17 reasons you are not relationship

A world of duality: there exist feminine and masculine that exist in direct interaction with each other. The person being fresh. In pairs we go through his earthly experience, create families, bear children, to jointly achieve their goals, perform their mission.Using pairwise relationships people get to know themselves and their nature. Most people want to meet their soul mate and live with her in love and harmony. But not everyone turns these couples create. Or these pairs are created, but there are short amount of time, and then disintegrate.

Why is this happening? Why some people can't have any relationship? Why other relationships are destroyed? There are a number of reasons.

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1. Investment in the future.

People often create a family invest in the future of their plans and feelings. The birth of children, purchase a joint apartment or house, the creation of joint businesses, joint sex life, love, care, attention, respect.

First goes the one who ceases to invest, or he already got what he wanted. For example, a woman had a baby, got what you wanted and then not see the man beside him. Either she was disappointed and stopped to invest your feelings into this person, became cold to him and looking for another object for investment.


2. The strategy of building relationships.

In man there are many strategies for building partnerships. Each they own. Among the most famous: constructing triangles, addict avoidance, revenge for the betrayal in previous relationships, and others. The roots of these strategies can leave in various traumatic situations. It is important to begin to understand themselves and why are you doing this with other people what is happening to you actually and why you do it.


3. Fears.


Countless number of fears in man prevents him from going into a serious relationship. I fear that you will quit again betray, fear of getting hurt again, fear of birth, fear of failure, etc. Fear is a serious limiter, which prevents you from moving forward.


4. Injury.


Psychological trauma received earlier, it is one of the main reasons why you cannot create a strong and harmonious relationship. Injuries can be very different: violence, the threat of death, the loss of a partner, betrayal and others. If the injury is not healed, she pursues the man and reminds him of himself through various situations before he will pay attention to it and don't heal. And sometimes we meet partners who hurt us, to draw our attention to this injury. And only healed her, we will be ready for a healthy relationship.


5. Outstanding previous partnerships.

In order to start a new relationship, you need to complete old. Sometimes, when we were very much emotionally attached to the partner, has put in a lot of his feelings, of love, of joint plans, in other words our soul. After the relationship ended, a part of the soul left there for him. And that place next to you still has it. And in order to start a new relationship and let into your life of another person, you need to return the part of the soul you left there with that person.


6. Conscientious objection.

He did not meet me, my man should be tall, handsome and wealthy. So inspired by my mom. In the end, I'm looking for it, and all the rest are not suitable. And when he appears, it turns out that this daffodil is making my life unbearable. In the head of people sitting countless beliefs that make it difficult to build a harmonious relationship. Very often it is the beliefs of our parents and of the environment in which we live, which were already ours, but at the same time prevent us to build their own a harmonious relationship.


7. Projections.

We see in man is not himself, and someone else in it. We impose on it their way and do not perceive him for who he really is. In the end, when the veil falls – comes disappointment.


8. Secondary benefit.

Why it is profitable to have a stable and strong relationship? Or why not have a relationship at all? Ask yourself these questions and you will get unexpected answers. Often our actions is supervised secondary benefits. We're not aware of them, but at the same time influenced by them.

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9. Do not get along.

What really is behind the typical phrase "not together", which is pronounced when people disagree? Each of us live certain archetypes that govern our behavior, and tachypsychia, which specify certain models of our behavior and traits. This is formed by our interaction with other people. They are often not compatible with other personality types of the people with whom we agree. Understanding yourself and other, and the desire to build relationships, helps to develop relationships. When people do not work on themselves and nedostroennom relations in the pair, then the result of this passive behavior is only one: "don't get along." I am what I am and he is who he is. And together we are not compatible.


10. Destructive qualities.

In man there is a lot of qualities that not just contribute to the relationship, but also kill them. Among them we can enumerate: egoism, egocentrism, narcissism, tyranny, greed and others.To be around such a person often becomes difficult and sometimes unbearable.


11. A different system of values.

It often happens that people meet with very different value systems, they as if from different planets, they are different in themselves, they have different tastes and different interests. What is valuable to one is not valuable to another. However, they are for something are attracted to each other, and eventually begin to move away from each other due to these differences. In relationships, it is important to appreciate what makes you different. While depreciation leads to a breakdown in the relationship.


12. Growth outstrips the growth of the other.

When one begins to develop spiritually and another is not, when one went up the mountain quarry, and the second froze when one grows as a person, and the second does not develop. This may be the reason that together these people can not stay. They are moving away from each other and eventually diverge.


13. Relationship patterns of their parents.

Very often we consciously or unconsciously create a model of his family in the image and likeness of the relationships of our parents. And well, if our parents lived all their lives together in love and harmony, but if they fought all the time, did not respect each other and eventually broke up, the same models are often build and we.


14. Generic scenarios.

In our genes is encoded information about all the events happening in our family on mother's side and on my father. And sometimes we live life, and someone's unhappy fate one of our ancestors. In this case we are talking about family weave. And in order to start living your life, not the lives of members of our species, we need to share your fate. Help systemic family constellations.


15. Violation of the balance "to give-take".

Balance "to give-take" — one of the fundamental laws which acts in relationships and in family systems. In order for the relationship was strong, they must be in balance. Unfortunately, in pairs, these balances are very often violated. It happens when one person gives the other the attention, care, love, tries, puts in it all his soul, but gets nothing in response. At the same time his partner focused only on himself, on his own pleasures and does not give to the relationship as much as his mate. This imbalance can not last long and the relationship can disintegrate if it is not aligned.


16. Fate.


Contracts of destiny is one of the most frequent reasons that people are connected in pairs. But unfortunately, as soon as they work out – they diverge.


17. Any outside influence.

Spoilage, privorot, lapel, and other magical effects. How many now there are people who do these dirty things irrevocably ruin relationships. Alas, unfortunately, this is reality.


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As a result all these reasons, the partners lost each other feelings, attraction, love. Between them no longer has the emotional connection that they were connected before, and people go into a new relationship, to get new emotions, new experience.


What can help?


1. Work on yourself.

"I was like/Oh,/Oh, I have to change myself not going" — is a direct path to destruction. Need to work on yourself, learn from relationships and of what they destroyed.


2. Work on paired relationships.

Relationships should be built. However, to build them both human. One is a warrior. And only when both partners build and overcome common challenges, only then will this relationship turn out harmonious.


3. Prayer the appeal to a higher power.

Man does not live alone in this world. There is an invisible world, which helps him when he turns to him. I know cases when people begged for a meeting with the second half. And when it eventually destroyed those relationships, for the reasons described above. Therefore, refer to a Higher power, but know why. They help. But when you refuse such gifts of Fate, it is Fate then turns away from you. So be careful with the prayers, if you are willing to build a serious relationship.published 


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