Neural mechanism of formation of internal resource

Any internal resource has a neural structure. It was recorded in the brain as a neural education.

The number of neurons is huge. Scientists call the numbers from 10 to 100 billion. Neurons are nerve cells in our brain that conduct nerve impulses. Pulses rushing with great velocity: the distance from one neuron to another the message runs in less than 1/5000 fraction of a second. Because of this, we feel, think, act.


When a person is born, he already has a large number of neural entities responsible for the functioning of the internal organs, systems of respiration, circulation, excretion of body waste and others. From birth to two years, the number of neural structures in man increased significantly, as he learns to walk, talk, recognize objects, people, gaining experience with the surrounding world. Resources external to the newborn human has quickly become internal, inseparable from the personality.


How are neural education

Each neuron is similar to the root system of plants, where there is one large root (axon), and there is a branch from this root (dendrites).

Every time when brain passes the message from one neuron to another skips a lot of nerve impulses.


The transmission of such messages is not directly but through an intermediary. The mediator is a chemical substance called a mediator. When sending messages one neuron accumulates the picks on the tip of the "root" and then allow them to "free float".

The task of mediators is to transfer the nerve impulse to another neuron across a barrier (the synapse). Mediators can approach only to a certain place on the neighbouring neuron. A dock point accepts only one type of mediators. But the mediator can approach not to a single neuron.

Depending on the message, which carries the plectrum, or the nerve impulse continues on its path, or stops right here. While the second neuron "reads" the message and "decide" whether to continue the nerve impulse on its way, the mediator remains at the berth.

If a neuron has "decided" what to do next, is either running a pulse down the chain, or neutralization of information in the neuron and destruction of the mediator.

Such system of transfer of impulses helps us to filter the actually important incoming information from the irrelevant so-called "noise".

If messages are repeated, mediators faster and easier to reach the point of docking on the neighboring neuron, it formed a stable neural connection.

Since dendrites of many neurons, the neuron at the same time can generate a lot of picks with different messages to other neurons.

Previously, scientists believed that communication between neurons is fixed at birth and cannot be affected by human experience. Today opinion has changed. How many such links will be created from the nervous system, have a huge impact events of our life – all huge variety of what we absorb from infancy.

When learning new skills, meeting new feelings in complex neural networks, we are constantly forming new connections.

Therefore, the neuronal connections of the brain in each of us is a unique structure.

At the same time we can redesign the brain by creating new neural connections, the brain's ability called neuroplasticity.


The resource as a neural link

Any internal resource is, in fact, a skill, a strong neural connection. And the stronger the neural connection is formedin two main ways:

1. Simultaneously, under the influence of strong emotions.

2. Gradually, by repetition.

For example, when a person learns to drive, no structure and neural connections yet. Driving skill is not yet formed, the resource is external. In order to hold the steering wheel, pedals, turn signals, respond to signs and road conditions, to adjust the level of fear and anxiety requires a lot of energy.

It is the energy of attention and energy motivation. Arm in there, your leg here, look in the mirror, and there is a pedestrian, and signs and other cars. The stress and anxiety of habit. If the energy of motivation spent, plus there was an enormous loss of energy, attention, and they were not compensated by the pleasure from driving process, often delaying the training until better times.

If the stress from such "driving" is not so great and it is fun, then people will learn to drive. Over and over again in human brain neurons will line up in a specific configuration providing the process of acquiring the skill of driving.

The more repetitions, the faster you will form new neural connections. But only if the energy spent on the acquisition of skill will be compensated with a surplus.

Moreover, neural connections are formed not in one place, and in several areas of the brain that are involved when a person drives a car.

In the future will need less energy for the driving process, and the easier and more pleasant the process. Neural connections formed, and now the problem is when these "settled down", to sew in the lining, so that they become a stable neural education. And the better person gets, the more he gets of pleasure, positive reinforcement, the faster the work.

When a neural formation is formed, the system is Autonomous, the energy required is less, it starts to consume, and act. It was then that the external resource is internal.

And now people can listen to music, to talk, to think about her, and his mind will follow the road, the body itself to perform the desired actions, and even in an extreme situation the mind and body can do it yourself, without the participation of consciousness and will take the necessary measures. It was so with me when I dropped out of reality, and did not remember how he came home.

And if you make here an element of creativity, a neural structure in the brain will become more beautiful, complex and flexible.

Any resource can be pumped up to such an extent that it becomes a skill built into the personality through neural structure.


Neural connections and internal controls

Any actions have some educational effect only when they happen on the verge of losing control over the situation. And the more pronounced this line — the greater the effect. Loss of control causes us to form new neural connections, making the structure more extensive.

But the vastness of this is achieved by capturing the network "open" neurons.

See constantly working neuron over time, is covered with a sheath of a special substance called myelin. This substance significantly increases the efficiency of the neuron as a conductor of electrical impulses.

Covered in a myelin sheath neurons work without expending excessive energy. Neurons with a myelin sheath appear white rather than grey, so we share our brain matter on the "white" and "gray".

Typically, the coating of the neurons of the shell of the person actively to two, and reduced to seven years.

There are poor myelin "open" neurons, in which the speed of the pulse is only 1-2 m/s, i.e. 100 times slower than myelinated neurons.

Loss of control causes the brain to "search" and connect to the network "open" neurons to form new neural piece of education, "responsible" for a new experience.

Therefore, completely excludes the possibility of loss of control, we are just not interested to perform.

They are boring and routine, do not require much brain activity. But if the brain is not getting enough activity — it is degraded, unused neurons die, the person becomes stupid and stupid.

If the loss of control every time leads to the formation of the desired result, then we speak of positive reinforcement.

So children learn to walk, ride a bike, swim and so on. And the more time spent on something, the more myelin of neurons in the brain, and therefore higher productivity.

One convincing proof received after scanning of the brain of a professional musician. Many studies have been conducted concerning that, than the brain of a musician differs from the brain of ordinary people. In these experiments, the brain was scanned in a diffusion MRI machine that gave scientists information about tissues and fibers inside the scan area.

The study showed that the practice of piano playing contributed to the formation of white matter in the brain areas related to motor skills of fingers, visual and auditory centers, while other areas of the brain did not differ from those in "ordinary people".


Internal controls and habits

Modern neurophysiology it is known that the formation of the branching structure of processes of a neuron is 40-45 days, and the time required for the formation of new neurons – 3-4 months.

Therefore, in order for a resource from an external turned into internal, enough to form a NEW neural formation for a specific task. It will take at least 120 days.

But subject to three conditions.

Pumping resource must go on a daily basis. It must be accompanied by a loss of internal control. Energy must be compensated for with excess.

Back to the example with the car. Loss of internal control happens every time a driver gets behind the wheel. And from experience it does not. Always there is an internal adjustment for the driver's car and the road, road users on weather conditions. Domestic resource mobilization is always, even the most experienced.

The differences between the experienced and the novice driver is that experienced already acquired a stable neural connections and the amplitude of loss of control not felt them. But an inexperienced driver could lose control, that tension will be visible to the naked eye. But the more often and longer so the driver will ride, the faster and better he will cope with the situation of loss of control.

After 120 days, driving skill become a HABIT, that is not going to take all of the free energy. People will be able to include music in the car, or to carry on conversations with passengers. The newly formed neural education is still not stable, but performs the function for a specific task.

If the person will take longer to develop the skill of driving, then after a while the neural entity responsible for this skill to be self-sustainable, Autonomous, and stable. If people will not use the newly created neural education, then after a while it will fall apart, be destroyed. So often the people with the rights, can't drive a car.

Any other resource is internal on the same principle. Internal resource — there is nothing like education in the brain nerve structures sustainable relationships characterized by high commitment to functioning in comparison with other chains of neural response. The more we repeat any actions, thoughts, words, the more active and automatically become relevant neural pathways.

The same is true for the formation of "bad" habits. And I'm not just talking about alcohol and drugs, but about the habit to complain about life, complain, blame everyone and everything in his troubled life, meanly, to go on heads, to cheat and Dodge to get what you need.

Here, too, the conventional "positive" reinforcement when the person such actions gets what you need. And remembers it as the "correct" path leading to the result.

There are also neural of education, responsible for template installation, limiting beliefs, sustainable program, from which a man can not get rid of. Especially these neural education strong in the realm of money, self-confidence, and in the sphere of human relationships. These neural formations are formed long before a child can consciously approach these issues. The formation of limiting beliefs, emotional blocks is under the influence of parents, society.

And it really depends on the environment, countries, history, mentality.

These chronic stable neural education can be destroyed. It required from 1 to 5 years of daily "work". "Work" on the formation of NEW beliefs, NEW actions, NEW environment. Then, in the place of some neuronal formations will occur more.

If you consider that limiting beliefs are formed by decades, the ability to remove them for some three years is tempting.

Yeah, easy to say, hard to do. To "think" you've got your story.

Imagine you inherited a subsoil plot of 100 hectares for diamond production.

Came into some inheritance, and then you turn the representatives of the Diamond Corporation. They say that want to rent your land for 50 years, all we get is ours, and you will pay a fixed monthly rent over the last 50 years.

You thought, and agreed. So what? Money on the have no headache about where to take them.

Diamond Corporation caught up with technology, the people, the work started.

You from time to time to see how it there at them, whether work. And after some time you realize that, to put it mildly, a bad bargain. But a contract is a contract, or to terminate prematurely or to refuse anymore.

A couple of years you realize that not that much, screwed you with a plot then... Judging by the reports of the Diamond Corporation are very well. You realize that in 50 years it is unlikely you will be able to dig up there is at least one overlooked the huh. And rent your inflation every year eats.

You hire a lawyer to negotiate with the Diamond corporations. Or want rent to increase, or maybe a share in the profits.

No problem, say in the Corporation, we are ready to revise the terms of the contract and for you to raise the rent on those same 50 years.

And then your lawyer tells you that you have found a loophole in the contract, perfectly legal and you can terminate the contract completely, officially, and without penalty.

Now you have two options:

To terminate the contract and the land reverts back to your possession; to remain Silent about the loophole and accept the rent.

What will you do? Write on a piece of paper. What is your logic?

Well, written?

And now the continuation.

The diamond plot is you.

And diamonds in it – your internal resources. Manage your development, your habits – is as the management of its own land with diamonds. And even if you think that you do not land with diamonds, and the desert or the swamp, why don't you explored? published


Author: Olga Rybakina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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