What is soul and where is stored the memory of man

The most popular answers:

Human memory is stored in the gray matter.

Human memory is stored in the head.

Human memory is stored in the brain...

Some scientists suggest that human memory is not recorded on a cellular level, and molecular. Other scientists suggest that storage of memory is an energy field.

Most people believe that our memories must exist somewhere inside our heads. However, despite this, medical experts were unable to determine in what Department of the brain remains what we choose to remember. Moreover, if we accept the theory that memory is contained in the brain, cases of recovering "lost" memory due to injury be altogether inexplicable.

At the end of the article the author says that scientists have come to the conclusion that the brain does not act as a repository of information or even intelligence, but only as a physical connection that connects a person with his morphic field (which is stored in memory).

The news may seem sensational and even unexpected. We are told from childhood that the brain holds everything that person thinks, remembers, and so on, and suddenly such a surprise. However, scientists who spent several decades in studies of late — the discovery that memory is NOT contained in the brain (and body generally) made in the 30-ies of the researcher and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard.

Jewish Kabbalah believes:

"The memory is chemical, electrochemical, and spiritual. Spiritual memory is on chemical and physical media. Memory belongs to the soul is the soul. This is the highest spiritual memory, which is located on your media in the Kabbalah, which itself creates a people. On this screen people and record their memories," by Michael Laitman.

"Action time, propagating instantaneously, is the basis for the emergence of memory. Hence, experience has shown that the time carries information about the event, being the bearer of memory," the astrophysicist N..Kozyrev.

Start with philosophy

We all know what philosophy is. It is a science – one of the sources of human knowledge, i.e. the most ancient area of knowledge occurred simultaneously in India, China and Greece in the 6th century BC Philosophy is "love of wisdom" (Philo – "love" Sophia – "wisdom"). In ancient philosophy, the philosophy was considered as a theory and as a way of life. It produces a generalized system of knowledge about the world.

The philosophical worldview is opposed to the mythological worldview. That is, is theoretically the developed world, the system of common views of the world and man's place in it. Or call it as a discipline that studies the most common essential characteristics.

For me philosophy is any beginning in the information space that do not have any specifics, i.e. the starting point. As having no and no perfection. That is – a mass information systems in the mass intervals in Time and Space that you can use among themselves, applying to all, which has no specific beginning and no specific completion. So philosophy is more like "soap debate", where the struggle is not for the true result in, say, philosophical science, and for keeping his "I", as a sage, or for obtaining the title of wise man in a society of philosophers. That's why philosophy and called the love of wisdom (wise speech), not the outcome of creation (things in life). So I don't really like to be in such company.

Me more suitable, for example, Helena wisdom: "Know thyself and thou shalt know the Gods and the Universe", not an EMPTY DEBATE.

God always speaks to man in His language that you must understand (know) man. That is, knowing Its the language a person learns and His Law. Here, TRUTH comes from knowledge of the LANGUAGE and of the LAW of God, and not from religious rites, gold outfits, chanting, and so on.


The Mayan calendar shows the structure of Time and events in Time (remember not to forget)


Each person has a soul and it is eternal. Therefore, the memory of her forever. Short it can't be because the future is created a past that was real, and passed in an endless chain of events in Time.

And if there is no past, no future, ie, no soul and memory, and therefore can not be the person.

The memory contains the history of the universe, regardless of professions or abilities.

Why then do people not remember everything, or very little he remembers?

For example, look at dogma. People fixated only on his subject, devoting neither the time not even having the desire for saving (storing) other topics surrounding the topic. Eventually he just closes the "Plast" old information relating to another topic, "layer", new, etc. until, until you reach your goal. Bringing people and gets a gap in memory, losing the true original, coming always from the same point.

So he becomes, say, a fan of narrow-minded thinking. Similar applies to religions, to communism, dictators, tyrants and so on. etc. Or, in other words, the person becomes "blind" relative to history (memory), which begins to make a lot of mistakes in the future, because his future and depends on its own past, lost in the mass of the gaps of my memory. As a result, as I said, such a memory cannot give a full development, because it loses the reference point, to dwell on later. And teachings of Jesus, not the fairy tales of an instant healing from physical blindness, poorly spelled out by the Church, using the name of Jesus.

One of the main problems with the memory of any person

After birth, especially in first time of life, the baby is crying. Why?

Animals, for example, why it did not cry after birth. Why? After all, what is-what is the difference? It is very large. Here I will try to explain why a child cries. I think You, the readers, will understand why animals do not cry.

After death the soul of man is freed from material world, with the result that it remains only with his memory, the memory of the creation of the world until today, i.e. to the last life in this material world, in which she again typed an unnecessary "stuff" (the foolish human laws), cluttering them with all the true the memory, necessary for the proper and long life.

In this situation, it is the same as in the last death wish to clean your memory, to get back on the right path of development, i.e., to go astray. But for this it is necessary to obtain a good replacement for all the "trash" to empty spaces in her memory. That is, the soul is required to incarnate again in the material body.

But given that Time is constantly maintains its internal balance, the soul is forced to change their location in Space (becomes, for example, in another country), and then chooses the new parent is closer in spirit.

When a mother bears a child, his soul begins to absorb all the information from new parents and from their environment, which again greatly affects his memory. That is, the child's memory starts to go as the "Plast", "Plast" – not his personal desires, dreams, and desires of parents than they close ("infest") a real child all his memory.

So in protest he demonstrates crying (the animals do not suffer). So born again man is on the wrong track of development, then what makes with his children.Losing person their: desires, dreams.., the child is forced to transform against their will, of course, on the wishes of the parents. But to say them: what are You doing to me, he can't, can't and explain what they saw after death in the afterlife, due to our own endless memory the creation of the world to the present day ("the Mouth of Babes the truth").

Scientists have explained why it is impossible to throw a crying baby out of my head, even if no children of their own


The researchers found that the cry of a child, unlike any other sound causes an emotional reaction in the brain. Scientists from Oxford University revealed that the baby cry or invokes an emotional response of the brain only 100 milliseconds. That is a crying baby is impossible to ignore, no matter how you try.


The fact that the center of the brain responsible for emotions, literally turns on 100 milliseconds, when detects these sounds. Interesting is the fact that other types of cry, for example, the cry of an animal in distress that is unable to cause the same reaction. Only the crying baby affects the brain in a similar way. Moreover, the reaction is observed in women and men, even if they have their own children.


A study was conducted in which people were allowed to listen to the different sounds produced by adults, Pets and children. It is noteworthy that the bright and strong reaction was shown exactly on the sounds of babies. The researchers suggested that the cause of this reaction can be explained from an evolutionary point of view. The human body is configured to be responsible for the upbringing and care of the offspring, a marked reaction occurs regardless of human desires, it is literally involuntary.


What else did they say?

Peter Garyaev, doctor of biological Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of medical and technical Sciences.


"Acting on the DNA molecule by Electrosvyaz, see the things that stunned me. The DNA molecule in aqueous solution sounds constantly, making a difficult melody with repetitive phrases. Irradiated with ultrasound.. like ultrasound, and what do I hear? Instead of complex melodies there was one sad note. This means that we are using Electrosvyaz erased a huge amount of information from the DNA molecule, which was realized through sound. Then I thought, my God, we have no healthy people. All of them, with the exception of the wild tribes, are UZI".

Full destiny, the destiny of the future, the person receives only 12 years later, formed his own parents over a 10-year period of life from the moment of birth. This is the first, i.e., zero cycle Time. But the fact that the child knew being in the afterlife, then some (first) time in the womb, it is 95% loses to 10-year old.

To fully restore your memory a person will need to give up everything in my life (that I, the author, did. Although many could not understand why I need this?..) Need and 40 years (counting from the age of 10) or 50 years (from the moment of birth).

Here and there was Calendar Time, created on the basis of my biography of destiny.. and the ancient teachings of the saints, prophets etc.and etc.

To learn more about these periods (40 years; 50 years) mentioned in the "book of the Dead" in Egypt and Tibet. There is death, in fact, is not the rapture, according to the Church, to heaven, to Paradise and not transition to the afterlife, to which you have time to prepare. The afterlife itself is very short, where man meets his full memory from the creation of the world to this death. However, he fully recognizes his future worldly life, which, in the end (after birth), is broken, as I said, his parents, the laws of the Church and the authorities. Why man and gets another short life is long life.


The only drawback (in understanding) is the view of the next life as if "upside down", because Time, going in a spiral, constantly opens all 180°, 360° and so on. That is simply put: white is black and black is white. Then again, Vice versa. So you can not take everything literally (in the Scriptures of the Books of the Dead). You just deploy everything and put in its place. Skillfully doing such, people will learn to see their future and in worldly life. Beyond science, doctoral theses, and the heavyweight work here is not required.

So where can store such a large amount of memory if the soul is eternal?

Of course something is also eternal, and this is Time itself, which stores all human memory, i.e., full information about everything. Nothing removes, because it is itself eternal. It is not the case, for example, stops, deaths, rebirths and so on. Hence, the soul, losing is your memory in the worldly life (human laws) can fix it applying only to the Law of Time, and not to something else, which did not exist in the world of eternity.

All gadgets created by man to create false ways of humanity, to quickly get power over the people (lost true memory), inventing Paradise, which, incidentally, is only part of the world, and is on the side, along with his "tree of life" growing in the middle of the side of Paradise.

More precisely, Paradise and the tree itself in this Paradise created by man, not God. As this is one of the extremes of life (a growing branch of the global elite: the power and the Church), which is the removal from God (from the truth, from the trunk of the Tree of Life). To see the true Tree of Life, it is necessary to study Time itself and His Law, and not something that happens in Time than we do. This, by the way, said V. I. Vernadsky.

The human body is not eternal as his brain. We all know that. So it can only be in a temporary Space and not in Time. But in order to have access to Time and His Law, we need, say, some mechanism, and the key to this mechanism. This mechanism is our brain (as a PC with Internet access). And the key to it is not, and never can be. It's not needed.

Man must give up all unnecessary "stuff", put him first in childhood and then zapihnut there by himself, following a false path of development.

Purged of unnecessary "stuff": removing the "layer" in "layer", creates people with free access to their personal memory that he has from the beginning of the creation of the world until today, thanks to your eternal soul. And completely clearing it, one gets complete information about his past and about the future.

Jesus this MEMORY, called the Church of the New Testament came not from the sky from God in the form of a dove, but rather from the underworld, or Hell, or the afterlife. Call it whatever you like, but, rather, He brought this knowledge of life, becoming poor, giving up all material wealth, as did the Buddha.

No gold, no money, no power over the people, neither the ROC.. don't give the person the opportunity to become Human, i.e. to enter Paradise is not prescribed by the Church, and enter into eternity, where life expectancy depends on the Person and his possibilities of capturing a greater amount of private memory is fully stored in Time.

The same, i.e., eternal Time are: memory and the soul. The study of memory scientists, and the soul refers to spiritual understanding, i.e., to the Church, which, by the way, does nothing at all about the study, referring to the kind of God Who will once come and tell them everything.

Scientists spend not only decades, but centuries in the study of MEMORY, looking for her vault in the human brain. Now, some scientists, came together in the concept that memory is stored outside the human brain. The SOUL, as we all know, also nobody found. Why?

It is also there in the human body. It is also beyond its borders. As they are, MEMORY and SOUL like each other!, being in the same place – in TIME, which we do not study. As I said above, we study only the phenomena in Time. Therefore, we do not know about the Time. Hence, we never know about my memory and soul. That is why we are ignorant in this.

That is, create courts, prosecutors, cops etc to search for, for example, and catching their own kind, accusing them and condemning them for their business.. when we know nothing about themselves (who am I?). We have a very interesting life. Simply awesome!

Rightly said. the Greek. the philosopher Chilon: "Know thyself and thou shalt know the Gods and the Universe"! But this is still so no one did. We still know almost nothing about themselves, but hard climb to the Universe...

The rights of the Kabbalist, Professor Michael Laitman: "the Spiritual memory is the soul".

Just do not have the MEMORY to reproduce: chemical, electrochemical and spiritual, planting it on the cabalistic screen, which makes M. Lightman.

Besides from that it is propagated by another:

Visual (visual)


Voluntary and involuntary











Procedural and so on.

And how many established Laws of memory:

The law of interest

The law of reflection

The law of the installation

The law of action

The law of context

The law of inhibition

The law of the optimum length of a number

The law of the land

The law of repetition

The law of incompleteness

Oh, my God! Well it can be quite mad. And all this is because we do not study the Law, creating this unnecessary "stuff" listed above. We contaminate our true MEMORY, moving farther and farther away from God. Isn't it better for us to take up shovel and dig that thing out, i.e. otkapat our own SOUL.

Memory is our soul. Twins in no Time, as they are not in His Law. Twins can only be of the spiral in Time in the matrix.

From our MEMORY of the SOUL and affect our lives. The worse it is, the worse and shorter is our life. And the better it is, the better our way of life, and the longer our life.


P. S. to Enter into the Golden age, i.e. the age of Aquarius (quite different from the Fish era), a Law which is also painted in the full memory of the universe, it is very difficult and even almost impossible for those who is in possession of all that I listed above (gold, money, power...). As mentioned in the Holy Scriptures that the rich will be very difficult to do. Why him?

If the person has the full one, then he is a beggar, not having anything else (physics: for every action there is a reaction). That is, materially rich, together with its material Laws, is unable to have a complete spiritual Law – the Law of Time (Life), keeping full MEMORY of the universe, especially required when moving into a new dimension: the transition from one era to another.

As they say, you cannot sit on two chairs. Or, it is impossible to be simultaneously on two spirals of Time (Live and Dead). As it is impossible to use electricity only " -", or just "+"-s (or just "zeros", or just "phases").

Says another old proverb: "the Enemy does not want to be born in the days of change."

What makes at this time be materially rich power? And what die or are killed entire civilizations (history)? Why, for example, dying population of Russia? What drives civilization this death?

Author: Andrey Nachalov

Source: apocalypse-2012.com/new_understanding/memory.html


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