9 questions that raise the relationship to a new level

Let's face it - we all like shortcuts. We like it when everyone gets easily. As in the work, money, and in the relationship.

Many of us often take them as something for granted. Even not knowing at the same time, the relationship between a man and a woman - this is something to be carefully work

. If you do not, you can get into the trap of "lazy" relationships that exist simply, instead of to thrive and make both partners happy.

Now answer honestly as this state of affairs for you? Did you meet or have been married for several years. It is not so important.

More importantly. If your feelings are sincere, the desire to get closer to the man, to know and understand it - it is a natural phenomenon. And it in no case should not be ignored.

Otherwise, at some point you will realize that your relationship has become "lazy" and do not bring the former joy.

Therefore, if you do not lose important emotional component of your relationship, it is important to be loved and to feel cared for men, keep reading.

How to make a relationship between a man and a woman deeply

Quite a few couples choose to ignore arising from day to day minor troubles on the principle of "hide the garbage under the rug." Here they are, and here we have them covered - and like them have not! What sort things out, if you can just pretend that nothing had happened and all is well again?

All relationships between a man and a woman begin to gradually explore each other. During this period are frequent petty quarrel on the basis of mutual misunderstanding. And that's fine. After all, this is one way to understand what a person really is your partner, and how to make your relationship more deeply.

It is important to learn how to solve problems in this period, and not hide them "under the carpet". But there is another way to deepen relations between men and women and the establishment of mutual understanding.

I recommend periodically ask your man some of the following questions. And also requested him to ask them to you.

It's incredible, but even 30 minutes a week allocated for the event, can make the relationship between man and woman is much stronger and firmer.

Do not trust? Try it just once and see what happens. If you do not like, no one can force you to do it again.

But this exercise can transfer your relationship from a state of being "lazy relations" to the level of prosperity. As a result, you will no longer be tempted to hide "garbage under the carpet", and leave the problem unresolved. You will learn to reduce them to a minimum.

So, here are 9 questions to help make the relationship between a man and a woman deeply, if they ask them to each other and honestly answer them.

1. Can I make you feel more comfortable with me?

This is a great question to ask in relation to your pastime, personal communication, and in terms of intimacy.

Ask him what he wants. What particularly pleased him when he is around you. Maybe soak a few minutes in silence, deeply inhaling your scent. Or he needs to embrace, as an expression of love. Or enough to establish eye contact "eye to eye».

2. our sex life?

Do you satisfied But do not just ask the man a question, whether its joint sexual life happy. It is better to try sometimes gently let him down to the theme of innovation in your overall sex life.

Interested in what else he wanted to try it, that he is interested. Also offer their own versions. Surely, too, there you have the desire to that effect.

It is important to remember that this issue is appropriate to ask, if the relationship between men and women have already moved to block intimacy. If you're just starting to meet, it is not relevant. It is better to postpone it for the future.

3. How can I best support you through life?

In principle, it is likely that it and so happy with everything. But this happens rarely. Therefore, in most cases, this issue can catch the desired strings in your partner's mind and awaken in him a desire to talk about their desires. Maybe it will be something simple but a bit unusual like, "I want each of my reason for waking up in the morning was a sweet kiss from you. It really able to lift my mood for the day. »

This may be something more. For example - "Although we agreed that we would take turns to cook, but I have a hard week at work and I will probably have to be delayed for a long time and come back later. Could you at this time to take on the responsibility for cooking dinner?. »

As a result, the relationship between a man and a woman become much stronger and stronger after each such case mutual.

4. I accidentally made something that was unpleasant to you?

your man answer to this question may well surprise you. For example, you think that everything is fine between you. But after talking surfaced moments that were not always pleasant for your men. Be careful. Listen and do not interrupt.

If your partner will dare to answer this question, it would be a bold move. After all, his story about that because of your actions hurt him than he was disappointed, it may cause you some pain.

It can be very difficult to put all honest. After that, sincerely thank him for his revelation and ask for forgiveness if you feel guilty or uncomfortable.
Can you promise to reform and do not allow such. Your man will be pleased.

5. How do I behave when you come home from work?

Of course, directly to ask this question is not desirable. But you can gently bring the man to answer it.
Why do it? A man can want something specific, what you'll never guess she did not. What it is important for men to him.

Maybe he wants you to be interested in how he spent the day at work. Maybe he needs a little bit mentally relax, and your best gift for him after a hard day's work will be half an hour of absolute silence. Comply with this request, you're still a few steps closer to understanding his inner world.

By the way, this question might seem to you that I am describing the relationship between a man and a woman, who is sitting at home, waiting for his arrival. This is not quite true.

Do you remember that I had initially recommended to ask these questions to each other? If you are first expressed an interest in his personal preferences, then soon a man will ask about your desires. For example, how to raise you up at the end of a hard day, if you also work.

6. Is there any kind of physical contact that will help you feel more loved?

Now it's not just about the kinds of sexual contact (we have already said about this).

Perhaps there is some kind of physical intimacy, which he lacks. Maybe he loves when you play with his hair. Or is it like when you come and hug him from behind.

Options can be set, because each individual relationship between a man and a woman unique. And to find out, you just have to ask them. And then often implement them.

7. Are we close enough (in his view)?

Our individual needs may vary from day to day. Maybe your partner all week succumbed to severe stress, and now he needs more care, compliments and support. Or, conversely, it is now rapidly climbing the ladder, constantly busy and he needs more time and personal space.

The request for greater autonomy does not mean that it has become as much as you like, but the affection and care that he is weak. Just people have emotional needs, which are caused by the presence in their lives different events.
And the better you learn to cater to their needs, and so you tell him about her, the more will become your relationship deeper.

8. Do you have the experience, due to which you feel stressed? Can I help you cope with them?

The answer to this question will provide an opportunity to understand the challenges it faces.

This can be uncomfortable for both of you, but otherwise you will not be able to understand and to help. Can you rephrase the question so that it sounded softer and more appropriate.

Everything that falls under the category of "How can I be useful to you in your business?" Adds the depth of the relationship between man and woman.

9 questions that raise the relationship between a man and a woman to the next level

9. What topics and situations in which you talk seriously? How can I support you in those moments?

This question can be set every couple of months. Everyone has their "cockroaches in my head," which makes him feel vulnerable in different situations.

Maybe it is very inconvenient when you publicly criticize him, even if it is a joke. Or he closes emotionally when you begin to talk about sex.

Perhaps, there was some kind of failure in the bedroom, which is why he feels very embarrassed and ashamed. No need to "climb into the soul" and beg for his answers to these questions as the interrogation. Try to find out the position of his desire to love and respect him as a man.

The most effective way to restore order in the relations

I do not want to show you what I recommend around the clock to focus on solving all the problems of your partner. In no case! Let me remind you again that this is just a tool that helps you to better understand each other.

Moreover, not all questions should be asked at one time. Assess the situation and choose the most suitable. For some of them it will give more detailed answers on the other - less. Several questions can generally be ignored, as deemed inappropriate to respond to them. Take it. Give your man time.

These questions provide an opportunity to start a dialogue within the couple, the presence of which few can boast. That is how the relationship between a man and a woman are transferred to an entirely different, qualitatively new level.

Many things can be hidden "under the carpet". 9 But these issues are the most essential tools that help to extract all, even the most minor troubles. Get rid of all the accumulated "garbage" to make you really close and happy couple.

I believe that everything will turn out at you!

Author: Jaroslav Samoilov


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