The poorest countries in the world

Five years ago, researchers at the Legatum Institute - a think-tank in London - sat down for drawing up ranking the most prosperous countries in the world. Only recently they published the results of his study, called "Prosperity Index 2010". The rating included 110 countries, which account for 90% of the population. Each country is evaluated on 89 criteria which were grouped into eight integrated indicators, such as economics, business, government, education, health, security, personal freedom and social capital. Recently, we published the top 10 of this list. Now let's look at who took the last place, according to a study of British scientists.
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1. Thus, the 101 th place out of 110 countries on the criterion of well-being has got to Zambia. It is best then developed control system and individual freedom (68th and 73rd place among 110 countries of the world, respectively). Slightly worse is the case here with security (81 th) and education (94 th). But other indicators of Zambia is the last ten countries.

2. Cameroon got the second place in terms of well-being in the top ten of the poorest countries in the world. Relatively good here with the freedom of the individual - 65 in the world rankings. Economics and education is also something like "wallow" (87th and 97th place in the world). But in terms of business opportunities, political management, safety and public welfare Cameroon is among the out-insiders.

3. Mozambique, took third place in the top ten of the least prosperous countries, is a relatively safe state (73 th place in the world by that criteria). Economics, management and personal freedom here, too, regarding the development (82 th, 82 th and 85 th). The level of material security of the population of Mozambique took the 93rd place in the world. And only the opportunity, education and health there is one of the ten most weak in the world.

4. Kenya takes 104 place in the ranking, compiled by British researchers. Relatively well against the background of the rest then look individual freedom and social welfare (77 th). But other indicators are on the border of the last world tens and abroad for it.

5. Yemen its 105 th step in the world ranking went solely because the level of social welfare (79 th). But according to other criteria the state is a leader among the last ten or lagging at the end of the penultimate.

6. Nigeria - 106th country out of 110 in terms of welfare - are not among the ten worst only by the criteria of economy (90th place), individual freedom (94th) and material level of the population (89 th).

7. Ethiopia "pulled out" of the three poorest countries in the world of well-being indicators (85th place). Political control and individual freedom here almost hit the world last ten (99 th and 93 th). But other indicators of Ethiopia confidently stuck in the top 10 at the end.

8. South Africa, according to British scientists, the third country in the world in terms of poverty. According to the criteria of health and education, it ranks last in the world. Economy and business here one hundred and fifth in the world ranking management - one hundred and six, security - one hundred and two, and social well-being - the one hundred and third. And only on the level of development of individual freedoms South Africa is on the 69th place in the world.

9. More worse things in Pakistan. Here is the poorest and most unfree people in the world. Economics and business opportunities - the strongest part of the state (respectively 86th and 88th place in the world). Pakistan medicine is on the 91 th place in the world, but all the other figures "dragged" to the ten out-insiders.

10. Finally, the most unfortunate country in the world - Zimbabwe. Only the criterion of social welfare, it is out of the worst scores (88th place). But economic development, business opportunities, political governance and security of Zimbabwe generally occupy the last place in the world



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