Friendship between a man and a woman?

Friendship between a man and a woman is one of the most delicate questions, because the line between friendship and more personal relationship quite slippery. Friendship is when people look not at each other, and one way, that is, when there is a common interest, common object. It can be army friendship, friendship between scientists, stamp collectors, or perhaps even the friendship between the bandits. The subject of friendship can be very different things, but if there is no subject which is interesting for both, the friendship does not happen.

Love, love is when two people are subject to each other, where the interests of the man himself. There is always the danger that the friendship will develop into something bigger, more personal, deeper, more directed at each other. So if you are friends a boy and a girl, then it is very good and very welcome. In friendship man shows himself, we can more clearly see the other in action. Say: "Take it with him to explore and understand who he is." Deep friendship or superficial in any case reveals a person's character. If, for example, students together rebuild the temple together, go camping together or kids help, and then suddenly fall in love, then this love has the potential to end a good marriage because they love to know each other.

If a friendship starts between a married man and a married woman, when a man is already bound to the ties of marriage and commitment, all this can easily and quickly escalate into an inappropriate relationship. And so unobtrusively, the purer and more elevated person. People in General and men in particular in their arrangement, is often subject to passions, and looking at a beautiful woman or girl, a man usually begins to experience the appropriate feelings. Him with himself all clear that he had to her.

If the same person used with sexual passion to fight and doing it successfully (called Christianity), if he thinks about the high, and a woman he had become friends on the subject, for example, the joint reading of the hymns, it is very easy to miss the moment when friendship turns already into something deeper and more serious. That is grows in the love or love, which for him is unacceptable.

Love has a property such that, after passing a certain threshold, it is very difficult to fight. If the person truly love, then it is very difficult to stop when the feeling seized his whole being.

Being in love is one of the strongest and thrills that one can experience. And the sharper and more unexpected it is dumped on him, if he is accustomed to high thinking, if it's about anything that particular thought.

We are composed of body and soul, and our soul can lose the time of occurrence of the tendency to another person while the body is still silent. And when it suddenly wakes up, the soul will not have the strength to repel this onslaught, because it has long given up. It is necessary to know. It is necessary to teach in the school. Unfortunately, many people believe that such friendship is possible. Many.

Often married men of interest to the opposite sex, women offer friendship. I repeatedly faced it. And women understand that a man is not going to leave my family. I have to hear this: "Well, I wanted to be his assistant, I wanted to be his angel. Wife is wife, she their functions, their duties, but you need to take care of him. About family, he cares, and I would like to take care of him. Someone to share his interests. Someone inspired him".

Any man (and therefore woman) needs to pay careful attention to when any woman appears out of the total number of other women: as friends or as colleagues, which is also a kind of friendship.

For example, the husband is a scientist, his wife is a homemaker, and have a female colleague who, just like him, passionate about this work. And if it gets some special person in his life, even if only in the relationship to work, then this should immediately run away, because, most likely, it will end badly. Passion for something tend to grow into passion for each other. Therefore, if you are married, then I advise you to be friends with your husband or wife or with people of the same sex. It is possible to be friends, but no one at the same time failing.

The sign when the line between friendship and netugba can be crossed, is when a person begins to take in your life a special place. Its dependence on the person can be checked.

Why, for example, we need posts? To understand how we are dependent. You can eat meat? . Why do we not eat during lent? In particular, to understand how we are dependent on this And from this relationship to get rid of.

And in personal relationships: the dependency is easy to check, increasing the distance. If, after leaving for a week, I feel that I can live without it, and if I'm married, so the situation must be corrected urgently, including (if no other choice) and completely stopping the relationship.



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