Memory of loyalty and devotion to man.

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"The gods do not count the lifetime spent on the walk with the dog." (Folk wisdom)

Dare I still see the movie "Hachiko" and here is the result impressions. Something spodviglo me to find these stories, well, on the "course of the play" has wanted to post information, and just about the famous dog. And even though some do not erect a monument, they still deserve to be remembered. Related topics seen. A few days gathering information. Maybe someone and enjoy ... So ...

1. It happened in the 70s. From Kiev Faith Arsen'evna Kotlyarevskaya, an activist of the Kiev Society for the Protection of animals, biology teacher of the Kiev Pedagogical Institute, came to Moscow on business. At the Vnukovo airport, among the bustle Flight Shepherd drew her attention, which lay in waiting position. As it turned out, the dog is 2 years waiting for her owner, who left her at the airport. All this time the shepherd took care of airport employees, but none of the people she was close and did not admit. When the plane arrived, Shepherd became very excited, every cell in her body was filled with eager anticipation. The owner did not return. He gave the dog. Behind her were worried about it written in the press, but to help a dog grief, no one could. On the part of local authorities, it was decided to shoot it. Faith Arsen'evna arrived on the scene at the right time, she knew immediately that he could influence the course of events. A week passed before the dog (hereinafter named Palma) believe the woman and allowed to wear a collar. Then there was a flight to Kiev, where the dog was waiting for Palm welcoming home Arsen'evna Faith.

2. For several years the main attraction Togliatti is considered not only a giant "AvtoVAZ", but also a monument to the dog maloprimetny Avtozavodsky on the outskirts of the district. Seven years of waiting for his faithful dog who died in a car crash outside the city hosts ...
It was first noticed by the roadside in the distant 1995. Smaller, tightly folded Shepherd screeched rushed under the wheels of oncoming cars. Machines were leaving, and the dog remained. She was a devoted and loving soul, did not know that those whom she so desperately waiting for her to come back ever.
In the summer of 1995, shortly before the dog's ghost in the South motorway, on the same place there was a car accident. Car cherry color, which the couple returned from their honeymoon, faced with the counter machine. Of all the passengers unharmed was only dog. During the strike the dog simply thrown out of the car. The young wife had died before the arrival of doctors. After several hours in the emergency room and the man died. A dog and remained waiting for him at the place where last seen alive.
The dog owner did not give up. More precisely the place where he had seen the last of him. He waited, waited for the owner to come. And he would have come if he was alive ...
7 years, in heat and cold, dog guarded his master's last resting place.
Only a few months of dirty, ragged dog noticed the locals. The dog was given the nickname of Constantine ("permanent", "right"). Everyone expected a little more - and the dog will forget about what happened. But every day, he again and again rushed into the oncoming cars. And just cherry picked "Nine": "The owner is back!". But the cars sped by.
The story about him repeatedly published papers all over Russia.
When he was found dead in the woods, they began to say that Kostya landed under the wheels of a large "KAMAZ", and the driver, fearing popular anger thus "hide the evidence." But there were no signs of violent death were found. Dogs often leave, sensing the approach of death, not to die in front of their owners. So Faithful went into the woods to the owner, came back and did not see him dead. The dog was sure that sooner or later the owner comes. It can not come. And so I waited until the last ...
This was unfortunate news for all citizens, the dog loved it and for some time was able to become a living legend of the city. For lack of funds and the initiative himself, in memory of the PSE residents placed by the roadside memorial board with the inscription: "Dog, teach us love and devotion."

On these days, he became a symbol of Togliatti and imitated his loving loyalty to the owners. This shield is constantly blown away by the wind and it is often broken by vandals. Then the public of the city of Togliatti out with an initiative to put Konstantin real bronze monument. For the first time an official like the idea of ​​the monument made student of 8th grade school № 39 of Komsomolsk district - Naletova Xenia in 1990, even before the events of the summer of 1995. She took part in those days held in citywide competition "for the best design of the monument in the city." His monument contestant named "Monument loyalty": "On the pedestal depicts a dog around the dog wrapped in tape, which symbolizes the road. At the end of the tape - the star, symbolizing the soul master. The eyes of the dog was converted to a star. "
Two years after the death of the dog was a monument with the inscription "Monument dedication" at the intersection of the Southern Highway and street Lev Yashin.
The monument, in fact, not the dog is more, and the people themselves. To remember. They collected 250 thousand. Ulyanovsk sculptor Oleg Klyuev sculpted in bronze dog, he said: "All I was trying to bring to their work, so it is - infinite dedication." As conceived by the sculptor, sculpted in bronze dog "looks into the distance with hope in his eyes».
In 2003, the Day of the city of Togliatti monument installed. And now I stood on the sidelines is no longer alive, and the bronze dog. Sculpture height of half a meter installed on a granite pedestal so that the passing of the Southern Highway is an impression that the dog turns his head after a passing car.


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