The evolution of goals from all FIFA World Cup since 1930

The first thing I would like to congratulate the Spanish victory and view the evolution of soccer balls,
starting with a simple ball first championship in 1930 in Uruguay and ending with high-tech "Jabulani» (Jabulani),
official football World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Photos balls made German photographer
Haylmann Jens (Jens Heilmann) for the project «Die Weltmeisterschaftsbälle».

Soccer ball «T-Model» World Cup-1930, which was held in Uruguay.

Soccer ball «Federale 102" of the World Cup-1934 Italii.Fotograf Ron Galella

Soccer ball «ALLEN» World Cup-1938 in France.

Soccer ball «Super Duplo T» FIFA World Cup-1950 in Brazil.


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