Too right kid

It's about those "good guys", which every mother marriageable girls eager to get his in-law. At first glance, this frame really consists only of virtues - does not drink, does not smoke, honest, helpful, well-read, etc. etc. "And he is thrilled with the appearance of thine!". In general - a dream, and not the groom

. So it may be so, but only the "good guys" have their own "but." We would advise girls to take them into account.

First of all, much of the "positive" guys - absolutely mattresses. Such a character never will achieve your location directly. He chooses a workaround, and this path may be too long for a single life.

"Positive" never will you have to beat his friend, even if all withered.

If he decides to invite you on a date, then, most likely, it will send a note. Will call your communication "friendly", and when you get tired of waiting for the development of logical relationships, and you otoshёte it for the sake of a "bad guy", you say that your happiness - the first priority for him. And will suffer, reveling in thoughts of his own nobility and sacrifice.

In fact, most of these tactics "positive" explains ordinary cowardice. He and so comfortable enough to risk it for something more real.

He was afraid it would be desirable to like. He considers himself a noble, wise and honest - and save this image to it can also be a good reason to abandon the real life. "Positive" can not stand even the thought that goes wrong. He is able to take only those decisions which (in his view) deserve unequivocal approval. And when he took his "right" decision, it would, in general, it is not important, what this decision will cost the family and friends.

In ambiguous situations this guy patiently waiting when someone will give him instructions. Ask him to make a decision - and it will require your advice with a deep analysis of the issue from all possible sides. This can be great when it comes to scientific research or making important government decisions, but in a romantic relationship is absolutely intolerable.

They analyze everything a million times. They correlate the benefits of achieving the goal of possible losses in case of failure and can not accept the gulf between them. They both spacecraft engineers will not be able to decide on the launch, while the chances of success will not rise above 97 percent. Before that better allow anyone to manage a.

A classic example in all respects polite and passive love "good guy" is the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, who devoted his life lovely happiness sweetheart Roxanne and contributed to its rapprochement with its own rival - Christian. (This is after being rescued Christian life and endured his mockery of his prominent nose). To this end, the romance was enough to know that the supposedly inaccessible lover is crazy about his poems.

Next - worse. Beau Christian is killed in battle, and the road is open to the heart of Roxana. All that was required of Cyrano - Roxanne only admit that the man she loves - alive. Instead, it allows the heartbroken girl retire to a monastery, lying for many years and just before his death reveals the truth than forcing it to survive the loss of a lover again.

Such absolute loyalty is often called the most pure love. On paper, it can be beautiful and, no doubt, but in the life of this behavior seems to us self-interest in one of the worst of its manifestations. It turns out that you are depriving a man who seems to love the chance to be happy just because fantasies live much safer than to overcome the fear.

"Good guys" are convinced that women like to be deified. And it is true - to a certain extent. Many girls like to be admired and adored when in front of them for what they really are. But this attitude must be justified by something, otherwise it is simply "an optical illusion", which sooner or later will be revealed. And it is really strange to treat a woman like a goddess when you think it equally.

In addition, you can love anyone and all you want, but if you're applying for a romantic relationship, you will need the consent of the other party. And then, instead of having to seek the location of the object of his love, "good" start to pile up a lot of non-existent difficulties. Before ripen to a real relationship with a girl for a long time they are in a romantic relationship with her made-up way. And so szhivaetsya to him that a real live woman somehow not very much and see.

Of course, we often deceive ourselves, and we want to see in their partner only the best. But in the case of the "good guys" is another. They create a mix of everything that seems to them the most attractive (and convenient), and then try to fill with this mixture your skin.

In general, girls, keep in mind that the problems with the "good guys" also abound. We do not persuade you to switch to the "bad", just want you to know what to prepare, so if you caught a "positive" character.


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