Once Upon a Dog: prizes, ratings and a love of the audience

This cartoon famous director Eduard Nazarov, who made it his motives Ukrainian folk tale. The story itself is in this cartoon tells us about the good Canis, which was no use to anyone, and the owners decided to expel him from the yard. Especially they became angry at him when their guard-dog did not bark, and the house was robbed. But the dog comes to the aid of his enemy Wolf, who saves him from death and ready to lend a helping hand, just to keep him alive. Sly Wolf comes up with a plan to Dog owners were able again to respect and to feed, he kidnaps the child and dog rescues him from the wolves. For the fact that he saved a baby from wolves, Canis again began to love.

This is the most wonderful of all Soviet cartoon cartoons such sincere and kind. You just should look at it. This cartoon is so much humor and all this thanks to the protagonists Dog and Wolf. You can watch over and over again and never tired of repeating the funniest phrase: "Sho? Again? "Or" Right now sing "that cause laughter.
Very quiet and easy Cartoon is not only interesting for children, but also adults. It contains a very beautiful and true story about friendship that is not only inspiring, but also makes Wolf recalls with a smile.

There was a cartoon dog, though founded 30 years ago, is considered the best embodiment of the Ukrainian theme in the animation. Moscow animator Eduard Nazarov in the short animated film with a wolf and a dog starring handed Ukrainian national character better than anyone else of local filmmakers.
Nazarov has created some of the most striking and recognizable images of Soviet animation - a story of friendship wolf and dog on the background of peasant life of the Ukrainian village became the original card as Soyuzmultfilm Moscow and Ukraine. T-shirts with the image of the heroes and famous phrases from the movie - Right now sing !, God help you! Well, you come in and, if that! - In Kiev souvenir shops still coexist alongside national Embroideries.

In 2012, at the opening of the Festival of Animated Film in Suzdal cartoon became the first in the ranking of the 100 best Russian cartoons for 100 years, beating the famous Well, wait a minute! and Hedgehog in the Fog.
Success accompanied Dog always. In 1983, he won the first prize at the International Film Festival in Odense (Denmark), but then won a special jury prize at the Festival of Animated Film in Annecy (France), shone in the film festivals in Yugoslavia, Poland and Australia.

With his literary prototypes cartoon Nazarov met back in the post-war childhood. Father of the director once brought his son a little book, the title which the boy immediately found "error." "Oh, look at the cover letter not written Cuzco, and not a fairy tale - he complained to his father. But parents explained that the book is written in Ukrainian and therefore there is no error. It tells the director himself, he did then easily mastered: "Languages ​​something similar".
One of those "kazok" about the dog Lassie and his friend the wolf Muscovite remembered in 30 years, when he was a young art director at a national animation studio Soyuzmultfilm. Then the children's book once again got into his hands, but in the Russian translation.

Began to think what life was a wolf, what a dog when they were young ... And so gradually, gradually unfolded events
"At first glance, the tale quite unremarkable. It is generally very brief, just a few lines - said Nazarov. - But there was only one expression: "Right now, sing!". And somehow I hooked it. Began to think what life was a wolf, what a dog when they were young ... And so gradually, gradually unfolded events ".
Events Ukrainian tale unfolds on a national background, seems to be far from Moscow director. But it is precisely this Nazarov had no problems. In the 1970s, animator regularly stayed in town Tsyurupinsk Kherson region with his army friend and classmate Moscow Stroganov School of Industrial Art.

According to the stories of the author Dog, provincial town Tsyurupinsk actually looked like a large village, where they could meet and white huts, thatched with reeds, and boys and girls singing in the evenings on the street folk songs, "just like in the old days." "In general, something caught out - the mood, flavor. All this had in mind, and migrated to the film, "- said Nazarov.
Construct a cartoon Ukrainian village director and helped sketches made in the Kiev Ethnographic Open Air Museum - the famous Pirogov. Nazarov was like Lviv and ethnographic museums, where he made sketches of clothes, utensils, dishes and all sorts of little things.

A real gem material was the music, which the author of the cartoon procured in 1980 at the Institute of Folklore and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences. Agency staff gave Nazarov large tape reel with old songs recorded by ethnographers in Ukrainian villages.
Five of these folklore, among whom were there on Oh Hori and Ta dad Kosiv, Kosiv I - went into the film. The author of this soundtrack, became famous creations Nazarov, turned amateur ensemble Tree of Poltava Kryachkovka village, established in 1958. Today, he is known for his unique technique of polyphony far beyond Ukraine.

Trip to Ukraine led to the fact that the material Nazarov recruited animated film in two parts the general timing of 15 minutes.
But in the end the whole cartoon lasts only ten minutes. According to the director, the wolf and the dog roam not given then head film studio Soyuzmultfilm, with whom multiplier were tensions.
"I wanted to make was clearly tells the story, but in the end, some things get patter - says the director. - For example, the scene where the wolf with the dog sitting on the hill and howling at the moon, I would like to make longer. In general, psychologically, many things can be lengthened. " However, the head of the studio insisted that the cartoon came out short.

But thanks to this story Nazarov acquired the very brevity of which, in the opinion of Cherkassy, ​​the audience did appreciate it. Background characters that Nazarov was going to film in detail, due to time constraints resulted in a brief but brilliant dialogue, the memory of the wolf and the dog:
 - Do you remember how you drove me?
 - So I ...
 - Well, this work ...
By the way, the main characters voiced star of Soviet cinema actors George Burke (dog) and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (wolf) was added ribbon glory. And for Dzhigarkhanyan it was a debut in animation. Initially, the director had planned to be the wolf actor Mikhail Ulyanov - the most famous cinematic Marshal Georgy Zhukov in the USSR, but that during the summer holidays was not in Moscow. And the young officer studio ventured to appeal to a different value of the movie.
And although Dzhigarhanyanu novice director was looking for a special approach, he agreed immediately. However, Nazarov feared that saw laid in the studio drawings of a wolf, he became angry and refused to work - so great was the physical resemblance stooped figure of the artist and painted a hero.
"Wolf hunchback - Dzhigarkhanyan slouching. And I was scared, suddenly he told me something close up! - Said Nazarov. - And he did, looked and said: "What a normal wolf, will work".

• Wolf first had to announce Mikhail Ulyanov, however, due to permanent employment in the filming, invite him in "Once Upon a Dog" failed.
• Sound to leave the cart at the beginning of the cartoon Nazarov borrowed from films "Chapaev».
• Nazarov wrote the script of the cartoon for a year.
• Bronze monument Wolf weighing about 200 kg was built in Tomsk in 2005. Authors - foundry Maxim Petrov and consultant artist Leonty Usov. Wolf can pronounce eight phrases ("Right now, sing!", "God help you!" "Well, you come in, if that!" And others.).
• Steel sculpture Wolf weighing two tons on the sketch artist Michael Iwashko established in Angarsk, Irkutsk region in 2007. When stroking the belly of the Wolf says, "Right now, sing!". Wolf "knows" and other catchphrase.
• In 2013, in the city center installed a wooden sculptural sitting under the table and the Wolf Dog. Author - Vinnytsia sculptor Vladimir Hare.
• In the fall of 2013 in s. Petrine Kiev Sviatoshynsky district installed sculptural composition consisting of sitting on a pedestal Wolf and Dog standing next. The composition is complemented stylized braided fence.

Some quotes from the movie:
• Wolf: God help you ... You sho, trees lazish?
Dog: Yes, that's ... like a bird ...
Wolf: Yeah ...
Dog: Yeah, I - walking ... walking ...
Wolf: Yeah! .. Kicked?
• Wolf: Do you remember how you drove me?
Dog: For me, it's ...
Wolf: Well, yes. Such work, huh? And all my life here to wind and no I will not let myself bone.
Dog: For me, it's ...
Wolf: Now, as I am, and?
• Dog: Dite not squeezed?
Wolf: Yes sho him to do?
Dog: Well, so far!
• Dog: I is ...
Wolf: Sho ?! Again ?!
Dog: No ... You ... Do you want it ...?
• Wolf: SchA sing! ..
Wolf: And now - just sing!
Wolf: Ssu-pa-si-ba!
Wolf: You come in, if that! ..


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