Striving for freedom dog stuck in a hole in the wall

During a desperate attempt to escape from prison hungry dog ​​stuck in the slot walls.
Trying to get out of imprisonment and stuck in the wall opening Rottweiler
pleading eyes staring at the fire, came to save the unfortunate animal.
Special service called neighbors who noticed the dog's head sticking straight out from the wall.

The owner left the dog in the house without food and water. Hungry, Rottweiler started looking for any possible way to get out of the house. All windows and doors were closed, so the dog tried to escape through the only possible way to freedom - a hole in the wall.

24-year-old owner of the dog, the dog has left to fend for themselves and left for the weekend fun, brought to administrative responsibility. The court sentenced him to a fine and 100 hours of unpaid social work. The authorities believe that such a severe punishment will benefit the animals whose owners sometimes carelessly and irresponsibly relate to the content of their pets.

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