A man, a Woman or Man?

Love, family, personal relationships take in our lives is one of the most important places. And we often hear something like: "These women are impossible to understand!", "This is man talk..." and the like. It turns out that we spend most of our life with those who don't understand? Many psychologists studying this issue, and some even share the psychology of men and psychology of women. Naturally, some differences in male and female psychology is. In any case, if we want to build a harmonious relationship, you should look at these features more closely. We offer you to look at this issue of the psychologist N. I. Kozlov.

frame from the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Brakedance , 1961

I do not consider myself defective, if my vision is not able to perceive ultraviolet rays, visible, for example, our friends dogs. It's just my specific features. Similarly, the specific feature of women — the inability to see people close to them as individual, distinct from her being.

A woman can't and doesn't want to know no boundaries between people. It has no definite shape, at most, and she doesn't understand them in others. My? Not mine? Where I end? Where the other begins? — Not sure...

Especially so if the woman loves. Love for women — a complete fusion, the destruction of all borders.

  • The first man calls it devotion ("All in me!"), later, impudence and impudence ("it — it!").

But the woman really doesn't know where she ends and where another begins.

  • That is, of course, she heard about it and sometimes even believe in it; but the fact that for her it is not real. She sees the world differently.

For her the world is such a primordial soup in which flounder some clots. Somehow decorated clots call themselves a separate people, but really it's all one soup, where she continued someone, and anyone especially close to her — the continuation of it.

When life interferes with another man, he realizes that he intervenes in the life of another and violates its sovereignty. When the same goes for a woman, she's just involved in the life of the one who is its continuation.

If some crazy man shouting to her: "do Not go, it's none of your business!" the woman or upset, or offended. She will not go anywhere, she just lives in a world where everything is whole and not divided into fragments: life "my" life "stranger".

  • As a single life can be "alien"?

If it is long to beat the hand, it will pogrustit and will be afraid to move on some routes. Then the man is happy and thinks that she began to respect his sovereignty: "Afraid — means respects".

No, just afraid. The woman does not know what respect for other men's ways of mangling a single and beautiful world.

  • After this paragraph I was cruelly bitten. Guess what?

The servant and the witchWomen, as a species, much closer to the flowers than to people.© Otto Weninger

World of men — solid and dead, filled with blocks-concepts of ordered principles, limited by the laws. Therefore, any man predictable and limited.
A woman's world — a lively and shimmering, the world of touch and taste, feeling and sentiment, where everything can become everything and to gain any form. Female flies freely between what men respectfully called concepts, with a touch of a magic wand transforming your Whim in Good and Desire Truth.

Who is this Woman? Is an enchantress.

Who is this Man? — It is a slave.

  • And very often it is.

About impotencyMan, preoccupied with problems, wants to know. The woman, wearing problems, only wants to be known.

Men are absolutely wrong, when the accused women of falsity: in fact, liars are only men. A man can lie: to say the truth, remembering that it was not so. The woman never lies: every time she says WAS true, she believes it.

A normal woman is not lying, never, she just absolutely can't remember what I said a few moments ago. That is, it can use some of these a few minutes ago, but for a completely different position and feelings. Every time she stays in the here and now, and each new moment of her life — her new life.

  • Who cares what she said half an hour ago — it was half an hour ago, in her past life!

Men accuse women of inconsistency. Weird. It's like blaming the weather is that it changes. This men invented that man should be stiff and be one. The woman never limits, it is always different even in one and the same moment, especially after a full minute.

  • Men call it the discontinuity of consciousness, but it is their personal problem.

Men, for example, believe that the soul must be a policeman.

  • Sometimes they call it Conscience. Sometimes simply "I".

This controller shall at his own thoughts and feelings to FOLLOW to match what is RIGHT at all times to comply with the AGREEMENT, to ANSWER for their actions and words, to follow the LOGIC and make other tedious nonsense.

  • Here's another... Let it live its computer, the screen burst!

The woman is not stupid and live freely, outside of internal responsibility and outside of logic. As for the logic, that is, intellectual ethics, she can always use her when she is profitable; but it is always and will discard her when she need to be stop. It will be called...

  • now think... uh... uh...

It's called "feel intuitively" and "to cover the situation in integrity."

  • That is, to pull out just any little thing and no it's not justified.

A normal woman just resents the requirement to adhere to IN ALL their judgments of logic.

  • At least, this is tedious approach, and in General — complete mechanism.

Instead of logic, women have developed great taste, and she knows how to convincingly tell you why well that she likes. In addition, it is endowed with rich imagination and knows how the associative link all with anything.

  • Anything to her.

Man always feels awkward when expressed insufficiently logical and reasonable. The woman feels uncomfortable when a man expects a tough consistency and strict justification from her.

  • So was he a small child?!


  • It is possible, I suppose, on this train, and she's even going to wear that, but it is not more internally necessary than the bulldog muzzle.

It is this conscience is not ordered, and she a thousand years as not needed. Why? After all, the man and the woman have different measurements. When the cunning man, he is called a scoundrel. He's dishonest. When the cunning woman, she will be called wise. Well, what's honesty when talking about the behavior of women? published


Author: Kozlov N. And.

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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