Children: Love without conditions

The wonderful guarantee that the children who surround you, will grow up to be successful and happy is the unconditional love for him.

Try to approach the concept of unconditional love, which is considered to be perfect. Through it we can understand the love of self, neighbor, enemy.

Love without conditions is the ideal. Day by day we can develop it and practice because it is art. And any art requires knowledge, skills, effort and training. Winning our nature, unconditional love, like nothing else in this world needs conservation and development. If you agree with this setting, tune in to the grueling inner work: "the Soul must work day and night, day and night."

Unconditional love means love for one's neighbor no matter what. She doesn't look at existing disadvantages or advantages, not dependent on what we expect from the person we love, and most difficult, is not dependent on his behavior. The greatest test of love without conditions is the ability to separate the person from her actions. This does not mean that we have to approve or agree with everything that makes our favorite, the baby, the middle. Love continues even when we condemn someone's impious actions.

The best example of unconditional love is the feeling of the mother to the newborn. Love the little alive is easy and simple. Love him just because he exists. If mothers and fathers will be able to carry this love through the whole period of growth and maturation of the child, they can be sure that the son or daughter:

time to grow up and leave children's bad habits;

will be a confident people with a positive self-esteem for themselves and their actions;

will gain self-control in expressing his / her feelings and emotions, will be able to take responsibility for themselves and others;

implement all of the potential possibilities inherent in the End;

will be protected from the destructive qualities of the person as rejection, fear, guilt, self judgment, lack of confidence in your position.

If your relationship with your children will be based on the requirements and restrictions, you will Express your love to them only when their actions will correspond to your expectations, then you will raise children who:

will feel in the life of their incompetence;

they will believe that it is useless to try to do something good, because it will never be enough;

in life, these adults are haunted by the sense of insecurity in their abilities, anxiety, and low self-esteem;

constant companions such as adult – indecision, inability to make decisions, to follow the promises.

What you want to see children in the future? Take your pick.
For your own sake and for the sake of their children struggling try to keep your love as close as possible was used for absolute and unconditional. The future of children is based on this Foundation.

A careful study of the concept of unconditional love, there is great difficulty in understanding it. But what about in practice?

It turns out that we love the child, his neighbor, but they can never learn. Great difficulties arise in how to Express their unconditional love. What to do to the person we love, also felt it and was able to answer?

Most parents have a sense of love for the child in your heart can be very strong. But this is not enough. Does the child in our behavior because of internal love for him? Researchers in child psychology have come to the conclusion that the child always asks parents the same question "do you Love me?". But since children are not yet Mature in their feelings, then they ask this question not by words but by their behavior. The answer to this question is very important to them. If we love the child certainly, they will never doubt it and will be sure that the answer to your question will always hear: "Yes." But if we emphasize his love reservations, children do not feel safe and begin to worry. We are, without realizing it, give the answer the child is our reaction to his behavior. Only unconditional love will help us to understand how we — parents, teachers, coaches — have to respond properly to the actions of children, may not always be acceptable. The ability to Express and show feelings of love to the children and will be one of the subsequent mailing.

And today, let's make that words and actions are the primary indicators of our love in the child's understanding. To realize something greater, he cannot judge of your love only with his children's need to be loved always.

One of the qualities of unconditional love is meeting the needs of the person we love. Man comes into this world helpless. He is totally dependent on the people who surround him and fill necessary needs. One of the important duties of parents and teachers is to give all the necessary for the growth and development of young children.

We are also responsible to convey its role in filling vital needs of the daughter or son in person of the child, considering age features. Distortion in this process lead to many abnormalities, only because of illiteracy in matters of education (and not always for lack of love).

Therefore, conscientious parent, educator, just an older friend carefully observes the child and records the moments of his growth and maturation and changes its behavior. Question about filling vital needs is the key in matters of Christian education. published



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