What are the different types of friendship

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Friendship – business partnership In Ancient Greece the relationship between two business people is not perceived as friendship, and how interest in the success of the business. Then the friendship between the political leaders too often considered as a way to achieve success in politics. In the modern world, in the world of hard business and serious material according to the quality of life of people in a row if anyone can seriously believe that it is possible to preserve or create a friendship in the presence of a business partnership. Not for nothing they say: "If you want to lose a friend is hardship with business."Sometimes enough even to be members of a certain Department to see all the pitfalls of the human psyche and even smash them on the ship, his hopes for friendship. I wouldn't call a friend a business partner, and would limit a definition: "I Have a good rapport with my business partner." A person can be called a companion, a colleague, a business partner, but not the other.

Such a friendship ends if either in business or with the end of the joint business.

Friendship – friendship This is friendship people, as a rule, the associated common pastime. For example, it can be classmates, neighbors, employees of the same Department, visitors to the club, fans of any form of entertainment. In such situations people choose to communicate those people with whom they are comfortable to be around. This friendship usually ends with graduation, moving, change of club etc. If change occurs, people remain buddies, and their relationship turn into something more. A distinctive feature of this friendship is her "nonpregnant" for people, that is, friends usually don't cause any problems. If it starts to happen, people get rid of such friends, avoid them, and plant others in their place.

Friendship psychological closeness This kind of friendship based on the fact that people together comfortably and easily, because they belong to the same psychological constitutions have similar views on life and perception of the world, United by common interests, have similar temperaments and traits. People just do see each other on the way to them until they are comfortable.

According to E. Berne is the lack of interpersonal communication, the so-called "manipulative games".

The most important difference of this type of friendship – psychological proximity is NOT eternal. People together until they make each other.

Because people grow, people change, and because you can never say that "I am this man built a psychological intimacy permanently." Because tomorrow he and you in something to change a little bit. And the proximity it will be necessary to build on or friendship comes to an end.

Friendship situational It is a forced friendship. For example, someone needs to make friends with a senior Manager to be in good standing with the authorities. Or mom need to be friends with the school teacher of the child that the child had fewer problems in school. Or are parents of children attending along any section, as related training, performing, travelling fees with a safety net of other people's children, etc.

This friendship ends when ends up forming a friendship situation. A child does not attend a section and my mother never calls up with other parents - communication lost meaning for her.

Friendship is cooperation It is a social interaction in which both participants receive their social, psychological, moral, and even financial dividends. That is the person receives from the other is precisely the attitude which would like to have and in return pay him the same coin. However, unlike a partnership in business is "contract" when friendship is not regulated in writing, as it is implied. Although largely based on the logic in the following sense: for example, if you know what twice two is four, you do not need to check whether this is so. Same thing with friendship: you know what this or that person is your friend, and you don't need it every day to prove to each other. And you always, if that, is ready to help a friend out, being confident that he will always try to help you.

Surveys of men and women aged 18 to 60 years, which he spent in great Britain, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, showed that there are some unwritten rules of friendship, are equally recognized in different countries. This unwritten "code of friendship" includes the following 13 basic rules:

— to share news about their successes;

— provide emotional support;

— volunteer to help in case of need;

— try to friend it was a pleasure in your society;

— be sure to friend and to trust him;

— to protect a friend in his absence;

— to repay debts and services rendered;

— to be tolerant to other friends;

not to criticize the other publicly;

— keep trusted secrets other;

— not to be jealous and not to criticize extraneous personal touch of a friend;

not to be annoying, not to teach;

— to respect the internal world and the autonomy of the other.

The most important include the first six rules.

During the discussion all agreed that finding a friend is not easy and that make friendship is a serious psychological test...

This friendship lasts as long as the rules are executed.

Noble (real) friendship You probably already guessed that I want to say. Correct!- True friendship never ends, does not depend on rules and external circumstances, habits and characters on friendly terms, world views and temperaments, and other conditions. True friendship is unconditional like mother's love! That is why True friendship is, in fact, it is such a rare phenomenon, like true love. And it is given is not many. Not because God is greedy, but simply because not everyone is able to be FRIENDS!

Two thousand years ago, this was the Aristotle, he distinguishes mainly friendship based on any interest, and noble friendship, which alone deserves, in his opinion, the right to be present. And I totally agree with him.

How or what is tested friendship? It is not necessary to check, but some signs you need to understand that this is it. The leading symptom is a spiritual feeling and intuition. But there are simple tests for friendship:

First, distance.

My best friend went to live on the other side of town, but she remains the best friend. We have children and very busy schedules of life. But! 1.We are looking for an opportunity to see each other as often as schedules allow. 2. We corresponded by email and send each other pictures, we talk on the phone. We always know what lives, what problems it solves and that someone is ill. 3. We may temporarily "to twist" and fall out of communication. But! When someone of us, something happens - a friend is always there and does everything to help, regardless of the huge employment. I know I have the rears, I whatever happens to me, a friend will not judge me and will rush to save, even if I plunge myself out of stupidity. Distance does not divide people, if they really are friends. Richard Bach: "If you think about someone you are already with him. and No such place as far away" But its not, if we are talking about Friendship.

Second, time.

My friend went to Germany forever. Over time, she began to call less frequently, and after a few years lost interest in me. It wasn't a friendship. With my best friends (I have two) I have been friends for about 17 years, and the friendship never fades.

Thirdly, a friend is known in trouble. So. A true friend won't complain that it broke off from, or he didn't get enough sleep because of your problems or spent a lot of time, moral strength and material means. Friend will put everything he has on the soul and for the soul to help you, even hurting their children.

In the fourth, each is able to share the joy!!!!!

Almost any friend will do, will help in trouble, because otherwise he should, he realizes that it is impossible to refuse a man who trusts you. But a true friend will not only help in misfortune, but rejoice with the man. After all, to sympathize with know almost everything you can do, absolutely nothing in it is not investing. But be happy for the person, not everyone can.

English philosopher and jurist Francis bacon wrote a wonderful aphorism about friendship: True friendship multiplies the joy of two, and sorrow divides in half.

Fifthly, true friendship does not disappear under any changed circumstances .

If my girlfriend had an abortion, is deeply repugnant to me her act, it does not mean that I give up the friendship. My other best friend got in touch with the underworld, but I was not going to stop the friendship.

Sixthly, real friendship places no conditions and does not impose requirements. Girlfriend smokes and I hate cigarette smoke, but I don't put conditions or cigarette or me. Friendship should not restrict personal freedom! Each requires nothing for himself.

Seventh, a true friendship does not depend on the views of other's lives and things.

My best friend is an atheist, while at the same time, for me faith in God - based content of my life. My girlfriend lives in a Patriarchal marriage with a male despotism, at the time, as my main motto in life is freedom! My girlfriend does not share my views in the field of medicine (I do not treat children with antibiotics and do not teach them, a friend does exactly this). My friend does not recognize the science of psychology, while, as I have education of psychologist. I am incorrigible romantic, a friend of the same – a skeptic and a cynic. Everyone has the right to be the way he can or wants to be. A true friend does not change the person and accepts it for what it is. Friendship lives, regardless of the views and domestic foundations.

Eighth, the true friendship is willing to forgive. We all make mistakes, and in the course of a lifetime may quarrel with friends or hurt them. A true friend will always forgive you.

Well, the ninth and perhaps most importantly – you always know that if I stumble – the hand of a friend always at the ready! This feeling rears within you, a sense of security and says that you have a true friend!!! published:

Author: Elena Smirnova

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