Possible true friendship between a man and a woman?

The possibility of true friendship between a man and a woman often doubt our distrustful citizens. Especially from jealous husbands and wives. And rightly so. Ideally, if two healthy, attractive individuals of different sexes honestly friends with each other, it is likely that some of them are still lying. That is wants from this “friendship” of something else, but silent. With lying it one, since, if both lied, then it would not be friendship. But in our world anything is found, so why miprove relations to be of a friendly nature? Below is the classification of male friends that may be in a woman without any “second thought”.

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1.Little boy.

You both probably around 5-6 and you together enthusiastically playing with dolls. But the suspicion that something here not so, then torment your delicate brain. There was something troubling in his comrades, when he concentrated to dress up your doll Mary. But what?


Your friend grew and gave to acquaint you with your boyfriend? Everything is fine – your friendship for the ages. Continue to play with dolls. And what happened in his childhood? Nothing — just a thought!

3.Childhood friend.

Reliability and sincerity. Tested working version. He was like a brother. But not my sister, and it is worth remembering. Here it is brought to acquaint you and your girl – gray, bow-legged mouse with small eyes. And you, shaking his head, accepted you frankness: “What are you, brother, can a woman normal find?” This usually ends the friendship. You to myself with a sigh after him, “Well I better...” Sister, in this sense, it is more convenient.

4. Former.

If you really managed to part amicably and to mutual exhaustion (which in itself is already a perfect situation), you can get the perfect friend. He understands, and reliable, and knows thoroughly all of your features. In addition, a universal. When a new love yet to be found, and the physical need, he will help. Out of friendship.


Not a friend, actually, not an enemy, as well. It can be your colleague, classmate or neighbour, a man in your living space is not your choice, but you become familiar and perceive as its integral part. Meet sometimes to chat in a cafe. Good, too, especially when friends are no longer who and free ears need. Just remember that friendship is a long-term stable relationships, trust, mutual interest and willingness to help. And to listen to your whining about boring work and pay for your coffee that's not friendship.

6.Spiritual ally.

No, not a mentor, but someone of your caliber, close in spirit but far from sex (at least with you). He really doesn't want you, and you when you both physical and moral flaws, and the relationship meet your definition of friendship. There are two possible options: either one of you has disingenuous, or you're both at a decent stage of spiritual awakening, and primitive communication at the level of the lower chakras is not for you. In any case, it's better to check the wings and halo.

7.Regular guy.

Yes, Yes. There is no trick. Normal guy. Man. You're just not a woman. You may be a skirt wearing, good-looking, but inside you lives a man. Is he like a bottle of gin appeared in front of your puzzled friend and held out his hand: “nice to meet you! Innokenty!” It is your nature that your friend instinctively perceives as similar to your. The prospects of such a good friendship. In anything else it does not grow, as long as you don't Wake up the inner woman. Perhaps in your personal life is not going smoothly, but you have friends. published 

Author: Olga Cherkasova


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

Source: Olga Cherkasova


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