What is the soul?

Hosed you ever tears for no apparent reason, covered by deep sorrow? It - gentle voice of your soul, which complains seeks to attract your attention. She wants you to take care of her, at least as well as his body.

Have you ever in your life to experience the true saints when, despite constant turmoil around, you feel a deep sense of awe? It is - as the voice of your soul, expressing deep appreciation for the inherent spirituality of communion with the forces.

We constantly use the words body and soul in a variety of contexts. But do we know what they mean in reality? What is the nature of the soul? What is its relationship with the body?

The soul is the only part of life that directly reflects our relationship with God, our Creator. And although the soul is not tangible and hidden inside the body, it is the basis of what constitutes us. If the body contains the material aspects of our lives, the soul contains the spiritual aspects. The body cares primarily about how to meet their physical needs. This does not mean that they are inherently evil. Not at all. It was created by God, initially neutral and endowed with a great potential to accomplish good works. But the soul infuses energy into it, directs it to do good works and connects to the divine. The soul is unusual in its nature, because "the flame of God is the soul of man" (Proverbs 20: 27).

Between the tangible nature of the body and the transcendental nature of the soul there is an essential dichotomy. Look closely at the flame of a candle - it corresponds approximately to your liking. The flame rises like tends to God, as the wick pulls him back to the ground. Similarly, your soul constantly striving upwards, while the body pulls you back through his constant need to make a living or to satisfy the desire to receive pleasure. The question for each of us that if we choose to exist in the form of a flame that rises, or in the form of a wick draws us down.

That you were benevolent and healthy person, your body and mind must work in harmony. I do not prefer one to the other, self-indulgence and asceticism. You can and should unite body and soul. This means merging them, ensure implementation of the mission for which we came to this world to lead the fullest sense, productive and virtuous life, to transform this physical world in a cozy abode for spiritual and divine. Each of us carries ascribed to it, using their specific talents and abilities (whether teacher or educator, businessman or a scientist). It is important to each of us to become aware of their mission and carry it through your life at every moment, every day, every year, in accordance with the laws of God.

The dichotomy of body and soul manifests itself everywhere and in many ways: it is form and function, matter and energy, materialism and spirituality. For example, all words in a printed book, a page is a body, and ideas that they express - capita. This applies to every aspect of our world, because the world itself is made up of body and soul, of its material and spiritual components that supply his life. The first step is to create unity in the world, to the spiritualization of material components is primarily to each of us to unite their own body and soul.

Maintain full meaning of life - it means to penetrate the outer, material layer and connected to the energy contained in it. It is not an easy task, as the body operates on the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), and the soul has to deal with highly sensitive area (emotions, conscience, intelligence and, above all, the spiritual forces of the unconscious). The energy that is contained in this layer can not be, as physicists say, quantifiable. That can not be measured, usually contain an element of mystery. It's not just the power, it is a force we call life. And some elements of life we ​​have just started to open.

Many of us are concerned with the search for inner peace, happiness, silence, searching for his soul. However, whether we use in this quest the right tools? Created largely dependent on the senses, we often believe that once they are in our possession. What is difficult to comprehend the soul, using only five senses! At about the same as using the eye to try to hear the music. However, the call of the soul is so strong that we never stop such attempts.

Why is it important to know what is your soul?

Since the senses are dominated to such an extent, we have almost abandon them to determine what is inside. Being forced to temporarily abandon their sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, what would you have stayed? This idea may initially lead to despair: you would be left with nothing. But it is not, you're left with yourself. We need only the senses in order to interact with the outside world, with the world outside ourselves. You do not need eyes to see themselves, or ears to hear yourself. You know that you are here without the help of any kind whatsoever senses. It is simply the knowledge, awareness, a very special feeling.

Thus, we remain fully alive without our senses. However, there is no life without a soul. Yes, there is a physical struggle for survival, but life (as we understand it) always involves a search for meaning, soul searching, the search for God. Scientists studying the laws of nature, feels like to lift the veil and see what is happening beyond our senses. Child parsing his toy, interested in the same. He wants to know the secret that drives this toy in motion. This curiosity is the essence of human nature.

The same thing happens with our lives. Without knowledge of what forces move us, including the soul, we will never understand themselves. And if we do not care how the soul, we can not take care of her. Fortunately, the soul thirsting for food, giving us know. How long have you been able to pacify her, distracting material well-being, it always resumes its complaint, telling you that you lose part of your life. This can take the form of anxiety, feelings of aimlessness, emptiness, craving something else.

Not exposing the soul to the test, it is impossible to achieve personal development. It expresses dissatisfaction with the soul, which is an incentive for development. Until selfish body needs are met, it has no desire to improve. The soul gives life direction and unity. The material world, the world body is falling apart. The soul is the foundation around which unites all our physical activity. If we were to observe the material drives of the body during the whole day, we would see how it moves in a circle, or under the influence of clearly expressed desires and impulses randomly selects incentives that attract him at the moment. Soul connects all these fragments, connects with trivial paramount material with the spiritual.

In addition, the soul teaches humility. In contrast to the body, which is selfish, modest soul. It enables us to rise above ourselves and responsive to the needs of others. In the passive soul selfish desires of the body can enslave us and eventually even kill. Soul - this is our outstanding party which, as already mentioned, like a candle flame, constantly striving upwards, seeks to reunite us with God. The body may be trying to keep us on the ground, and the soul is determined to take us to heaven.


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