Beauty does not save the world

Truth is not at fault. There is no healthy mind in a healthy body. But there is a winged expression, meaning that we do not really znaem.Est opinion that a truly educated person is different ability to properly look up words in any situation. It is extremely difficult to do, if you do not know the meaning of certain words. The same thing happens with the famous winged phrase: some of them are so replicated in false values ​​that few remember their original meaning.

< Website I believe that the need to use the correct expression in the right context. The most common errors are collected in this material.

"Work is not a wolf - in the woods not run away»
  • the wrong context em>: The work is not going anywhere, put it.
  • right context em> : The work will have to do in any case. who says this proverb now, do not consider that the wolf earlier Russia was perceived as an animal, not be tamed, which is guaranteed to flee into the forest, while work anywhere It will not disappear, and it will still have to perform.

    "In a healthy body healthy mind»
  • the wrong context em>: Keeping the body healthy, man saves himself and mental health.
  • right context em >: We must strive for harmony between body and spirit. is taken out of context quote Juvenal «Orandum est, ut sit mens sana in corpore sano» - «We must pray to the gods, to the spirit of healthy was in the body healthy ". It's about what you need to strive for harmony between body and spirit, as in reality it is rare.

    "Beauty will save the world»
  • the wrong context em>: The beauty will save the world
  • right context em>: Beauty does not save the world. phrase attributed to Dostoevsky, in fact it has been invested into the mouth of a hero "Idiot," Prince Myshkin. Dostoevsky himself in the development of novel series demonstrates how Myshkin is wrong in his judgment, perception of the reality and, in particular, this maxim.

    "Life is short, art is long»
  • the wrong context em>: The real art will remain for centuries, even after the author's death.
  • right context em>: Life is not enough for you to master all the arts. Latin phrase «Ars longa, vita brevis» art is not "forever" and "long", or "extensive": we are talking about that the study of art have to devote your whole life, but, most likely, all the books still read in no time.

    "And you, Brutus?»
  • the wrong context em>: Wonder appeal to the traitor who trust.
  • right context em>: Threat "you're next». to one version, adapted the words of Caesar Greek expression that has become a byword among the Romans. Full phrase should be: "And you, my son, you will feel the taste of power." Uttering the first words of the phrase, as if conjured Caesar, Brutus, foreshadowing his violent death.

    "Spread the idea of ​​the tree»
  • the wrong context em>: To speak / write long and complicated; not limiting his idea to go into unnecessary details.
  • right context em>: See all points of view. the "Lay" the quote is: "to spread mysiyu wood, gray wolf on the ground, bluish eagle under the clouds." Mys - protein.

    "The people are silent»

  • the wrong context em>: People are passive, indifferent to everything.
  • right context em>: The people refuse to accept the fact that he imposed. < / the final tragedy of Pushkin's "Boris Godunov" people are silent, not because it does not care about the pressing problems, but because he did not want to accept the new king:
    "Masalskoe: People! Maria Godunov and her son Fedor poisoned himself with poison em> (The people in the silent horror). Why are you silent? em>
    Shout: Long live the king Dmitri Ivanovich! em>
    The people are silent ».

    "Man is created for happiness, like a bird to fly»

  • the wrong context em>: Man is born for happiness.
  • right context em>: Happiness is impossible for man. is a popular expression belongs to the Korolenko, who in "The paradox," he says, miserable with disabilities from birth, with no hands, provide food to my family and myself writing sayings and aphorisms. In his mouth the phrase sounds tragic and denies itself.

    "In vino veritas»
  • the wrong context: drunk man was telling the truth.
Right Context: The fault may be, the truth, but health - in the water. The fact that you quoted only part of the translation of the Latin proverb «In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas». Completely it should sound as "truth in wine, in the water - health».

"The Moor has done his work, the Moor can go»
the wrong context em>: On Shakespeare's Othello. right context em>: cynical about the person in which the services are no longer needed. , this expression has nothing to do, as borrowed from the drama of Schiller's "Conspiracy of Fiesco in Genoa" (1783). This phrase it says the Moor, be unnecessary after he helped the Count Fiesco organize an uprising against the tyrant Republicans doge of Genoa Doria.

"Let a hundred flowers bloom»
the wrong context em>: The wealth of options and variety - it's good. right context em>: Let the critics criticize . slogan "Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools contend" advanced unified China Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The campaign for the promotion of criticism and openness was the trap, when it was announced that the slogan was part of another campaign titled "Let the snake puts out his head».

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