"Never with anyone not argue, better a manicure." Wise article about how to live without pain.

Once everyone comes a turning point when he lost everything, all alone with his hands standing on a crossroads, not knowing where to go on and not knowing that this is the most difficult time of his life, he is on the verge of something new. After all, every finish - it is, in fact, start. Erich Maria Remarque wrote: "Free the only one who lost everything." Sounds a little absurd, is not it? But only a man who has remained virtually with nothing, can comprehend the essence of the message. At such moments, you drown in doubt, it is necessary to find reliable support and strong spiritual core.

If you know the feeling firsthand team Ofigenno.cc wants to introduce you to a very interesting and incredibly useful articles psychologists and psychotherapists Pauline Gaverdovsky. Invaluable advice this modern and incredibly charming woman can become a lifeline just for you. I am sure those words will resonate in your heart!

Once you realize that there was one. In fact, you were always alone, but this understanding is usually delayed. Parents die, changed husbands, lovers change, kids grow up. Or do you leave itself from the people, because they are now strangers. It breaks down what worked yesterday. No matter what happens, remember that loneliness is always behind like winter. Maturity - is the ability to be alone, not dramatizing. Preparing in advance is better, I'll tell you how:

1. All except close relatives, can be replaced. B> No one and nothing happens in a single instance. To let new people into your life, even if you do not understand yet, do you have in common. Once you realize that there was one, and it will save you.

2. Always try new: food, clothing, itineraries, gadgets, activity, films, books, theories and explanations of the universe. The brain is made of gum lazy. The farther away, the more he wants to bend in the same places, the remaining convolutions tend to disappear. Do not let him stick to the same things, pleasures, ways, methods and tricks. Always try new, especially when you're too lazy, scared or do not want.

3. Forgive everyone can forget the rest. B> Oblivion - the best punishment, and the best medicine. And never with anyone not argue, better a manicure.

4. There's no hurry. B> All that is fast, short-lived. If you really want something - do. If got sick, so it was not necessary. Wildcats postpone desires and actions, giving them a "lie down." Do something, what you're not sure, but if the desire haunts you for a long time.

5. This paragraph complements the previous one: if you really want something and you think it right, do it. Desire is life. Let's wish to live in and follow Him. If not disappeared - follow Him.

6. Do not give up until something you want. B> Good luck - it's an experience, that is, the number of repetitions. Any failure - lack of experience and experience is compensated. Courage and risk - it is an experience. What sometimes looks like utter audacity - it is an experience. Resistance, tolerance, forgiveness, stability and independence - all this experience. The main thing - do not give up until something you want.

7. Nothing is the end, even the end: for all a. Remember that in despair, grief, at the grave of a friend, I loved reading the letter, who left you. It is sure to be a day when you'll say, "And to the best!" Nothing is the end: once you realize that there was one, and this idea will save you.

8. Nothing will end, but the end is near. B> and it is useful to think he - tomorrow. Then it is easier to follow all these points.

9. Do what you want, but take care of my body, or it will suddenly avenge you. Acquire the habit of asking what it wants, and do it. If you've never listened to the body and does not know how to speak it, I start with simple things like forest walks, swimming or yoga. Then everything will happen by itself: the body is waiting to be heard.

10. Romance, love and passion - that's fine. B>

11. The last thing to worry - that people think about you. B> People think mostly about themselves and about you, meryaya own. That is, they do not think any of you, or each other.

12. Fear of confidence. B> Confidence - early senility. I doubt allowed other options are left open escape routes themselves and others. I doubt at every point which I have written. But this very second, perhaps, leave everything as it is. One day I was left alone to check, I will save you all this.

PS This is the only point on which I have no doubt: Take care of your friends. Friends - the only thing is to accumulate (I still manage to). Once I understand what was left alone, and friends immediately descend and say, "You're absolutely blown away? You've got us! "And it's true.

You must always be ready for any situation. Remember, after a heavy rain always comes the sun. It's the law of nature. Any crisis - it is an opportunity to start his life anew, to bring to her wildest dreams and become stronger. And well, when even in the moments of solitude around you are people close to the heart. Share this incredibly severe psychological article with your friends, who are now in a difficult position.



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