America's Next Top Model

They are currently 17. Sensational show «America's Next Top Model», which we translate as "America's Next Top Model", every season brings forth the next model, which must succeed. By the way, Russia has its own show "Top Model in Russian».

The show was conceived as a promotion of Tyra Banks. The essence of the game is simple - it's all the same, "Cinderella", but this time on the podium. Want to become cool and change your life? Take part in the show and become America's Next Top Model: walk down the runway, smiling photos, hope for the contract. Interestingly, none of the winners of the super-model or even the top model did not. However, some shone in films and serials, but well-known, for example, many top models, no one came. Even Alice Sewell, model, whose career has been quite successful, especially in Japan, where it is considered a star.

Although magical transformation on the show "America's Next Top Model" still occur. At least for photo shoots where from provincials do these beauties. But what to take with lay persons, even if the super-model without make-up do not look?

My favorite participant - winner of the first season Adrianne Curry. Adrianne came to the show, when she was 20. At that time she was no one to call in any way, worked as a waitress somewhere in the American wilderness. Everyone thought that it will take off first - so it does not fit the definition of a model at all, is not that America's Next Top Model. Time passed, but not all Adrianne flew and flew, and it is in the final, she stands in front of the jury and looks better than all its rivals looked for all the show, and received the title of America's Next Top Model. Adrianne almost crying, and the only thing she could say: "The waitress in the past, now my life has changed forever».

And despite the fact that Adrianne has not received the promised contract, as in the model did not take it because of age, her life has really changed. And that brings me to this project - I like the fairy tale of Cinderella and I love when it is embodied in the fact, at least a little.

1. Adrianne Curry

2. John House

3. Eva Pigford

Eva "Diva", as she calls herself, opened the way for all the black models. After her win blacks and then alternately won the title of the next top model America. By the way, in the same season with her in the first place he fought Suofford Amanda, a girl with a very serious eye disease.

4. Naima Mora

5. Nicole Linkletter

By the way, Nicole - one of the few winners that really could be a real top models. But something stopped her.

6. Danielle "Dani" Evans

7. CariDee English

8. Jaslene Gonzalez

9. Salish Stowers

10. Whitney Thompson

What is remarkable in this model? She plus size! Plus-size models a bit and after the defeat Tokkary no one believed that the "form" will occupy the first place in the show. But it happened, and that's Whitney Thompson can compete for the title of the best plus-size models, including the show and lost Toccara Jones.

11. Brittany "McKee" Sullivan

About the winner can not hear anything, but one of the participants, anal Tipton, going to star in a movie in 2012.

12. Teyona Anderson

13. Nicole Fox

Another Nicole is another contender for the title of a real top model.

14. Krista White

15. Ann Ward

Nicole Linkletter Nicole Fox and Ann Ward - these are the names of those who can achieve great heights in modeling. By the way, the last two were taken for Vogue, that is an achievement.

16. Brittany Kline

17. Lisa D'Amato

She is 30 years old. Of course, it can be seen. And where the judge looked, when the winner was chosen for the role model that is clearly no future in modeling?


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