Aging stars (28 photos)

Madonna, 51 years old.

In 1985 (left) and 2009

Did the singer song «Material Girl» Plastic? Almost. Madonna looks much younger than 51 years. Her cheeks full, neckline sharp, not a wrinkle. I think she has done a facelift, cheek added in dermal fillers, laser resurfacing are not squeamish or chemical peeling, as well as to make an injection of Dysport and possibly lift the eye. (WireImage, AP)


Jane Fonda, 72 years old.

Left - in 1967, right - in 2008.

Recently, Jane Fonda said that their appearance is required for 30% of sports and nutrition, 30% genes, 30% good sex and 10% of plastic surgery. Judging by her sharp jawline, raised eyebrows and wide-open eyes, the 72-year-old actress made a facelift, brow lift and eyelid. I would say that all of this at 30% due to genes, 20% - sports and nutrition, and 50% - plastic surgery. To look so good for so long, some exercise is not enough even for Jane Fonda. (Getty Images)


Jack Nicholson, 72 years old.

Left - in 1977, right - in 2009.

Jack Nicholson best spared from the knife of a plastic surgeon. He is aging with dignity, without any sign of surgical intervention. While many young celebrities introduce yourself Botox buckets, deep wrinkles Nicholson, natural and untouched. That's not bad, otherwise excess Botox would it look like his character from "Batman" - the Joker. And now it looks like an old, wise and notable Hollywood star. (WireImage. Getty Images)


Andie MacDowell, 51 years old.

Left - in 1992, right - in 2009.

Unlike many 50-year-old actress and model Andie MacDowell seems natural, except, perhaps, a bit of Botox here and there, and perhaps laser therapy to strengthen the skin. Her face is smooth and reflects the time spent away from the dangerous sun, it takes care of your skin and sometimes makes preventive care. (WireImage, Getty Images)


Bruce Jenner, 60 years old.

Left - in 1993, right - in 2009.

Say, Bruce Jenner corrected shape of the nose and made a facelift in 1984, which is why, in my opinion, it looks more feminine and unnatural. Then on his reality show «Keeping Up with the Kardashians» he made another facelift and became much better. His jawline more pronounced, and it does not look like the victim of a plastic surgeon. But why is it still looks strange? Most likely because its nose remains too thin, and his eyes too open to 60-year-old humans. In my opinion, it is a striking example of the fact that plastic surgery is best done on time once, than to fix everything. (Getty Images)


Cindy Crawford, 43 years old.

Left - in 1990, right - in 2009.

The most beautiful woman of the past 20 years still looks great. Cindy Crawford is really a real super model. Now she is much older than in 1990. Her skin is flawless. Most likely, she made a small operation to strengthen the skin, for example, the new eMatrix, but apart from that, it seems, her appearance she is obliged to tender care, not transactions. If everyone could grow old like her! (WireImage, Getty Images)

Clint Eastwood, 79 years old.

Left - in 1965, right - in 2009.

Clint Eastwood looks too rough to it might seem that he was doing the operation. Since 90% of plastic surgery patients - women, modern technology and operations can make it so that a man will look a little feminine and unnatural. Eastwood - an example of a man who refused to surgical scalpel: low brow, loose skin on the neck and sun-damaged skin is very. The only thing, in my opinion, he did - it lift the upper eyelids. In 1965, they seem to be a little harder than it is today. But even if I had known that he used the services of a plastic surgeon, I would have him about it said. (Getty Images)


Kenny Rogers, 71 years old.

Left - in 1985, right - in 2006.

Kenny Rogers admitted that he did not scruple Eyelid Surgery, and for good reason. His plastic surgeon apparently removed too much skin from the upper eyelids, so now it looks constantly surprised. Is likely to continue its work on the eyes, he also made a brow lift. He is a prime example of what men plastic surgery must be very conservative. Unfortunately, he did not like the legend of country music, which he was. (Corbis, Getty Images)


Courteney Cox, 45 years old.

Left - in 1996, right - in 2009.

This actress has done everything he can to stay young. Courteney Cox and plastic surgery is definitely "friends". Apart from possible chemical peels, such as, Obagi Blue Peel, it also slightly increased lip likely using such excipients as Juvederm. Her cheeks look fuller and what can be done transplantation of adipose tissue or injection Sculptra. Her skin is so smooth and flawless, I guess it paid millions of products for skin care, face to which it is (Kinerase). Finally, it demonstrates a smooth forehead, which can only create Botox or Dysport. (Getty Images)


Diane Keaton, 64 years old.

Left - in 1979, the right - to 2008.

Diane Keaton looks like a normal 64-year-old woman. Her eyelids are deposited, the neck grows old, his hair turns gray. I would not say that she looks young for her age, but she is an attractive woman. I doubt that she even did the operation. At least, it looks much better than his colleagues in the film "Annie Hall" Woody Allen. (Corbis, Getty Images)


Ellen Barkin, 55 years old.

Left - in 1996, right - in 2009.

Ellen Barkin looks better than 99% of 55-year-old women. Because of what is, because genes skincare or plastic surgery? I would say, a bit of everything. Her eyebrows are much higher than in 1996. This may be due to endoscopic lifting. Her eyes also look more openly than 14 years ago, probably due to the lifting of the upper eyelid. Her skin is very smooth, it might be to use laser treatment, such as, Cynosure Smartskin Laser. Also, over time, her lips become fuller, perhaps because of the injection Prevelle. (Corbis, Getty Images)

George Clooney, 48 years old.

Left - in 1988, right - in 2009.

Dzheordzh Clooney - the type of men who love women and hate men. Unlike many celebrities in this photo galleries, the question of whether he did plastic surgery, it is not necessary. He looks so good without any operations. While many blogs Clooney accused that he sought the aid of a plastic surgeon, I see no signs of his work. He is an example of human aging like a fine wine. In addition, a great actor Clooney. (Getty Images)


Jessica Lange, 60 years old.

Left - in 1976, right - in 2009.

Over the past two years, Jessica Lange appearance has changed a lot. This is especially seen in the example of her eyebrows, which are bent more than the sole female shoes. I bet that used a combination of Botox and general brow lift. Her eyelids are also too dense for a woman her age - most likely the result of lifting the upper and lower eyelids. Her cheeks were also higher than in 1976, most likely due to the implant. Overall, I think this oskoronosnaya actress would still be won, even if her eyebrows were lower.

Joan Van Ark, 66 years old.

Left - in 1987, right - in 2008.

Unfortunately, Joan Van Ark looks like a wax copy of itself. Her skin is too tight, swollen lips look, eyebrows - located too high, and jawline too pronounced. Most likely, its unnatural appearance - the result of numerous chemical peels, lip implants, braces upper and lower eyelids, face lift, botox injection and fillers.

Moderation in all things, including the use of plastic surgery - are the main keys to good looks. It seems she did not follow this rule. Well, at least her hair looks great. (AP, Getty Images)


Al Pacino, 69 years old.

Left - in 1992, right - in 2008.

Does "Scarface" plastic surgery on his face? I think so. Most likely, Al Pacino was a moderate tightening of the upper eyelid, as evidenced by the lack of excess skin on them. Due to the fact that the actor oskoronosny limit any surgery, it looks great. He is aging gradually, as his character in "The Godfather." (Getty Images)


Susan Sarandon, 63 years old.

Left - in 1995, right - in 2008.

Although Susan Sarandon recently separated from her young protege Tim Robbins, this 63-year-old actress has always looked as young as he is. Like many serious actress of her generation, she refused to plastic surgery, and looks great thanks to good genes and good care of the skin. Her skin is smooth, but not too much, besides, it has all the wrinkles, which should have a woman her age. Even his seventh decade, this woman looks good. (Getty Images, AP)


Johnny Depp, 46 years old.

Left - in 1990, right - in 2009

Johnny Depp - one of those for whom look good - very simple. He has straight hair, he does not shave, wearing strange glasses and still looks better than 99% of men at his age. Although there were rumors that Johnny Depp had plastic surgery, I doubt it. He has wrinkles that are typical of a man of his age. His great cheekbones and jawline noticeable only rejuvenate it. Maybe Johnny Depp's many sins, but plastic surgery is not one of them. (Getty Images)


Julie Christie, 68 years old.

Left - in 1965, right - in 2008.

Is oskoronosnoy Julie Christie really 68? For it can not be said, given its excellent appearance. I think Christie - one example of high-quality plastic surgery in Hollywood. I think she pulled the eyelids, a facelift, fat fillers cheeks. As a result of this was reflected in a clear line of the neck, the young eyes and soft cheeks, which she demonstrates with glamor. The fact that it is a classic Hollywood talent, only adds to the advantages of its appearance. Its plastic surgeon should be given an Oscar. (Getty Images)


Michael Douglas, 65 years old.

Left - in 1976, right - in 2009.

It looks like Michael Douglas desperately trying to keep up with his young wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. It seems he made one or two face-lift, and lift the upper eyelids. Several years ago, the internet has spread photos of Michael with the alleged seams of plastic surgery. So why on his neck still sagging skin? Well, since men more dense and subject to the action of the sun skin than women, the results of a facelift are not so long. This may explain why, even after two face lifts, Douglas still looks old. But what else can you expect from a 65-ltnego men trying to keep up with the gorgeous 40-year-old woman? (WireImage, Getty Images)


Meg Ryan, 48 years old.

Left - in 1998, right - in 2009.

American favorite has become almost unrecognizable in the last few years. Meg Ryan's lips look too hyped. I think they put the implants, for example, Gortex. This substance can make your lips too big, strained and unnatural. Usually it is injected in small doses. She also did not seem squeamish implants cheeks, because of what it now looks a little "bloated." It is good that these implants are completely interchangeable during the 20-minute operation. If she really wants to natural lips, I would recommend it to implants removed and used oil. (Getty Images, AP)


Meryl Streep, 60 years old.

Left - in 1980, right - in 2009.

If you is as good an actress as Meryl Streep, you do not even need to think about plastic surgery. Maybe Streep and not the young actress, but who cares? She is one of aging actresses in Hollywood, which has no problems with wrinkles, sagging skin or even decrepit cheeks. Although, as I think she did a slight chemical peels, I think, beyond that it does not matter. Good For You. (Getty Images, AP)


Nick Nolte, 68 years old.

Left - in 1994, right - in 2008.

I do not think Nick Nolte did plastic surgery - it looks rough, muscular, even gray, but quite natural. His eyelids subside, his brow dotted with wrinkled face was thin, and the skin is damaged by ultraviolet light. I would not say that he is aging beautifully, I would say that he is aging naturally. (WireImage, Getty Images)


Nicole Kidman, 42 years old.

Left - in 1997, right - in 2009.

Nicole Kidman's face seemed to change shape. Sometimes I think that it has increased the lips, sometimes - that has stuck Botox in the forehead. In general, I think she has done both, and injected fillers, for example, Sculptra, cheeks.

Some people aggressive Botox injections can create the effect is too curved eyebrows, I call it "botoksnye eyebrows." This photo is not visible, but on the other - it is present. (Star Max, NBC via AP)


Olivia Newton-John, 61 years old.

Left - in 1980, right - to 2008.

It seems that beauty 80s Olivia Newton-John is hopelessly addicted to cosmetic injections. Her face looks unnaturally swollen, possibly due to fat grafting or injection Sculptra. Lips also appear enlarged, most likely because of such fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. The forehead is very smooth, even too much for a woman to 61 years old. (WireImage, Getty Images)


Priscilla Presley, 64 years old.

Left - in 1968, right - in 2009.

A couple of years ago, she admitted that she took advantage of silicone injections have failed. Today it is quite similar to the classic beauty, which it was 15 years ago. Her skin is smooth - the result of excessive laser treatments. Lips and cheeks are swollen, probably due to fat or other fillers. Her forehead is too stretched - probably due to Botox. (AP, Getty Images)


Sharon Stone, 51 years old.

Left - in 1994, right - in 2009.

Why did Sharon Stone face smooth as a rock? Although I do not think she did plastic surgery, it is possible that her young appearance - the result of medical skin care, for example, La Roche Posay, as well as chemical peels and laser treatments. She is aging very nicely without any significant changes, as her Hollywood colleagues. To be honest, she is aging so well that it is possible to remove the "Basic Instinct 3". (WireImage, EPA)


Sheryl Crow, 47 years old.

Left - in 1996, right - in 2009.

All that wants to Sheryl Crow - enjoy life and avoid surgery. It looks great, especially for a 47-year-old woman has overcome breast cancer. Her skin is clean and smooth, no visible signs of plastic surgery. She is aging gradually. I have it for only one recommendation: do not overdo it with the sun. Stay in the shade and use sunscreen to remain as beautiful. (WireImage, Getty Images)


Sylvester Stallone, 63 years old.

Left - in 1986, right - in 2009.

Sly Stallone looks as if he had a few rounds with a plastic surgeon. His eyebrows are too curved, because of what he looked like Cruella De Vil. Most likely, this is due to brow lift. His eyelids are also too taut without a hint of flabby skin. The line of his jaw and too clear for men 63 years. Most likely, it is - the result of the eyelids and face lifts, respectively. His cheeks also seem higher than they were before - probably the result of silicone implants. All this plastic surgery makes it quite strange, like Satan. I think the time for him to do away with it. (WireImage)



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