About the power of intention.

Every thought of yours has an energy that either makes you stronger or weakens. Of course, it would be nice to get rid of debilitating thoughts, because they prevent you to come into compliance with the universal, supreme source. Reflect on the following observation Anthony de Mello, from the book "One Minute Wisdom» ( «One Minute Wisdom»):

 - "Why is everyone except me, so happy?»
 - "Because they have learned to see the beauty of virtue, and in all", - said the Master.
 - "Why, I do not see goodness and beauty in everything?»
"Because you can not see from the outside what you can not see the inside».

You project to the outside world that you can see inside, and if there is something you do not see the inside, you can not project it outward. If you knew that you are a universal expression of the intention of the Spirit, you would have seen it. You would be able to increase their power so that nothing could prevent you to connect with the power of intention. Only the contradictions within you, in your own feelings, you are deprived of the opportunity to have all the benefits that are in store for your life! Understanding this simple truth, you will be able to overcome all obstacles on the way to the intention.

Your thoughts, feelings, and body have the energy effect. To allow you to reconnect with the power of intention, you need to increase the frequency of this energy. This may seem overly simplistic, but I hope you still try to increase your energy level and thus overcome the barriers that do not allow you to feel and experience the perfection of which you are. You can not heal the disease, cursing her. You will only add to the destructive energy that has permeated your entire life. When you respond to the low energy of the world such as low energy, you are contributing to a strengthening and expansion of low energy. For example, if someone acts badly towards you and you respond in kind, hating him for what he hates you, you are involved in strengthening the field of low energy and negative working on anyone who gets in this field. If you are angry at others for what they are angry, you are trying to cure the disease, cursing her.

Do not use your debilitating low energy, which is used by others. They will not be able to lower your energy, if you operate at high frequencies. Why? Yes, because the higher and faster the energy nullifies and converts the low, but not vice versa. If you feel like a low energy from others pull you down, it is because your energy is not higher than theirs.

For example, you are determined to be fit and healthy. You know that the universal vsetvoryaschy Spirit revived you in a microscopic drop of human cellular tissue, not in order to make you sick, suffering from obesity, it has been ugly. He created you for the love you gave, were kind and beautiful. Such was the power of intention purpose for you. Now get this: you can not get better, hating the way you have allowed yourself to become. Why? Because hatred breeds hatred response that negates all your efforts. Here he writes about this in your book "Energy and Power" Dr. Hawkins:

"Simple kindness to yourself and to all living is an extremely powerful transforming force. It works perfectly, has no negative side effects and never will not disappoint you. It increases your energy, strength, power, without showing any account. But in order to achieve maximum efficiency, this goodness does not know exceptions and should not be used in anticipation of some kind of self-serving benefits. Action it is as powerful as

unobtrusive. " It should be noted parenthetically that kindness is one of the seven faces of intention. The author adds:

"Malicious loses its ability to harm, when put to the light, and we attract to themselves that radiate».

In terms of low energy to overcome obstacles lesson is clear. We must raise the level of its energy, becoming the light that we seek to become the happiness of which we dream, becoming the unlimited abundance to which we aspire. What we get, then we attract into your life. Lamenting the lack of desired, we perpetuate this lack.

If you live in poverty, despair, depression, lack of love, not being able to achieve what they want, you need to seriously think about how you are attracting all these negative circumstances in his life. Magnet is low energy. It manifests itself in your life because you are radiating it, even on a subconscious level. It's yours, you create it yourself. But if you consciously aim to increase their energy, it will help you get closer to the intent and to remove all obstacles that you have erected in front of themselves.

Mini program to increase energy level

Here is a short list of proposals to speed up and increase your energy field oscillations. By following these tips, you kill two birds: eliminate obstacles and allow the power of intention to work with you and through you

. Be aware of your negative thoughts. Every thought you think affects you. Catching yourself in thoughts that weaken you, and switching to the thoughts that make you stronger, you increase the frequency of the oscillation energy and strengthen themselves and the energy field around you directly. For example, when I find myself on the fact that reprimanded her daughter, trying to call it a sense of shame for their behavior, I immediately stop and remind myself that the disease can not be cured curses. Instead, I show love and understanding, asking her daughter what feelings it evokes in her act, and how she could fix it. This helps to boost energy levels and leads to productive dialogue.

The process of increasing energy to a level where we reconnect with the power of intention, takes a fraction of a second. This time is enough to make me aware of their low energy thoughts and decided to raise their energy. Each one of us, aware of your negative thoughts, thus able to bring the power of intention on their side.

Regular practice of meditation. This is necessary to deal with every day, at least a few moments before standing at the traffic lights. Keep quiet and mentally repeat like a mantra the name of God. Meditation allows you to establish a conscious contact with the source and rediscover the power of intention, developing in you compassion, harmony with the creative force.

Be picky eating habits. The energy level is also different foods. Food containing toxic substances weakens you, even if you suspect the presence of these substances. Low energy have artificial additives like sweeteners. In general, foods with a high content of alkali, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, soy, unleavened bread and extra virgin olive oil, occupy the top positions in the energy spectrum and makes you stronger, and foods with a high content of acid - flour, milk, meat sweet - have low energy, weakening you. This is not an absolute truth, because each person can have their own characteristics, so be guided by their health after consumption of certain products. If a product causes a feeling of tiredness, sleepiness, weakness, you can be sure that its use reduces your energy level, contributing to the low energy flow in your life.

Refrain from low-energy substances.

Refusal of alcohol is absolutely essential to ensure the level of consciousness to which we aspire and which appointed destiny. Alcohol and drugs, as well as almost all artificial drugs reduce your body's energy and weaken you. In addition, lower energy level attracts into your life further weakens your power. The consumption of low-energy substances leads to the fact that in your life on a regular basis there are people with the same low energy field. They use these substances together with you to achieve a short-term pleasure and encourage you to continue this vicious practice.

Pay attention to the power of music that you are listening. Hard, heavy vibration music with repetitive loud noises reduce your energy level and relax you and your ability to conscious contact with intention. Similarly, low energy are the lyrics, which express hatred, pain, hurt, fear or violence. They get into your subconscious and attract into your life the same low energy. If you want to attract peace and love, listen to this music and songs that reflect your highest thoughts.

Analyze the energy of your home environment. Prayer books, paintings, crystal figurines, spiritual quotes, books, magazines, coloring wallpaper and even furniture layout - all this gives rise to the energy where you are immersed in at least half of the time of their lives. If you feel silly or absurd, strongly advise you to abandon the habitual thinking that you imposed, and open your mind unknown. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, being the gift of our ancestors, to serve the people faithfully and thousands of years. It will teach you how to increase the energy in the home and in the workplace. Be aware that the presence in the high-medium strengthens your spirit and eliminating all barriers in your way to the intention.

Do not expose yourself to the commercial and cable television with a very low energy.

For TV news programs characterized by too much bias towards evil when good remains outside broadcasts. In our lives invades a powerful stream of negativity, attracting even more negative. Violence takes up too much space in television programs, commercials interspersed, where the pharmaceutical giants urge you to seek happiness in a pill! Viewers told that they can not do without the low-energy medicine in the fight against all known mental and physical ailments.

In my opinion, most of the TV shows are a source of low energy. That is why I spend a lot of time and effort to support a non-profit public television, trying to bring a contribution to the fact that the manifestations of negativity, hopelessness, violence, ignorance and disrespect on television replaced manifestations of higher ideals, in harmony with the power of intention.

Improve your energy field photographs.

Perhaps you find it hard to believe, but the picture is a form of power play and each picture has its own energy. Surround yourself spiritualize photos taken in moments of manifestation of happiness, love and responsiveness, at home, at work, in the car, carry photos with them in their pockets, and even in his wallet. The photographs, which capture nature, animals, manifestations of joy and love fill your heart with high energy.

Increase energy through friends, relatives, and friends. You can increase your energy level, while in the energy field of highly spiritual people. Stay close to the people who contribute to your reunion with the intention to see the greatness in you, who feel their relationship with God and their very lives testify that the Spirit found in them an ideal conductor power of intention. Remember that high energy neutralizes and converts low energy, and try to surround yourself with people associated with the Spirit and live according to their intended use. Stay in their field, and anger, hatred, fear, despair dissolve - are converted into higher manifestations of intent force

. Monitor your behavior. Avoid low-energy fields generated by the consumption of alcohol, drugs and manifestations of violence, public meetings, where the emphasis is on religious or ethical exclusivity of a group of people where running the show prejudice, bias, prejudice. This prevents you increase the energy and sets you on a low, weakening your energy. Merge onto the nature, go hiking, walking in the park, swim in the sea, discover all the beauty of the universe. Attend spiritual lectures and seminars, monasteries and meditation centers, yoga classes, massage practice, engaged in charity, visiting the elderly in nursing homes or sick children in hospitals. Any occupation has its power. Try to visit the places where the energy fields reflect the seven faces of intention.

Do good without asking for anything in return. Anonymous provides financial support to those in need, and do it from the heart, without waiting for an answer, even in the words of gratitude. Learn to be kind, leaving his ego - which can not wait to praise in your address - overs. It is absolutely necessary to connect with the intention because the universal spirit of good answers to your kindness, you are asking, "Can I help you?»

Pick up trash lying under your feet, and throw it trash and do not tell anyone about his actions. And even better - to dedicate a few hours cleaning the mess created not by you. I call it an obsession kindness. Any act of kindness to yourself, to others or to the environment harmonizes you with kindness inherent in universal power of intention. Good energy radiated you back a hundredfold in your life.

Materials from the book: Wayne U.Dayer - "The Power of Intention"


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