Top 10 most unpopular countries in travelers

March 4th 76 years would have been the legendary traveler Yury Senkevich. It was with him for decades the Soviet people could learn from the screens of other countries. Now, the Ukrainians are free to travel around the world and techno bigmir) net is 10 seats, which are less likely to interest travelers and tourists.
10th place. Antarctica

~ Popular among tourists: 0/10
~ Level of difficulty obtaining a visa: 0/10 - visa
~ Natural beauty: 10/10
~ Unusual environment: 33/50
~ Conflict: 3/10

What is unusual Antarctica? U> em>
It is ruled by eternal winter, worth wild cold, because the continent is ice about a mile thick - in other words, a country outside temperatures, where in the winter cold and dark the whole day, and in the summer as cold, but still flooded with light. And everywhere penguins. Landscape often appears simultaneously depressing and charmingly, snow-capped mountains loom over you, and a snow cave fascinates with its beauty and make you think about what is stored in the eternal ice. Antarctica - a mysterious place, carefully hiding their secrets.

Nevertheless Antarctica always tried to conquer a lot of researchers are constantly moving from place to place inland. Today it attracts more and more retirees and people between the ages to enjoy untouched nature. If you find a particular desire to plunge into the era of the ice age, and you are in good physical shape, why not go there?

What we liked in Antarctica:

breathtaking views of the mountains ice
and, of course, penguins!

9th place. East Timor


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