One day you will understand that there is one

Instead of a Preface. On the Internet, I often credited with various "rules of life", which I wrote. Thought it was time to write their to was where to point the finger in such cases. Moreover, thanks to Oksana Gray now there's fresh mocking photo.

Dedicate to my friends

1. One day you will understand that there is one. In fact, you've always been alone, but this understanding usually lags behind. Parents die, husbands change, lovers change, children grow. Or do you walk away from them because they are now strangers. Break what worked yesterday. No matter what happens, remember: loneliness is always behind, as winter. Maturity is the ability to be one, not dramatizing. To prepare better in advance, I'll tell you how.

2. All but close relatives can be replaced. No one and nothing happens in one instance. Let new people into my life, even if you do not understand yet, do you have in common. One day you will understand that there is one, and it will save you.

3. Always try new: food, clothing, routes, gadgets, activity, movies, books, theories and explanations of the universe. The lazy brain is made of chewing gum. Farther away, the more he wants to bend in the same places, the remaining convolutions tend to disappear. Don't let him cling to the same things, pleasures, ways, methods and tricks. Always try new things, especially when you're too lazy, scared or do not want. One day you will understand that there is one, and it will save you.

4. Forgive all, who can forget the rest. Oblivion is the best punishment and the best medicine. And never argue, better get a manicure.

5. There's no hurry. Everything is fast, short-lived. If you really want something, I will. If you got sick, so there was no need. Risky the desires and actions of delay, allowing them "to lie down". Do something what you're not sure, only if the desire haunts you for a long time.

6. This paragraph completes the previous one: if you really want something, and believe it right, do it. Desire is life. Let the desire to live in and watch him. If not over — take him.

7. Don't give up until you want something. Good luck, it's an experience, i.e., the number of repetitions. Any failure — lack of experience and kompensiruet experience. Courage and risk is the experience. What sometimes looks like utter arrogance is an experience. Resistance, tolerance, forgiveness, resilience, and independence — it's an experience. The main thing — not to give up until I want something.

8. Nothing the end, even the end: it's all over. Remember that, in despair, in grief at the grave of a friend, reading the letter for a lover who left you. This will certainly be a day when you say, "And for the better!" (especially beloved:) Nothing end: one day you'll realize that there is one, and this thought will save you.

9. Nothing is not the end but the end is near. And more useful to think of it — tomorrow. Then it is easier to follow all these points.

10. Whatever you do, take care of your body, otherwise it will suddenly get back to you. Get the habit of asking what it wants, and execute it. If you never listened to your body and do not know how it is talking to, start with simple things like forest walks, swimming or yoga. Then everything will happen by itself: the body waiting to be heard.

11. Romance, love and passion — that's fine. But if you confuse them with sex, it is possible to remain without him. And it's stupid and harmful. Make sure you have had sex. Let the romance and love comes, will he find you in bed with a new lover.

12. The last thing to worry about: what will they think about you people. People think mostly about themselves, and about you, appraising myself. That is, they do not think about you nor about each other. Do what you want and see point 7.

13. Fear confidence. Confidence — the beginning of insanity. Doubt, let the other options leave open the retreat to yourself and others. I doubt in every paragraph that I wrote. But this second, perhaps, leave everything as it is. Once I'm alone, and I will check and will save me all this.

PS This is the only point in which I have no doubt: take care of friends. Friends — the only thing worth accumulating (I still manage). Once I know I have left alone, and friends immediately come and say: you're stunned, you got us. And it's true published

Author: Pauline Gaverdovsky

Photo By Oksana Gray


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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