation to change something in yourself and in your life.

6. Slow destruction. In the end, your stress begins to inhibit your body. You don't have money for quality food, treatment for your body and it slowly ages and becomes unusable. You don't have money for a decent rest and your nervous system is gradually depleted. Are you tired to live, but beliefs are causing you to live exactly as you live. You want to change something, but can't because your beliefs contain the program "man cannot be happy."


Limiting beliefs and money Limiting beliefs in the context of money prevent us to have as much money as we want to have. Examples: "I can't be rich", "money is evil", "big money big problems", etc.

Limiting beliefs and partnerships In partnerships limiting beliefs do not allow us build a harmonious relationship. Examples: "I choose the wrong men/women," "I am unlucky in relationships," "I can't be happy" etc.


Limiting beliefs and health

In health, limiting beliefs prevent us from having the body we want. Examples: "I'm fat because in our family all thick", "I have no willpower", "it's not curable," etc.

Limiting beliefs and goals Limiting beliefs prevent us to set goals and achieve them. For example: "I don't set myself big goals, because they are still not achievable", "unreal", "I can't" etc.

One of the main reasons of our failures in life are limiting beliefs that we identified and make them his own reality.

What to do?

To find the limiting beliefs and replace them with a resource that will help you to make life be what you want. A resource belief – help and limiting beliefs – limiting and a hindrance.published


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P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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