10 coolest secrets of forgetting and remembering

Without memory you can only fall in love. And the rest of our whole life without her would not make sense. We try to remember the most important moments for all to indulge yourself warm memories. And wipe that upsets us. But not all so simple - our memories have their secrets. < AdMe.ru I have learned a lot about it and wants to share with you.

1. You may remember from the first time certain things because they forget
All ostalnoeVash brain decides what information to keep and what to erase once and for all. From vivid memories, emotional and stressful events, you just never get rid of. Surely, many of you remember your wedding day or a cool holiday in detail. But daily activities and boring stories brain erases immediately. This trick our minds is called "eraser effect».

2. Who is the "keeper" of memory and how it protects and perehitritMozg "dogging" overload you in all possible ways, so it erases the "unnecessary" events and stories from your memory. If he does not do so, then you will not be able to remember what they ate for breakfast. But you can force it to "change your mind." Maybe your brain tells me: "My host pays so much attention to this event, I am not me, if not able to help him." And, if you emphasize: to constantly repeat, pronounce an event that you want to leave in the "memory palace" for a long time, maybe you can remember it in ten years. Try it!

3. You can use the information,
without even realizing that you own eyuEsli offer the person with memory loss to remember a list of words, then after a few minutes he did not recall its existence. But if you ask him to fill in the blanks with suitable words in the text, it comes on to insert the word from the list that he was shown earlier. But he could not remember consciously list! The trick is that much of the information we store without our knowledge, and then suddenly it can apply to surprise yourself. Some events fit into our memory during sleep.

4. The most important property of memory - the ability to bind a new experience with starymVy lose normal life and become merely repeating sounds like a parrot, if the break mechanism of memory, linking what you want to remember past events in your life. And you use it absolutely always. Do you watch the movie or read the book - you refer to my own experience. For example, you remember where else seen this actress, or think like the fate of the heroine like yours. And the more you know, the easier it is to remember something new, all the power and strength of memory is how much fun and interesting your life.

5. If you need to remember complex information, do it in kartinkahLyudi with a phenomenal memory are an interesting way of remembering: they transform information into visual imagery. This method is available to you. When memorizing call mental images, with whom you associate, for example, a poem. Is directing the film, which will be able to scroll to remember the words. If you have a good imagination, this method can be your secret memory.

6. Qualitatively remember something only
alone and tishineLyubye noises (even very nice) and conversations interfere with recall information that you need right now. Here again, the brain includes a "caretaker" and trying to protect us. He was not very clear what is more important for survival: background sounds, or an attempt to remember something.

7. You will be able to remember more details,
if before a good dinner and get a small portion of the meal stressaVo brain starts to consume a lot of glucose and improves memory. And the fact that you remember during stressful situations, color colors emotion and persist for a long time.

8. If you are going to do a lifetime mental work, you can prevent the age-related deterioration pamyatiIssledovanie found that unlike normal elderly people university teachers could remember snippets of text that they were offered, as well as their younger counterparts. So, never too late to go into science and save yourself from memory loss.

9. You can memorize words and numbers by the sounds

Austrian interpreters Hans Eberstark learned to memorize words and numbers in an interesting way. It records sound in the memory and meaning of the word is absolutely in any language and have never forgotten it. And it converts numbers into sounds (for example, the number 7 sounds like «L», because it resembles an inverted «L») and so their stores. Ask him and he will play you any sequence of numbers, remembering his sound score. Try it, maybe you will!

10. High stress and depression can ruin your pamyatPoetomu keep yourself in their hands and follow our advice: Relax and breathe calmly.

Illustration on preview: Christophe Lardot

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